Announcement of market selection of General Manager and Deputy General Manager of Henan Energy Human Resources Development Group Co., LTD

2022-02-15 Source: Henan Energy

  In order to build a high-quality and professional team, Henan Energy Human Resources Development Group Co., LTD., 1 general manager and 3 deputy general managers were selected according to the needs of business development and market-oriented society。It is hereby announced as follows:

  I. Introduction to the enterprise

  Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Energy") is an ultra-large energy and chemical industry group approved by Henan Provincial Party Committee and government。The industry mainly involves energy, new chemical materials, modern material trade, financial services, intelligent manufacturing, etc。Its subsidiaries are mainly distributed in 15 provincial cities in Henan Province, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Qinghai and other provinces (regions) and Australia。Henan Energy Human Resources Development Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Henan Energy Human Resources Group") was established in December 2021, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is a wholly owned state-owned enterprise of Henan Energy, and the only professional comprehensive human resources solution provider under Henan Energy。Relying on the resource advantages of the parent company, Henan Energy Human Resources Group focuses on the distribution of "eight types of business", mainly including talent identification and evaluation, vocational education and training, shared labor output, talent cultivation management and training, supplemented by human resource outsourcing, enterprise management consulting, human capital operation and exhibition planning services.。Adhering to the strategic positioning of "rooted in the Central Plains, serving Henan, connecting the whole country and looking internationally", we strive to build an all-factor, all-chain and all-cycle human resource service system, and cultivate an industry-leading and domestic first-class comprehensive service provider of human resources。

  Ii. Selected positions and main responsibilities

  (I) General Manager (1 person)

  Main responsibilities: Responsible for the management of the company, organize the implementation of board of directors resolutions。

  Familiar with relevant national and industry policies and regulations,对人力资源服务行业发展动态和方向有深刻理解;对企业人力资源服务模式有系统认识,I have accumulated profound practical experience in various business modules of human resource service and rich experience in operation and management,能够指导业务开展;具有较强的执行能力、综合协调能力、团队管理能力、资源整合能力和市场开拓能力。

  (2) Deputy General Managers (3 persons)

  Main responsibilities: Assist General manager in market development and business management。

  Familiar with relevant national and industry policies and regulations,对人力资源服务行业发展动态和方向有深刻理解;对企业人力资源服务模式有系统认识,Familiar with HR service industry customer market;具有Strong ability of market analysis and resource integration,Strong business development, public relations coordination and pressure tolerance ability,Strong innovative thinking and the ability to overcome difficulties。

  3. Qualification Conditions

  In addition to meeting the requirements of the position to be applied, the selected professional manager shall also have the following qualifications:

  (1) Basic conditions


  2.Identify with Henan energy enterprise culture, love their own work;

  3.Have good professional ethics and personal conduct, law-abiding, good conduct, honesty, diligence, unity and cooperation, keep secrets, maintain the company's honor and interests;

  4.Familiar with modern enterprise system and human resource service industry,Have the necessary professional knowledge to fulfill the duties of the position,Strong decision-making ability, management ability, communication and coordination ability, ability to deal with complex problems and emergencies,Strong spirit of innovation and market competition,Rich experience in practical work,Outstanding work performance;

  5.Mental and physical health, with good mental quality and physical conditions to perform their duties normally;

  6.No criminal record, no record of major breach of trust。

  (II) Qualifications of general manager

  1.The age requirement is for those born after January 1, 1977。

  2.10 years or above related work experience, 5 years or above management experience in a large scale HR service company or director or regional (regional) general manager or above in a well-known HR service company。

  3.The applicant shall have a bachelor's degree or above, a senior professional title or above or the corresponding national first-class vocational qualification certificate。

  4.Familiar with operation management and risk control of human resource service industry,It has rich customer resources and social resources,With keen market insight, rigorous planning and organization ability, excellent team building ability, communication and coordination ability, business negotiation ability,Ability to build and integrate different teams,Strong leadership skills and talent in team management,Have good working performance。

  5.With certain popularity and influence in the industry, we have the belief and ability to build a leading human resource service company in China。

  (III) Qualification of Deputy general manager

  1.The age requirement is for those born after January 1, 1980。

  2.At least 8 years of relevant work experience, at least 3 years of director or above in large scale HR service company or middle level or above management experience in domestic well-known HR service company (or backbone enterprise of group company)。

  3.They should have a bachelor's degree or above, intermediate or above professional title or corresponding national secondary or above vocational qualification certificate。

  4.Familiar with HR service industry customer market,It has rich customer resources and social resources,With keen market insight,Strong ability of market analysis and resource integration,Strong business development, public relations coordination and pressure tolerance ability,Strong innovative thinking and the ability to overcome difficulties,Strong communication and coordination skills, business negotiation skills, team leadership,Have good working performance。

  (4) Under any of the following circumstances, no registration is allowed


  Iv. Recruitment procedures

  The recruitment work is conducted according to the procedures of registration, qualification examination and preliminary screening, written test, assessment, interview, background investigation, physical examination and employment。

  V. Position management and salary treatment

  (1) Implement the appointment system, term system and contractual management。Signed the Employment Agreement, Business Performance Target Responsibility Letter and Labor Contract Letter with Henan Energy Manpower Group, specifying the rights, responsibilities and obligations of employment positions, employment term, job responsibilities, objectives and tasks, compensation and benefits, incentives and constraints, renewal, termination conditions, competition restrictions and other rights。聘任期限每届为两年,初次聘任的,设立一年的考核期,考核期满经考核合格的,继续聘用;考核不合格的,解除聘用。Upon expiration of the term, the board of directors of Henan Energy Manpower Group shall decide whether to renew or dismiss the term based on laws and regulations, the company's articles of association and the assessment results。

  (2) Implement a market-based salary mechanism。The salary is determined according to market-oriented principles, and the salary level is linked to the business performance of the enterprise. The annual salary of the general manager is 1.2 million yuan (before tax), and the annual salary of the deputy general manager is 800,000 yuan (before tax).。The salary and treatment of the successful applicants of Henan Energy Internal staff shall be differentiated according to the relevant requirements of the Implementation Plan for the market-oriented Recruitment of Professional Managers of Henan Energy Human Resources Development Group Co., LTD。

  Vi. Registration method

  (1) Registration time

  Registration will be accepted from the date of announcement, and the deadline is: 17:00 on February 27, 2022。

  (2) Registration method

  Online application: Applicants can visit the website of Henan Energy & Chemical Group (http://www) "About Us" → "Information Disclosure",Or follow the wechat public account of "Henan Energy Recruitment",View this job Posting and download the application form (see attachment),After completing the registration form as required,Together with the scanned copy of personal materials (see the materials required in Registration Notes), send to the designated email address:。

  (3) Matters needing attention for registration


  2.The Recruitment Application Form and other supporting materials (compressed into one file, the application materials are numbered in turn, and the compressed file is named "Name-job-job-application materials") and sent to the designated email address with the unified name of "name-job-application".。The original documents should be presented during the on-site interview。Applicant's personal information is only used for this recruitment, the application information will not be returned, we promise to keep confidential。

  (4) Contact information

  Contact person: Wang Feng

  Contact information: 0371-69337155, 15803951786.

  Address: Guolong Building, No.6, Outer Ring Road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, Henan

  Vii. Other matters

  (I) The recruitment will be in accordance with the principle of matching people and posts, and the recruitment standards will be strict. If all candidates or subjects for the same position do not meet the job requirements, the recruitment of this position will be cancelled。

  (2) Qualification examination throughout the whole process of recruitment。Applicants should provide authentic and effective relevant information and materials. Those who practice fraud will be disqualified for recruitment or employment once verified。

  (III) Henan Energy Manpower Group is responsible for the interpretation of this announcement。

      Hereby announce。

Henan Energy Human Resources Development Group Co. LTD

February 15, 2022       

      Attachment: Application form for marketized recruitment of professional managers of Henan Energy Manpower Group.docx