Enterprise registration information

2022-02-14 Source: National enterprise credit information publicity system

  Unified social credit code: 91410000663414132K

  Company name: Henan Energy & Chemical Industry Group Co., LTD

  Registration number: 410000100052860

  Legal representative: Tian Fujun

  Type: Limited liability company (wholly state-owned)

  Date of establishment: June 01, 2007

  Registered capital: 210,000 million RMB

  Registration authority: Market Supervision Administration of Henan Province

  Registration status: existing (in operation, in operation, on record)

  Address: Room 2905, Guolong Building, Intersection of Commercial Outer Ring Road and Commercial West 3rd Street, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City

  经营范围:对能源、化工、金融、装备制造、物流、有色金属、建筑、电力、水泥、交通运输、教育、房地产、租赁业等行业的投资与管理;实业投资;煤炭(凭有效许可证经营)、金属材料、建筑材料、化工产品(不含易燃易爆化学危险品)的销售;煤炭、化工、金属、装备制造等科学研究;从事货物和技术进出口业务(国家法律法规规定应经审批方可经营或禁止进出口的货物和技术除外)。(If the above scope requires approval, it shall not be operated without approval)