• Let the youth in the war "epidemic" flash


    A group of 72 young volunteers was formed on April 7。Yongcoal Company youth war 'epidemic' service team。Volunteers do nucleic acid tests while sampling。Volunteers sort and pack the supplies。"Said a young volunteer。

  • Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng "Energy youth" in action


    China Youth Volunteer Service Day。Learn from Lei Feng volunteer service month series activities。Volunteer activities are colorful。Energy voluntary red。Volunteer service。Constantly standardize the volunteer service team。

  • Hand and heart together to move forward -- Yongcoal Company in-depth study Lei Feng volunteer service summary


    Yongcoal actively integrates volunteer service force。Notice on the Voluntary Service Platform Notice on the Promotion of Yongcoal Youth Voluntary Service Activities。Volunteer service platform。The Youth League Committee of Yongcoal Company launched the offline youth volunteer service brand building activity。

  • 点赞!俩Volunteer service项目获表彰


    Two volunteer service projects of the group company were commended。Difficult help volunteer service team was awarded the best volunteer service organization of national coal mine Science Lei Feng Volunteer Service。The service project was awarded the best volunteer service project of Lei Feng National Coal mine Science。

  • Anyang Park to promote mutual protection and escort workers happiness and health


    Medicare reimbursed another $942 through union mutual aid。As Anyang Park to participate in the Anyang City workers since hospitalization medical security。Medical expenses incurred by employees due to hospitalization are covered by basic medical insurance。

  • A volunteer red on the plateau


    If you follow the driver of a coal pulling truck passing by Yifi Yihai Energy Dameigou coal mine to Qinghai Province 315 national Highway 5.Coal road at three miles。The potholed coal road is being repaired。Construction of the coal road began in 2003。It's on the coal road。

  • Thick and heavy color painting youth


    Guo Lei, a young worker of the ventilation team of Chen Si Lou Coal Mine of Yongcoal Mine, and several other workers and friends are in the lane of the waiting field at the bottom of the well。Concentrated display of nearly 50 Yongcoal young workers original safety cartoons。Provide a broad stage for young workers to show their talents。

  • Yimei Qianqiu coal mine "green" beautify the mining environment


    The Youth League Committee of Yimei Qianqiu Coal Mine organized more than 20 youth league members to the workers' bathhouse。Gather youth power to build a clean mining area。Theme day activities。In action。The young volunteers scoured the bath and the wall tiles。Make the bath house inside and outside the environment brand new。

  • Crane coal nine mine "green" force to build a strong safety line


    Responsibility implementation is the most important。Everyone has a special responsibility。He coal nine mine Coyouth League member, fully mechanized mining team worker Zhang Xu in the wellhead service station played a safety allegro。Give a safety talk to passing employees。The mine Youth League committee gives full play to the role of league member young workers as the main force of safety production。

  • Coking coal workers won the first "Jiaozuo Model" list


    Jiao Zuo model。The results of the nomination awards are announced。Wang Feng Industrial Party branch secretary, chairman, general manager Wang Baocai won the first。Honorary title。Nomination award。Twenty people won the first prize。称号。19 people won the first edition。

  • 李远伟再获国字号殊荣 厉害!新晋“National technical expert”


    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently announced the Decision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on Recognizing the 16th China Skills Award and National Technical Talents.。National technical expert。National technical expert。He has represented Guizhou Province in the national Skills Competition for three times。

  • Focusing on people's livelihood, doing practical work, serving and warming people's heart -- Summary of people's livelihood Construction of Group companies


    Labor unions at all levels of the group adhere to the worker-centered orientation。To safeguard and develop workers' interests as the starting point and foothold of all work of the trade union。Group companies at all levels of trade unions vigorously implement the quality of staff climbing project。

  • A number of innovative studios and individuals in the group were honored


    "Decision of Henan Federation of Trade Unions on Naming the 2022 Henan Model Worker and Artisan Talent Innovation Studio" "Henan Federation of Trade Unions on naming the Top 10 in Henan Province。A number of innovative studios and individuals in the group were honored。

  • Add two more "Great Craftsmen of the Central Plains"


    Group company。Great craftsmen of the Central Plains。One line of work and one line of drill。He has made extraordinary achievements in an ordinary position。Group company insist。Innovation is the primary driving force。Let scientific and technological innovation become the technological source of enterprise transformation and upgrading and industrial quality improvement。

  • Online volunteer service platform makes warm heart "direct with one click"


    Volunteer service platform。Yongcoal double heart volunteer service。A worker at the Songshan Coal mine in Luoyang Coal Industry passes the Yongcoal Company。The volunteer service platform submitted a service work order。To do a good job for the staff and their families is Yongcoal。Employees can make suggestions, ask questions, ask for help, etc。

  • Young people take the lead in fighting COVID-19


    The Youth League committee of the coking coal company calls on the grassroots youth League organizations and the general youth League members。Join all units in epidemic prevention and control work in a scientific, orderly and safe manner。Dressed in red vests, the young volunteers from the Jiulishan Mine, the ancient Hanshan Mine and the Zhongma Village Mine went straight to it。

  • Because of you and warm, that volunteer red


    Establish a volunteer team for nucleic acid testing and sampling。A recruitment order for nucleic acid sampling reserve volunteers was immediately issued。A total of 8 youth members joined the nucleic acid sampling volunteer team。Volunteers took part in nucleic acid sampling training。At the nucleic acid test sampling site。

  • Workers enjoy "a bite of happiness" -- A record of Yili Coal Company's solid promotion of the construction of Wellmouth canteen


    As a Yili coal company care workers。In view of how to set up the Jingkou canteen to the heart of the workers。Free meal is provided to the staff。In order to standardize the Jingkou canteen dining standards。For 12 years, we have provided free meals for Shengjing employees in the warm canteen of Jingkou。

  • Yongmei Longyu Equipment Youth League Committee to create youth "innovation Circle"


    Yongcoal Longyu equipment Youth Youth innovation service team completed。And launched voluntary service activities。The Youth League committee set up a Youth innovation service team。Youth Innovation service team uses spare time to go to the front line of workshop。Youth innovative service team member Han Kai said。A total of nearly 70,000 yuan was generated。

  • Yongmei Xinqiao Coal Mine "echo wall" everything has an echo


    The problems I reported were not only quickly resolved。Also on the mine people's mood "echo wall"。Echo wall。I do practical things for the staff。Through the proposal solicitation, staff。For the staff to reflect the problem。派单。Secure staff。Supply staff。Stand-by staff。

  • This "volunteer red" is warm and powerful


    他们化身为核酸检测采样员、秩序维护员、信息录入员、物资搬运员、岗点执勤员……全力以赴助力疫情防控工作。More than 10 medical staff at the company's hospital sprang into action。

  • A series of activities of the Youth League Committee of Coking Coal Company played the "Youth Movement"


    The Youth League Committee of coking coal Company organized and carried out。Guide and motivate young workers。The Youth League committee of coking coal Company actively organizes and carries out unpaid blood donation activities。The practical action shows the responsibility and responsibility of young workers of coking coal。Young volunteers of coking coal also went to the Central Hospital to carry out the work。

  • "Qing" said "ten years" story


    Sponsored by Henan Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and Henan Radio and Television Station。A remarkable decade, said the young man。Ten excellent works will be performed and recorded in Henan Broadcasting Building。Be selected as top ten。Participate in program recording。

  • Concentric and undeterred "basket" chasing "ball" dream in the same direction -- The second "Henan Energy Security Cup" staff basketball Game


    The staff basketball game ended in Yili Coal Company。In order to demonstrate the good image of the group company, show the good spirit of unity and forging ahead。Arrange the elite soldiers to actively participate in the group's basketball games。Yili Coal Company volunteered to undertake the event。

  • Wonderful "basket" can not stop


    Henan Energy。Henan Energy Security Cup。Staff basketball game。In the Yili coal Changcun coal mine workers gymnasium opened。Zhang Jianshan, chairman of Energy Chemical Geology Union of Henan Province。Liu Huifa, Standing member of the Party Committee and Executive Vice president of the Trade Union。

  • The group company starts the quality improvement project of in-service staff. I support and encourage you to study further


    Decided to implement in-service staff quality improvement project in the whole group。The content of quality improvement mainly refers to the education of on-the-job adult education。"Plan" clearly put forward the Group's 2022 to 2027 years of staff quality improvement goals。

  • The first collective birthday of workers was held in Zhaogu Coal Mine


    And enterprises for the collective birthday of workers。Happy birthday。The collective birthday party is happy。I was the only female employee who had a birthday。This is the most special birthday I've had in all my working years。Collective birthday will let workers feel the deep affection。

  • The Group company held the staff badminton competition "Welcome the New Era of 20 Major Achievements" to promote high-quality development and build a first-class enterprise


    To enrich the spiritual and cultural life of workers。Show the majority of workers good mental outlook。Foster a spirit of solidarity and cooperation。The badminton competition was successfully held in the Citizen Sports Park of Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City。The game was wonderful。Together they ensured the success of the competition。

  • Qiuci Mining Co., LTD., in Xinjiang, issues epidemic prevention kits to young workers


    Quarantine kit。Quarantine kit。The mine Youth League committee through the grassroots district team issued。Except for young workers。The mine Youth League committee also organized personnel to popularize the knowledge of epidemic prevention to young workers。To eliminate some young workers on the epidemic panic。The "quarantine kit" sent by the company is very heartwarming。

  • Xinjiang Yushuquan coal mine "golden autumn aid" in action


    The "Golden Autumn Education" campaign has begun。Please all units to convey the spirit of activity to each worker。Find out the enrollment situation of the children of the poor workers' families in our unit......。We will continue to provide regular assistance to workers with difficulties。We will go deep into 2022。Golden autumn education。

  • Crane Coal Company fully launched the "golden autumn student" activity


    He Coal Company is responsible for subsidize the children of workers' families with special difficulties who are admitted to full-time regular colleges approved by the Ministry of Education and officially admitted。Children of workers who meet the conditions of poor workers and have been listed in the 2022 file of the Help Center for poor Workers of Hexi Coal Company。

  • Into a new stage, focus on the new target to show the new as the group's culture into the grassroots sympathy performance activities received warm response


    The Group company accelerates high-quality development and strives to build a first-class enterprise。Culture into the grassroots sympathy performance activities。The next step will be to focus on high-quality development of enterprises。The spirit of reform and rebirth。

  • Yongcoal Jujube Garden coal enterprise development benefit workers


    This time, the clothes are following suit。In front of the Yongcoal Jujube Garden coal industry office building。"Said the welfare worker happily。Jujube Garden coal industry on the basis of ensuring safe production。In order to let the enterprise development results benefit the majority of cadres and workers。Finally decided to pay for the staff。Employees can according to their own needs。

  • Guizhou Anshun coal mine staff health examination coverage


    All workers at Anshun Coal mine in Guizhou province undergo a four-and-a-half-day occupational health check。More than 1,000 people in the mine attended the physical examination。This medical examination was organized at the mine。The mine regularly organizes employees to carry out health examination every year。And summarize and analyze the physical examination results of employees。

  • Carry forward the "Two spirits" and inspire a Dan Xin -- the Group company culture into the grassroots activities to complete the survey of enterprises outside the province to visit the performance


    Go deep into the grass-roots level of enterprises in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Guizhou and other group companies。There are more than 4000 employees and their families in 15 coal mines such as Xinjiang Company, Yihai Energy, Guizhou Yuneng, 7 ground units and 3 enterprises abroad。

  • Group cultural activities into the grass-roots sympathy performance into Guizhou Henan


    On behalf of the Group, Xue Zhijun expressed his heartfelt thanks to Party committees and governments at all levels of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Federation of Trade Unions and Energy and Chemical Trade unions for their long-term strong support to the reform and development of Guizhou Henan Province。Express the group's concern for Guizhou Yu Neng cadres and staff。

  • Inspiring and gathering strength -- The Group's cultural activities into the grassroots into Xinjiang company profile


    The first stop in Xinjiang is Zotye coal coking。With a wonderful performance to show the coal miners unswervingly follow the party。When the host for the first time to speak out the spirit of the '81 coal team'。Zhong Run coal production technology Section chief Jiang Jie after the performance deeply touched。

  • Happiness in the mines


    For the convenience of staff work and life。Organize health examination for all mine workers and special physical examination for female workers every year。Meet the needs of employees for fitness and entertainment。Our company pays medical assistance fund for all staff。Not a single worker should be left behind in the big family of Tianxin Coal Mine。

  • To help the dream of coking coal Zhongma village mine to hold the college entrance examination voluntary filling thematic lecture


    The coking coal Zhongmachun Mine held a special lecture on the 2022 college entrance examination for employees' children。In order to help the majority of college entrance examination candidates and parents understand the detailed voluntary filling policy。Won the scene parents and examinees burst of applause。

  • Group cultural activities into the grassroots wonderful start


    The opening ceremony of cultural activities into the grassroots and the first performance was held in Yi Coal miners Club。Cultural activities at the grassroots level。"Our Team to the Sun" large-scale scene dance party as the theme propaganda works。The first performance of a cultural activity at the grassroots level。

  • He coal Zhongtai mining safety production youth first


    League youth side for the rising well staff performance self - made safety rhymes。Safe production month。Contribute to mine safety production。The operation mechanism of youth prison post。Reasonable distribution in all fields of mine safety production。In order to improve the quality of the operation of the youth prison。Ensure safe production。

  • Coking coal company "green" to ensure safe production


    Safe production month。Coking coal company to further strengthen the youth safety supervision post。Guide the majority of league youth to make new achievements in the main battlefield of safety production。Coking coal company组织团员、青安岗员深入学习习近平总书记关于安全生产重要论述。

  • Group company in the provincial "Ankang Cup" competition won a number of honors and achievements, frequent colorful


    Notification of Commendation by Winning Units, Winning Teams, Outstanding Individuals and Outstanding Organizational Units。其中。The group's three units -- Yifi Yunding Coal Industry, Coking coal Qianye Cement and Yongmei Xinlong Coal Owner Coking Coal Mine -- won the honorary title of winning unit。

  • Coking coal Company youth activity center completed more than 6000 league youth have a new position


    The Youth League Committee of the coking Coal Company organized the youth representatives to carry out the theme Youth League Day activities in the newly completed Coking Coal Youth Activity Center。Became more than 6000 members of the coking coal company's youth activities。It highly summarizes the development course of coking coal group organization。

  • "97 Years of Jiaozuo Coal Mine Youth Movement Review" 3 live up to the youth and advance with The Times -- written on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China


    The organization of the Jiaozuo Coal Mine League began on the date of its establishment。The young miners of Jiaozuo Coal Mine regard the needs of the Party and the motherland as their responsibility and mission。Jiaozuo coal mine youth loyal to the motherland's coal cause。Zhaogu No. 2 Mine has become one of the top ten benchmark enterprises in the national intelligent demonstration coal mine。

  • "97 Years of Jiaozuo Coal Mine Youth Movement Review" II Striving to forge ahead with the motherland -- written on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China


    Jiaozuo Mining Bureau has become one of the national key construction enterprises。A large number of young people entered the Jiaozuo coal mine。Cheng Tietou led the youth team finally out of the 117 area。Cheng Tietou also participated in the National Youth Hero Association with honor。

  • The Group organized league members to watch the live broadcast of the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League


    认真学习习近平总书记重要讲话精神。习近平总书记的重要讲话在Group company广大团员青年中引发强烈反响。要认真学习领会习近平总书记讲话精神。

  • Volunteer red lights up the epidemic prevention front line


    The first team of Guolong Property Youth Volunteer Service sent 100 boxes to the medical workers in Zheng。Take concrete actions to support epidemic prevention and control。Guolong Property Management 4 epidemic prevention and control youth commandos actively responded to the group's call。To the front line of epidemic prevention and control。

  • Anyang Park is working hard to prevent and control the epidemic


    Anyang Park has set up five youth volunteer service teams to help with epidemic prevention and control。More than 20 young volunteers stood at the nucleic acid sampling site。Check ID cards, guide people and maintain order。Providing services to thousands of employees and their families。

  • A Review of 97 Years of Youth Movement in Jiaozuo Coal Mine, written on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC), is one of the struggles and the fate of the nation


    Review on 97 years of Youth Movement in Jiaozuo Coal Mine。In Jiaozuo coal mine anti - imperial strike struggle。Jiaozuo Coal Mine youth closely follow the footsteps of the Party。Inheritance and ceaseless efforts as coal miners。Yang Tianzi was appointed Secretary of the special branch of the Communist Youth League。Jiao Zuo Special branch of CPC was established。

  • The list of National and provincial May Day Labor Awards was announced. 10 employees from 6 shifts and groups of the Group company won the awards


    The driving team of the Structural Parts Branch of the heavy Loading Company and the second production team of the Water Exploration and Drainage team of the Xin 'an Coal Mine of Yili Coal Mine (Wang Hanban) won the honor of the National Worker Pioneer。

  • Zhaogu No.1 coking coal Mine makes model workers become the vanguard of enterprise development


    A advocating model workers, learning model workers, striving for model workers。Vigorously implement the model work project。In the development of party members, recruitment of cadres, and other aspects of model workers。To make the model workers stand up。The model workers in the tree selection have coal captains who know production and management。

  • Hemei No. 3 Mine awarded "six type" team


    To commend and motivate advanced teams and individuals。Give full play to the exemplary and leading role of advanced models。Crane coal three mine to three three team, mechanical and electrical team two。六型。Team construction demonstration unit, coal team Two Dong Xingping driving class five。

  • The Youth League Committee of the New Era Group Company carried out a series of activities to "welcome the Twenty Top Ten and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the League"


    The activity will focus on five aspects: strengthening theoretical armed forces, organizing team activities, carrying out practical meritorious activities, strengthening service guidance, and doing a good job in publicity and culture。College of youth。Armed and educated league members and youth with the Party's innovative theory。Youth innovation studio。

  • Xinjiang Zhongtai coal coking to upgrade the gym national fitness move


    Recently, the company upgraded the gym of more than 170 square meters。Let workers。The company staff Han Zhuxiao said。To create a comfortable fitness environment for the staff。Arrange the fitness coach to give hand - to - hand instruction to the staff from 8 to 10 PM every day。

  • Xinjiang Yushuquan coal mine to carry out the "reservation" is very comfortable very convenient


    Is it a staff canteen。Can you make us some noodle soup。Xinjiang Yushuquan coal mine workers restaurant received a phone call from underground workers。To further improve the level of service。To serve the grassroots front-line workers。The mine installed a direct dial telephone in the staff canteen。

  • He Coal Zhongtai mining work hand in hand to promote production


    Use true feelings to arouse workers' safety awareness。Jointly build production safety defense line。Could you sew a button for me。……刚上井的工人师傅们围在井口缝补站。The managers of the Women's Union responded to each worker with patience and enthusiasm。

  • Xinjiang Qiuci Mining "two cancer" screening heartwarming


    It was carried out for more than 60 female workers in the mine。两癌。Free screening。Hold up health for female workers。Screening refers to cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening。Accurately detect breast and cervical cancer。To enable women of appropriate age to have a comprehensive and accurate cognition of their own health。

  • Yongcoal railway department to promote young workers rapid success


    The department sets up three classes in the monthly training: team, station and office。In addition, special staff will explain the knowledge in the classroom。The institute selects personnel from new college students to train locomotive co-drivers and drivers。Good talent reserve。

  • Coking coal Zhaogu mine let Lei Feng spirit flash on the post


    The mine Youth League committee organized young volunteers to carry out。Youth volunteer service activities。Organize young volunteers to clean up the environment of mining area and remove sanitary dead spots。The mine Youth League committee will carry out young volunteers to learn from Lei Feng activities and create。

  • Let youth bloom in volunteer service


    Rich and colorful voluntary service activities to learn from Lei Feng have been carried out。Young volunteers from the Youth League Committee of Cheji Coal Mine perform the Henan Opera "Song of Happiness" for the elderly.。We will carry out voluntary services to respect and care for the elderly。Carry out Lei Feng spirit propaganda activities。Youth volunteer development。

  • Gather striving force to write a wonderful answer paper -- The Group's trade union work summary in 2021


    Organized and participated in 128 online Party history knowledge contests and national Scientific quality network contests for employees in Henan Province。The labor union of the Group has further promoted the reform of the construction of industrial workers。The 8th staff Skills Competition was held。

  • Yongcoal Shunhe Coal mine "three steps" to build a strong "green" line of defense


    Organize and carry out training, publicity and investigation。Strengthen production safety knowledge propaganda as a propagandist。Strengthen production safety training as instructors。Formulate and issue the Notice on Carrying out Safety Quality Education and Training Activities of Qingan Post。Strengthen hidden danger investigation and be a supervisor。

  • Crane coal nine mine youth workers against the epidemic in action


    To do a good job of epidemic prevention and control in mining areas。Young workers' volunteers have been organized to participate in epidemic prevention and control work in various forms。To strengthen epidemic prevention and control work。Ensure the safety and health of employees。The mine's youth League committee also asked for volunteers。

  • The wind and rain hone youth brilliant - flood control and disaster relief, the group's young volunteers in action


    More than 20 young commandos and young volunteers were organized。The basement of residential building in Shuian Garden Community, Guancheng District, Zhengzhou is flooded seriously。An all-out effort was made to remove stains, rubbish and silt from the floor。Clean up a place。The whole company is working for flood control and disaster relief。

  • Zhaogu No. 1 coking coal Mine "summer cooling" activity has been fully launched


    Let the staff to come to dinner to drink cool and delicious drinks。The logistics service center ensures that workers eat delicious food at the same time。Ensure that staff eat in a cool and comfortable environment。Ensure safety。The labor union of the mine earnestly performs the duty of labor safety and health supervision。

  • Zhaogu No.1 Coking Coal Mine tries to create a "safe meal"


    To effectively improve the food safety of the rest assured index。Strict procurement procedures。Strict implementation of canteen hygiene requirements and related regulations。The canteen strictly implements the daily and every meal disinfection system。Close the stock tightly。Strict import and export rules for food and raw materials。Ensure that raw and cooked food is stored separately。

  • Xinjiang Zotye Coal coking "platoon troops" to improve the "people's livelihood temperature"


    It has been 12 years since the company's living area canteen, dormitory and bathhouse heating pipes were put into operation in 2009。In order to thoroughly solve the problem of cold winter room。The company will be living area heating pipe for a comprehensive replacement。This replacement is a big job。

  • Yongcoal General Hospital vaccination into the mine service staff zero distance


    It's convenient for the general hospital to vaccinate in the mine。Said Zhu Shuai, a worker at Xinqiao Coal Mine who had just received the COVID-19 vaccine。Practice activities are combined with COVID-19 vaccination。Zero distance service workers。Since May 14, the first lower mine inoculation began。

  • The third coal mine gives full play to the role of young workers


    Quality to ensure safety, activities to promote safety, strong safety style。Youth safety work pattern。The mine focuses on safety supervision。The formation of the mine set up general post, post to branch, team members of the youth safety network。Carefully check for security risks。

  • Xinjiang Qiuci Mining cares about people's livelihood "small things" show care about "big feelings"


    Class Chinese food optional supermarket。Two workers who are about to go down the well are choosing their favorite shift food。In order to let the staff eat their favorite class food。Always pay attention to employee needs。To solve the most direct benefits of the most needed workers。Open the door of happiness for employees。

  • Yimei Qianqiu coal mine exhibition women style to build a harmonious mining area


    Yimei Qianqiu Coal mine trade Union held advanced women collective and individual commendation conference。Guide women workers to be innovative and effective new women workers with high ideological and moral quality, high scientific and cultural literacy, and strong job skills。Construction of harmonious mining area。Contribute female workers to the construction of harmonious mining areas。

  • Union of Yili Coal Company "three" simultaneously improve the quality of business disclosure


    We will normalize, humanize and standardize the public disclosure of business affairs。Disclosure of business affairs。Business disclosure methods。Open and effective integration of business affairs。Make public monthly business statements for summary and notification。Organize employee representatives to check and accept the public work of business affairs of grassroots units every six months。

  • Yiluo Coal Industry solves "top priority" for employees


    I was too busy to get a haircut。I had my hair cut today at the staff salon。The union has done a lot for the employees。This barber shop is so sweet。Yiluo coal workers free barber shop opened and welcomed the first customers。

  • Crane coal company more measures to warm the hearts of employees


    He Coal Company actively responded to the call of the local government。Employees of units outside the province should try to stay in the local and enterprise for the Spring Festival。Crane Coal Company at all levels of labor union organization active action。Provide more convenient and considerate services for local employees and their families。

  • Yili Coal mine Geng village coal mine situation and task propaganda heart-to-heart


    We will surely achieve the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and safe production.。The head of the mine's Party committee is focusing on the mine's current epidemic prevention and control, work safety and petition stability。Situation task education。Leading group members down to the grassroots, to the district team。

  • Kaixiang Fine Chemical Lecture Hall in Yima Park gathers great energy


    This is an epitome of the company's innovative educational activities on situation tasks。The situation task education as open the mind of cadres and employees。Grassroots departments are required to transfer the class meeting, chat, symposium and situation task education。Combined with the actual work of the department at this stage。

  • Puyang Park Winter Solstice dumplings are incense


    Puyang Park Methanol Business Division organized dumpling making activities。Let cadres and staff stick to the front line on the Winter Solstice day to eat delicious, hot dumplings。Steaming dumplings are delivered to shift workers who have been on duty all night。A dumpling。

  • The method of novel content practical "new apprenticeship" training class is favored


    The training effect of theory and practice is good。Ma Guohong, an employee of the first team of the three coal mines, talked about attending the Crane Coal company the day before。New apprenticeship。Crane Coal Company for three mine more than 270 employees opened。Crane coal company。New apprenticeships will be developed。

  • Yimei Qianqiu coal mine line sympathy drum morale


    The trade union of Yimei Qianqiu Coal Mine organizes the trade union cadres to carry out the operation of the Eight-first team and fully mechanized mining team of the mine。Help reform out of trouble I make contributions in the post。The mine eight first team, fully mechanized mining team employees to overcome all sorts of difficulties。Activity and enterprise reform out of the overall work requirements。

  • Yili Coal Xin 'an coal mine homemade cotton cushion warm body and warm heart


    The benches inside the wellhead cable car are lined with thick cotton cushions。And warm in my heart。The mine deputy two wellhead up and down the cable car and underground flat alley people car。Organize all female facilitators。He tied himself to the chair。The chairs were all clad in thick blue。

  • Guhanshan Mine "small stage" to achieve "Big Dream"


    "Master Zhang, how does this electric switch work?"" If only one traction motor is running, which aspect should be dealt with?"" I still don't understand, Master Zhang, please tell me the troubleshooting method of the air pump。"This is April 22, in the coking coal Guhanshan mine electrician training class, young workers scrambling to ask the mechanical and electrical team master questions。 In recent years, the mine has continuously innovated the training form of young workers, and specially established a "skill training base", allowing skilled and experienced old masters to serve as teachers for all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment and facilities underground...

  • Qianjin coal industry full of creativity and vitality


    4月17日,Qianjin coal industry issued management innovation implementation measures,Scientific development, innovation and breakthrough, market operation and efficiency oriented principles,Build a multi-dimensional management innovation system featuring "employee participation, integration from top to bottom, comprehensive coverage and process integration",Encourage all staff to be innovative and effective,Stimulate enterprise vitality with management innovation,Comprehensively improve enterprise management and economic benefits。 The mine carries out management mode and method innovation around "digging inner potential, reducing cost, improving efficiency, increasing benefit and strengthening management", and carries out daily organization of management innovation, guidance and assistance, supervision and inspection, process control, collection and acceptance of management innovation projects...

  • Xinjiang Zotye coal coking to ensure people's livelihood and fight the epidemic


    "What is it?” “香梨、桔子、火龙果、猕猴桃,等等,我买了桔子,可甜!” “吆,种类这么多,我也去买点!” 2月9日,新疆众泰煤焦化职工食堂,下班的职工有序排队购买水果。 In order to prevent and control the epidemic, the company implements closed management, arranges production, life and other related matters, standardizes and implements the system of staff queuing, eating in sections and taking bath at different peak to reduce staff gathering and reduce the risk of infection。At the same time, do a good job of ideological education, timely stability of workers' emotions, try to solve for workers...

  • Such benefits are very heartwarming


    “花卷两角一个!煎包一角一个!”1月10日早晨,在新桥煤矿员工食堂,当综采准备队采煤机司机李友华买了早餐结账时,发现花卷、煎包都降价了。 "Many prices in the market are going up, but the price of food here is going down instead of up, which is very heartwarming。"Li Youhua smiled。 This was not the only thing that made him happy. When he shared his joy with his colleagues, he learned that the prices of not only curly rolls and fried buns had fallen, but also 20 other staples such as egg cakes, xiaolongbao and egg noodles had also fallen by varying degrees, from 20% to as much as 20%...

  • Spring Festival benefits can be issued in this way


    1月16日,When He Tuo coal mine many cadres and employees in the industrial square happily receive Spring Festival benefits,Development team technician Yang Yang took out his mobile phone in the office and made a phone call: "Mom,Please go to Xianshuai department store opposite the Cultural and Sports Center to receive my Spring Festival benefits this year,Just tell me my name and where I work,We have made contact with the mine。"Hang up the phone, Yang Yang told the author:" This year no longer need to go home for the Spring Festival handling Spring Festival welfare thing to worry about。” Yang Yang lives in Chenji Town, Yongcheng City. He does not own a car. He used to worry every time he received holiday benefits: "I wanted to take them home, but there were too many things, such as rice, oil and milk...

  • Do a temperature enterprise - He Tuo coal mine to build a harmonious enterprise profile


    The people's livelihood is linked to the people's hearts。Since this year, He camel coal mine adhere to the people's livelihood, the people's livelihood project as the first priority, to solve the needs of employees as a foothold to build a harmonious enterprise, so that the mine becomes a temperature enterprise。 The Happiness project allows employees to live and work happily At noon on December 15, He Tuo coal mine staff restaurant, speaking of this year's happiness, is playing a meal to develop a party branch secretary Duan Weiwei said: "We mine set up a partnership committee, every day to the canteen supervision food quality and price, but also sent people to keep an eye on, so that employees eat delicious food。” "The food is delicious, the accommodation is comfortable, and the trolley is set up...

  • Jiulishan mine young workers brave when safety fresh force


    12月15日,The reporter learned from the Jiulishan mine,Since this year,The mine emphasizes the role of youth workers in safety production,By carrying out safety education activities for young workers, pay close attention to safety skills training for young workers, and organize young workers to investigate hidden dangers,Further strengthen the safety line of young workers,Lay a solid foundation for mine safety production。 Carry out safety education activities for young workers。该矿牢固树立“安全第一”思想,积极Carry out safety education activities for young workers,在教育内容上,以“安全就是效益”“安全是亲人的期盼”等为主题;在教育对象上,把对安全意识淡薄、“安全不放心人...

  • They will return home smoothly


    "It's cheaper and the timing is good。"On December 9, as soon as I walked into the conference room of Qiuci Mining Mining Team, I saw that the employees were discussing enthusiastically about buying train tickets and air tickets to return home during the Spring Festival. Several young workers were busy explaining to everyone how to buy tickets by mobile phone。 It is understood that with the Spring Festival holiday approaching, buying tickets to go home has become a major concern of the mine's staff。 In order to enable employees to buy tickets to go home in time and solve their worries, the Party committee and labor union of the mine actively organized young employees and female assistants to meet with front-line employees before work to popularize ticket purchase knowledge, help employees buy tickets and explain to them...

  • Jiulishan coking coal mining enterprise Home Hui employees


    The current temperature drops sharply, Jiulishan coking coal mining union adhere to the concept of people-oriented, timely carry out winter warmth special activities, really let the enterprise like home。 Live comfortably。The mine focuses on heating work in winter, maintenance of heating system, timely adjustment of heating pressure and temperature according to weather changes, to ensure that the indoor temperature of wellhead waiting room and staff dormitory area is not lower than 18℃。 Eat happily。The mine pays attention to the nutritional combination of restaurant meals, launches green and nutritious soups, snacks and other dishes with meat and vegetables, and organizes regular supervision and inspection of staff representatives to truly let everyone eat...

  • Play "winter livelihood" trilogy


    This newspaper news "warm body, warm stomach, warm heart", this is the new bridge coal mine every year thunder hit immovable "winter livelihood" law of six words。The mine has always taken the "winter people's livelihood" as a big thing to care about the life of employees to do, to create a "temperature" project。 Indoor "warm up stove"。The mine is based on the principle of "grab early, foundation first",Overall planning of the mining area "warm" winter matters,Arrange inspection team in advance,To the mining dormitory, office building, canteen and other areas of the water heating equipment overhaul,Install central air conditioning in the mine dispatching room,Arrange professional personnel to carry out comprehensive maintenance of electrical appliances and other equipment in the office。与...

  • Chuci Mining "family" account write-off


    "The dry toilets in the living area have been converted to flush toilets and have been in use for three months。年初伟德体育上交的提案,有好几条都被采纳了……”11月25日,龟兹矿业生活区,由该矿工会、纪检监察科等部门工作人员组成的员工代表巡视组正挨家挨户进行年终调查走访,就矿上年初对员工的承诺进行“对账销账”。 Since the beginning of this year, the labor union of Qiuci Mining Company has taken caring for the life of employees and solving their difficulties as the starting point of work, and actively done practical and good things for the employees and the masses。At the beginning of this year, the mine trade union to take site research, proposal collection...

  • With the original heart and genuine care


    “真的非常感谢工会在我最困难的时候给予我帮助,谢谢!谢谢!”鹤壁园区质检中心员工李大姐从工会工作人员手中接过慰问金后,忍不住流下了眼泪。 The sudden change in her family made her happy family of three fall into pieces. Only her 10-year-old son was left to live with her and her life was once in trouble。The trade union of Hebi Park, upon learning of Sister Li's situation, promptly raised condolance funds for her special rescue, to help her tide over the difficulties。 Since this year, Hebi Park gives full play to the trade union organization in building harmonious labor relations and promoting enterprise sustainability...

  • Xinjiang Company for the first time employee representative inspection opened


    On November 19, the reporter learned that the first inspection tour of staff representatives of Xinjiang Company was underway。 In recent days, staff representatives of Xinjiang company have visited Tianxin Coal Mine, Zhongrun Coal Industry and Yongning Coal Chemical, and will also visit other units in the following days。The main purpose of the inspection is to strengthen the democratic management of enterprises, promote the effective implementation of democratic supervision, fully exercise the rights of employee representatives to participate in the democratic management, democratic decision-making and democratic supervision of enterprises, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, build harmonious labor relations, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises。 The staff representative's inspection included the signing of collective contracts and collective wage negotiations...

  • The new bus was praised


    “南线班车增开以后回家真是方便多了,到市里不用再倒公交车了,每天晚上到家的时间比以前提早了40分钟呢!”11月5日,坐在新增班车上的安阳园区员工郝洪威,高兴地与同事交流着自己的乘车心得。 The production plant area of Anyang Park is located in the west of Anyang City, far away from urban areas. Many employees who live in Anyang City have to take the shuttle bus home from the factory。As the city continues to expand, the area where employees live also continues to expand, and the original bus route can no longer meet their needs。In order to maximize the convenience of employees' lives,...

  • The things that benefit the employees must be done well


    11月1日,The reporter learned from the coking coal power metallurgical branch, Since entering the fourth quarter,In the face of safety production and management and other aspects of pressure,The company's trade union plays an active functional role,Find your focus,Provide warm service to employees,Arouse everyone's enthusiasm for work,For the enterprise decisive battle to win the fourth quarter to provide strong support。 Grasp the carrier, create a harmonious and healthy atmosphere。The labor union of the company firmly carries out activities to create an atmosphere and improve the quality of ideas. During the traditional holidays, it organizes employees to carry out colorful cultural and sports activities to enrich their spare time life, which not only boosts the spirits of employees, but also effectively promotes them...

  • We must do something to relieve the difficulties of our employees


    "Our new parking lot has been put into use. It can park more than 50 cars. It will be much more convenient to park in the mine in the future。” "Yes, the mine really cares about what the employees want and what the employees want. Our life happiness index has suddenly improved again。” On the morning of November 1, two employees of Anshun Coal Mine talked excitedly。 It is understood that with the increasing living standards of employees, more and more employees have private cars, the original parking space in the mining area can not meet the parking needs。After the mine leaders understood the actual situation of the parking difficulties of employees, they immediately designated a special person to take charge of the construction of an open space next to the gangue greenhouses in the industrial zone...

  • The apple harvest is good.


    After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the morning air is cool and pleasant。On Sept. 25, the meeting room of the fourth team of the coal mining complex in Chensilou was full of people from the morning shift。 "What's the matter, Changhui?Look at you down in the dumps。"The team staff Wang Tianlong saw workmate Gu Changhui listless appearance, concerned to ask。 "Well, with the help of the state's poverty alleviation activities, my father planted five or six mu of apples. This year's apple harvest has been successful, but sales have become a problem. My old father is in poor health, and I can't go back。"Gu Changhui explained。 "Look at your friend circle, that apple is big and round, how can not sell?My kids really like apples, front...

  • The main coke coal mine serves the people


    "How can we go in this rain。"Yes, it was awfully hot yesterday, and it's been raining so hard since the night shift。On September 17, rain covered Anyang area。At the entrance to the adjustment building of the main coking coal mine, the employees of the zero shift who had just ascended the shaft looked a little anxious about the sudden rain, so they had to hide in the doorway and hope the rain would stop soon。 "Here, give you an umbrella。” "And here are raincoats. See which one is convenient。” Suddenly, a sound of cordial words from the dispatch building side。It turned out that the mine's labor union immediately organized family members to come to the workers' detention site, free of charge...

  • Yongcoal company sincere love active donation


    In response to the September 9 Charity Day fundraising activity jointly initiated by China Coal Mine Pneumoconiosis Prevention and Control Foundation and Tencent Public Welfare, Yongcoal Company issued a notice on September 6, requiring all units of the company to conscientiously organize fundraising activities。 The company's safety supervision departments, publicity departments and Party and mass departments at all levels actively publicize and organize, introduce the purpose and significance of the activity, and facilitate the donation of cadres and employees by Posting the proposal, donation QR code, personal wechat forwarding, QQ forwarding of the donation proposal and other forms in places where people are concentrated。 The company's cadres and employees enthusiastically donated, and have sent circle of friends, spread the idea of "mine, warm pneumoconiosis"...

  • Crane Coal company actively organized extensive mobilization


    On September 6th, He Coal Company issued an initiative to all cadres and employees, calling on them to lend a helping hand and actively participate in the donation activity on September 9th Public Welfare Day, to make a contribution to the rehabilitation of pneumoconiosis patients with practical actions。 When one side is in trouble, all sides help。After the initiative was issued, the majority of cadres and employees of the crane Coal Company took active action, word of mouth, quickly set off a wave of fundraising。 In recent days, the online fundraising activities of Hekou Coal Company have been in full swing. Many employees have forwarded the information of the fundraising activities on the September 9 Charity Day in the group。All units of Hehe Coal Company also helped employees understand the donation steps through demonstration and guidance, and the caring employees also responded warmly...

  • A Little bit of people's livelihood warm mining area -- Zhaogu No. 2 Mine to strengthen the construction of people's livelihood project to promote harmony and stability


    People's livelihood is no small matter, branches and leaves always close the situation。文娱生活、困难帮扶、心理疏导、医疗健康……面对员工的最盼、最忧、最急,For a long time,Zhaogu No. 2 Mine always adhere to the idea of "employee benefits as big as heaven",Start with little by little,We will focus on improving the people's livelihood,Gather public opinion, warm the hearts of the people, gather people's strength,Let mine development benefit employees,Consolidate the foundation for the harmonious and stable development of enterprises。 Enhance employee happiness For employees, happiness is to meet the basic requirements of life, to this end, Zhaogu second mine from strengthening the service to employees, improve the quality of life of employees, so that employees life more relaxed...

  • Qianjin coal industry "golden autumn aid" detailed deployment


    Recently, learned from Qianjin coal industry, the mining Party branch to the "golden autumn aid" as an important measure to care for people's livelihood, in-depth, widely carried out the "golden autumn aid" activities, do a good job in poverty alleviation work, to ensure that employees' children do not drop out of school because of poverty, so that every difficult employees' children can go to school。 Wide publicity and thorough investigation。The mine to each unit of difficult employees to investigate, a comprehensive grasp of the difficult employees family living conditions and family children's education, employment, the number of difficult employees in school children, student needs, the number of graduates, the number of trade union help to do the information clear。 规...

  • Cheji Coal Mine focuses on "delicious food on the tip of a tongue"


    营养菜单“对抗”三伏热浪,食品安全保障饮食健康……7月中旬以来,车集煤矿聆听员工心声,制订营养菜单,不断提升伙食服务水平。 It is reported that at the end of each month, the mine's labor union will conduct a questionnaire survey on the food and service level of the canteen. A "staff opinion collection book" has been hanging on the bulletin board beside the window of the canteen for a long time.。We have been satisfied with 95 percent of our meals for three months, but we focus on the five percent。"The mine's service company, Shixuecan, said。 After solicitation of opinions, the head of the mine canteen found that everyone's opinions mainly focused on: early...

  • Yongning coal enriched staff leisure cultural life


    On July 29, the author learned that Yongning Coal Chemical adhere to the human text, improve the living environment of workers, do practical things for workers as the starting point, improve the happy life index of workers through multiple channels, forming a good atmosphere of environment lighting life, organization care and warm people's heart。 The mine has reformed the existing network structure and connected to mobile broadband, so as to separate the office network from the home network and realize the functions of Internet dedicated line in the office area and "broadband + music TV" in the dormitory area。 In the new network, all the transmission sections of the mine line are replaced by optical fiber transmission, and the new optical fiber radiation attenuation is lower and transmission is more stable。At the same time, in the staff dormitory area opened...

  • Do not forget the original intention of brave responsibility -- Yongcoal Company young workers to promote high-quality development of enterprises sidebars


    "I am a young employee. I will unswervingly follow the party and contribute my youth to the high-quality development of the mine。” "The courage to take responsibility for the family and the country, the youth should not give in。As a new recruit of safety supervision, I should strengthen my ideals and beliefs, practice my skills, improve my professional quality, take the lead in the front line, remove hidden dangers and ensure safety。” …… On July 15, Xinqiao Coal Mine organized the "Youth Forum" site, more than 100 representatives of the youth workers fully explained the love of the party, patriotism, love of the enterprise。 Give play to the role of green security guards Up to now, the company has set up a total of 23 Qing 'an Gang team, the development of Qing 'an gang 100...

  • Anyang Park for young workers to do a good job planning


    On July 13th, Anyang Park specially invited Professor Guo Yajun from Northwest University to the factory to conduct a special training on Career Management of Young employees.。 The training starts with two modules: "The role of enterprises in career management" and "What should individuals do",The core of career development management, introduction of career management system and key points of career development management are mainly explained for young employees,Help them clear career planning and management, positioning career direction。 For a long time, the company has always attached importance to the career development of young employees, and tried every means to provide jobs for young employees...

  • Qiuci Mining industry stimulates the innovation vitality of young workers


    On July 23, the author learned from Qiuci Mining that the Youth League Committee of the mine has taken a number of effective measures to make the youth become the key force for enterprise innovation and efficiency。 Let young workers "be innovative"。The mine introduced project research system in the implementation process of innovation and efficiency activities of young workers, and hired a number of gold medal mentors with rich theoretical literacy and practical experience, technical backbone and young workers pair, targeted to strengthen the training of young technical backbone, guide them to complete the project research。 Let young workers "want to innovate"。Through policy incentive, the mine continuously increases the support for youth innovation and effectiveness activities。Every year on the mine for young science and technology personnel, young employees...

  • Puyang Park scorching cool heart


    “来来来,师傅们,吃西瓜啦,又甜又沙,解渴提神又解乏……”7月16日,濮阳园区煤化工生产装置区传来阵阵吆喝声,这是该园区工会组织开展的“夏日送清凉”活动的一个场景。 For days, the temperature has been high, high temperature "bake test" Puyang Park production line every employee。In order to effectively protect the physical and mental health of employees and prevent heat stroke in the hot summer, trade unions at all levels in Puyang Park have launched the "Summer coolness" activity since the beginning of July。 The company's branch made fresh herbal tea and mung bean soup to deliver to employees...

  • Baoyushan Mine to build "sunshine Project"


    The author learned on July 12, Baoyushan Mine workers closely around the enterprise center work, adhere to the democratic management as a basic duty to perform, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, promote the harmonious development of the enterprise。 Raise awareness and improve the mechanism。In this mine, the disclosure of mining affairs has been included in the overall layout of Party building work, and the working mechanism has been established to clarify the content, responsibilities and procedures, so as to ensure the effective implementation of the disclosure of mining affairs。 Improve the system, smooth channels。The mine has improved the democratic management system of the enterprise in the basic form of the function congress, organized employees to review the annual work plan and matters of employees' vital interests, and utilized wechat platform and other forms to smooth the flow of employees...

  • Crane Coal company "send cool" fully rolled out


    "Master, the weather is too hot. Please eat a watermelon to quench your thirst. Please pay attention to safety when going down the well." "Well, thank you. Be careful。” In recent days, the "summer coolness" activity is in full swing in all the mines and ground units of Hehe Coal Company。The union of each unit respectively sent watermelon, sugar, mung bean water, wind oil essence and other heat prevention and cooling items to the mine entrance, the district team and the workshop。Some units also innovate the form of "send cool", while sending staff heat prevention and cooling items, while holding safety knowledge prize questions and answers, or go into the district team workshop to perform safety programs, the form of entertaining, rich and wonderful content, by...

  • Yitai Group of Mingjin Yi Coal Company won the champion in the national Coal Basketball Competition


    After 7 days of fierce competition, the national coal "Wujin · Henan Energy Cup" basketball game came to a successful conclusion on June 17。Bao Shuanglin, Vice Chairman and secretary-general of China Coal Mine Sports Association, Lin Sudong, Vice chairman of China Coal Mine Sports Association, Wang Wenliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to the winning team。 It is understood that the basketball game kicked off on June 12. There are more than 100 players from Henan Energy, Yitai Group, Tongmei Group, Jizhong Energy, Pingmei He, Lu 'an Group and other eight coal mining enterprises。The competition is divided into A group, B group, AB group mixed single round robin, in 7 days of competition...

  • Xintian coal mine canteen to promote people's livelihood


    "Summer is coming, it is suggested to increase cold dishes such as cold PI and brined pork and brined flavor varieties。” "The proposal is very good. It will be put forward at the morning dispatch meeting tomorrow and arranged for implementation。"This is the author on June 9 in the Xintian coal mine leadership dinner bulletin board to see。 The mine made a bulletin board for leaders to accompany the meal in the dining hall window, arranged the mine leaders on duty and employees to queue up, punch in and eat together every day, used the meal time to find out the food quality of the canteen and the real needs of the employees, and gave reasonable answers to the opinions of the employees, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the food quality and service level in the canteen。 Through the implementation of the leadership meal system, the canteen meal variety is not...

  • Crane coal three mine trade union small activity big role


    "Our union's 'Three Small' campaign is really good. It gathers people's 'bright ideas' and energizes employees。” "Yes, it's called a small activity making a big difference。” On the morning of June 12, two employees of Hei Coal No. 3 Mine were talking about the "three small" activities carried out by the mining union in front of the mining affairs open bar under the dressing hall。 "Small Competitions" inspire "Big Competitions"。The mine trade union actively carries out labor competition activities, through the competition to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of employees。Since the launch of the competition activity, the coal team in the mine under poor production conditions, coal lane footage exceeded the plan。In the first 5 months, the mine coal output, in...

  • Tianxin coal mine canteen to eat happiness


    "The food in our big canteen is delicious, varied, clean, comfortable and cheap. We often go out to eat with our whole family。"On June 13, the author saw in the canteen of Tianxin Coal Mine, an employee of the mining team and his family were dining in the canteen。 In order to improve the employee happiness index, the mine contracted the two internal canteen Windows, and selected two companies with different cuisines to cook delicious, healthy and nutritious dishes for employees。 "The food quality of our big canteen does not lose the county hotel, meat dishes are meicai braised pork, sweet and sour pork, braised fish block, vegetable varieties are more, all we like to eat。"Fully mechanized miners...

  • "Storm" in vegetable test


    "There is no meat on this bag of keels. It is far from what is sold in the market。"May 28, Shunhe coal mine canteen, the mine food inspection team member Guo Fang said to the shipper。 "You see how fresh the keel is and how cheap it is。"Replied the deliveryman with a smile。 "No keel is cheap without meat。"Guo Fang refused righteously。 It is understood that, in order to ensure the quality of canteen procurement dishes, the mine was set up by the supply department, trade union office, economic management department and the grass-roots district team jointly composed of the food inspection group, every day to the canteen dishes raw materials for detailed inspection, to see whether there is doping with inferior dishes...

  • Changcun coal mine "coal quality survival" condolences


    On May 26, Party affairs, trade union and other employees of the organization organ of Changcun Coal Mine of Yili Coal Mine came to the coal washing plant to organize and carry out the "improving coal quality, ensuring survival, promoting sales and increasing benefits" consolation activities。 In order to ensure the normal transportation of coal, recently, the truck drivers responsible for coal transportation in Changcun coal Mine come to the coal washing plant before dawn every morning and wait in line. Nearly 200 cars a day have to load and transport 4,000 tons of coal in turn。Drivers do not eat at noon, insist on queuing in the hot sun loading, for the mine's coal transport made a positive contribution。 In order to let the drivers feel big enterprise...

  • Sino-thai mining "craftsman" appraisal is hot discussion


    "Hey, did you hear?We mine to evaluate a number of 'craftsmen'!" “可不是嘛!这下子咱们又有新的学习标杆啦!” On May 16, the "Artisan Master" appraisal activity of Sino-Thai Mining Industry was hot discussed by the majority of employees。 In order to vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit and artisan spirit, to create a team of artisans with ideals, integrity, craftsmanship, courage to take responsibility and dedication, and to encourage employees to master first-class skills, create first-class products and strive for first-class performance, the mine has vigorously carried out the "Great Artisan" competition activity within the mine。 The activity is open, fair and merit-based...

  • Yongcheng Park youth workers set off a cost reduction boom


    On May 14, the Youth League Committee of Yongcheng Park closely focused on the task of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and carried out activities such as "1+1", creating efficiency model, etc., among young employees, which set off a boom of cost reduction and efficiency improvement。 "One specialty and many abilities" to improve quality。In view of the current situation of the majority of young workers, lack of experience and systematic skills, the Youth League committee of the company broke the line of work, promoted the comprehensive reform of posts, and actively carried out the training activities of "one specialty and multiple abilities" for young employees。The activity requires that, without delaying daily production, employees should be arranged for job-changing training in batches. Each employee should master at least one kind of business knowledge and operation of other posts in addition to mastering the skills of this post...

  • Zhongma Village mine Union "trilogy" to help safety production


    “打竹板,响连天,听我给您讲‘红线’……”5月9日,在中马村矿综采队班前会上,“班前会、送安全”活动正在进行,女工们表演的快板节目赢得掌声一片。In order to further give play to the function and role of the trade union, the mine trade union closely follows the theme of enterprise development, plays the "trilogy" of mass prevention and mass treatment, and improves the safety production coefficient of the mine。 Propaganda and education song。The mine's labor union held activities such as "watching accident warning educational film", "Safety photography painting and painting exhibition", and "Everyone writes safety Home Letter", inviting workers' representatives on the platform to talk about "red line".。Also, some typical things...

  • Inheritance May Fourth spirit contribution youth power Crane coal company "May fourth" patriotic education into the theme of the youth League day activities


    On May 5, the reporter learned in the interview that, on the occasion of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, all units of Crane Coal Company took active actions and carried out a number of activities to encourage the youth to work hard, gather the youth power and bravely bear the mission of The Times。 按照Crane coal company团委安排部署,各单位组织团员青年集中观看纪念五四运动100周年大会直播,第一时间学习领会习近平总书记重要讲话精神。该公司还认真学习贯彻习近平总书记4月19日在中央政治局集体学习时,关于对五四运动历史意义和时代价值认识的重要讲话精神。...

  • Changcun coal mine model worker words heartfelt advice to promote development


    "The more difficult it is, the more we must focus on safety. Without security, everything is zero。"April 26, in the Yi Coal Company Changcun coal mine" May Day "model workers forum, from the mine repair team of model workers Nie Zhiyong spoke out his heart。 "As a model worker, we should take the lead in urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks and play a leading role in demonstration。"Fully mechanized mining second team worker Xu Xinfang said。 The mine organized more than 20 representatives of model workers and great craftsmen from coal mining, mechanical and electrical transportation and other systems to gather together, combined with the actual position, exchange experience, talk about their feelings, and offer suggestions for the mine construction。During the discussion, the participants talked about the views of model workers, words, Wai...

  • Tianxin Coal Mine "mentoring" to promote the promotion of young workers


    “直流失压保护,用于变电所直流设备故障时防止设备无保护运行……”4月23日,在天欣煤矿变电所内,电工师傅王明星利用作业间隙,向徒弟郭俊甲传授配电柜操作技术要领。 It is understood that,To improve the overall skill level of young employees,The mine in-depth development of the old to lead the new, teachers and apprentices activities,According to the actual position,Adopt centralized training and "one by one, one by one" approach,Safety skills training for young workers should be targeted,With good and weak, strong and weak, directional help,Constantly improve the skill operation level and self - security awareness of young workers。Mine return...

  • The table tennis match at Crane Coal Company is over


    On April 21, the four-day table tennis competition of Hebi Coal Company "New Era, New Act and new style" came to a close in Hebi City Workers' Cultural Palace after intense competition。The activity has enhanced the staff's physique, enriched the staff's leisure cultural life, moulded the staff's sentiment, and showed the majority of staff's good spiritual outlook。

  • "Warm post" my post


    "Staff brothers, if anyone's overalls are torn, please bring them to mend. The buttons are off, and we can sew them on for you..." In the early morning of March 8, Gao Pinghua, deputy director of the union's women's working committee, was leading several women to sew clothes for the miners in a corner of the waiting tank room in the auxiliary shaft of the Chensiou coal mine。 Gao Pinghua, now 34, came to Chen Silou after graduating from college。She is warm-hearted and quick to do things. When she is mentioned, her fellow workers can't help praising her。 The waiting tank room, where "warm post" was hung, was the place where Gao Pinghua led the women workers to send warmth in winter and cool in summer。On traditional festivals, she arrives at five o 'clock in the morning...

  • "Happiness" in the sun


    伟德体育公司发的床上四件套,真好,幸福多得晒不完!”3月11日,刚领完四件套,众泰煤焦化炼焦车间员工闫玉敏就在朋友圈里晒了起来,引来一群“羡慕嫉妒恨”的点赞和评论。 “员工过生日有礼品券,想吃啥直接微信点餐,‘三八’节,单位组织伟德体育女工看了电影《伟德体育》!”闫玉敏开心地说。 In order to let employees have more happiness, Zotye coal coking tries to solve the rationalization appeal of employees, committed to doing practical things well, good things do real things。The four-piece bed set is issued to employees on behalf of members...

  • Jiaozishan Coal Mine business public "four transparency"


    On March 7, the author learned that Jiaozishan Coal Mine in Guizhou Province has strengthened the publicity of its business affairs, enhanced the transparency of democratic management, created a good environment with clean air and positive atmosphere, and created favorable conditions for safe and efficient production, harmony and stability。 Transparent production management。每天在早调会上通报各区队生产任务完成情况,对存在影响生产的问题及时协调解决;区队每天公布每班及个人生产任务完成情况,Let workers清楚存在的差距和问题。 Save money and reduce consumption transparently。The material fee plan and usage, saving and reducing consumption will be published on the Intranet in time, so that the district team and staff can...

  • Zhongma Village mine wonderful activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival


    "Sweet Yuanxiao fragrance floating, thick deep feeling to send workers。"February 18, in the auxiliary shaft of Zhongma Village mine, the mine labor union organized the female workers" celebrate the Lantern Festival, send Tangyuan, keep safe "activity is being carried out in a noisy way。In order to let the cadres and workers have a civilized, peaceful, happy Lantern Festival, the mine held lantern riddles, Yangko dance, badminton competition and send dumplings, send condolences and other colorful cultural entertainment activities。

  • When the staff is in trouble, they extend a helping hand to convey warmth to the ward


    "Team Cui, the eight o 'clock shift is finished in the well, Guo Jiguang has not come to work, no one answered the phone。"At 8:00 am on December 24, 2018, Longmen Coal Mine transport team leader Wei Liujiang reported to Captain Cui Jinjing。 “再打。"Cui Jinkyung took the message." Come on, I'll do it。He looked at the address book on the wall and dialed the number。 After several repetitions, a broken woman's voice came from the other side。Cui Jinjing asked the address, hung up the phone, said to Wei Liujiang: "Go, you put the work arrangement, immediately drive my car to remember light home, last night he fell at home injured。” “啊?严重...

  • The restaurant here is very homey


    “请给我来一碗炸酱面”“请给我来一份青椒炒肉,打包带走”……12月23日,赵固二矿职工餐厅人头攒动,热闹非凡。 Since entering the winter, the mine trade union to create a full range of workers "satisfied restaurant" boutique project, looking for the direction of staff satisfaction, carefully do a good job of characteristic catering。On the one hand, the mine strengthened the supervision and inspection of the partnership committee. On the other hand, it asked the restaurant to make detailed menus. In accordance with the principle of matching meat and vegetables and balanced nutrition, it ensured that the dishes were not the same within a week, so as to achieve regular updates and meet the different tastes of the employees。At the same time, the restaurant regularly launches "signature dishes" "specials" daily...

  • Winter here is very warm


    "The incoming temperature at one time was 64.7 degrees Celsius, primary return temperature 57.5摄氏度……”12月25日,鹤煤八矿锅炉房司炉工牛合生在供暖二次交换装置旁一边读取数据一边记录。This year, a total of 6.6 million yuan has been invested in the mine to lay and renovate more than 1,300 meters of external heating pipes, and a secondary switching station has been established. On November 12, the municipal double-circuit central heating was realized in advance. At the same time, various measures have been taken to keep the majority of workers warm for the winter。 After the mine's own boiler was dismantled, in order to ensure that the staff bath was not affected, they actively purchased hot water on the one hand, and increased the gas power station on the other hand...

  • All fitness passion flying


    "Let's go play ball in the gym。You beat me the other day by a couple of narrow shots, and today I have to get my revenge!" "Who is afraid of whom, you will be punished today!" Recently, Qian Jin coal Mine financing to rebuild the staff fitness center to all mine cadres and staff fully opened, the mine everywhere can hear so call friends lead with "date" laughter。 In order to meet the increasing needs of cadres and employees for cultural and sports activities, the mine has built badminton, billiards and table tennis courts by taking advantage of the spare space in the mine. In each gym, professional fitness equipment such as treadmills, spinning bikes, 360 comprehensive trainers, dumbbells and punching bags have been installed....

  • Coking coal power supply position dedication young workers to compete for the lead


    12月24日,Reporters learned from the coking coal company power supply,Since this year,The Youth League committee closely around the enterprise center work,Call on youth league members to give full play to the role of the new force in production safety,Create a good atmosphere of "safe production and youth first",Full of enthusiasm to complete the annual safety production task。 The office pays attention to the supervision and guarantee role of the young workers in production safety, takes the young workers' safety education and job skills improvement as the main carrier, carries out safety training in stages and batches by levels, types of work and positions, organizes the study of safety laws and regulations, and strengthens the cultivation of professional skills and innovation ability。...

  • A touch of beautiful scenery


    December 12 at 3 o 'clock in the afternoon, in Xinyi Mining belt building, a group of young and beautiful figure is wielding a shovel under the belt cleaning coal。 After Xinyi Mining Party Committee carried out the theme education activity of "Stimulating positive Energy and Building New Xinyi", grass-roots units responded one after another。The second mechanical and electrical team organized the female workers of the unit to personally experience the working environment of the front-line workers, and carried out the voluntary labor to clean coal in the coal flow system on the ground, prompting all the staff to effectively change their work style and put themselves into work with a new working state。 Flying coal dust, flashing lights, coal cleaning is a physical job, is not a small test for the women workers。A few hours later, woman...

  • Central plains female lecture hall into crane coal company


    On the afternoon of December 13, the Central Plains women's Lecture Hall - Hebi lecture Hall into the crane coal company。中国妇女十二大代表、鹤壁市妇联党组书记、主席刘砚娟为Crane coal company广大女工干部及女职工代表传达习近平总书记的重要讲话和中国妇女十二大精神,Share my experience as a delegate of the 12th National Congress of Chinese Women,He coal company female workers work requirements。

  • Coking coal sales branch winter send cotton-padded clothes warm workers heart


    "Wearing these thick cotton-padded clothes and shoes, I don't have to worry about being cold when I go to work and work at night this winter。"December 11, coke coal sales branch sales pound room staff Kong Yuqin pointed to the body of the new cotton clothes, cotton shoes happily said to the author。 Since this year, the company to care about workers, treat workers as a big thing to catch, continue to deepen "for workers to send warmth" activities。With the coming of winter, in order to keep warm during the working period of front-line workers, the labor union staff counted the number of front-line workers and the models of cotton-padded clothes and shoes in advance, and shopped around to buy cold-resistant cotton-padded clothes and cotton-padded shoes...

  • Zhao Guyi Mine labor union to strengthen the labor protection of female workers


    12月10日,The author learned from Zhaogu No.1 mine,To effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of female workers,The mine labor union to female workers labor protection as the annual focus to catch,By establishing and improving the labor protection system, unblocking the channels for female workers to defend their rights and appeal, and strengthening the knowledge training of female workers on labor protection,Holding up "half the sky" for female workers' labor protection。 It is reported that in the "three meeting" at the beginning of the year, the mine will be the special rights and interests protection of female workers into the work report of the congress, from the level of the mine for female workers labor protection system to be revised and improved, through the workers' congress, collective negotiation positive reflection and discovery of women...

  • Qiuci Mining "nutritious meal" for young workers "strong bones"


    On December 5, the author learned from Qiuci Mining that the mine constantly innovates the education model, launches several sets of "nutritious meals", comprehensively improves the comprehensive quality of young workers, builds a good workforce of young cadres, and lays a solid foundation for promoting the work of the fourth quarter to a new level。 "Compound learning meal" to improve quality。In addition to the combination of theoretical education and systematic field practice education, the mine organizes and carries out professional skills training and assessment, and also adopts the systematic education methods such as the technical exchange forum for young workers, training and military competition, etc. to stimulate the enthusiasm of young workers in learning technology, drilling business and seeking innovation。 “选树...

  • Qiuci mining overall linkage heavy effect


    On December 3, the Qiuci Mining Life Square was bustling with activity, with more than a dozen staff members working on the fifth National Constitution Day series。According to the author's understanding, the mine around a main line, highlight the characteristics of the activities, to point with the surface to achieve the overall linkage, in the mining area to create a good atmosphere of learning law, knowledge law, law-abiding。 Around a main line。The main line of this mine is to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and maintain the authority of the Constitution. Through data comparison and case analysis, this mine explains in detail the achievements in the construction of the rule of law since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the new requirements in the comprehensive rule of law after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China。Simultaneous seeding...

  • It won't be cold this winter


    Cups of steaming tea, a pair of peace auspicious insole, a warm smiling face, constitute a warm and harmonious picture。On November 21, at the wellhead of Xinyi Mining, an activity of "love is in full swing to send warmth and strong affection for safety" was in full swing... Towards the end of the year, in order to create a strong safety action atmosphere, to stimulate the confidence and determination of cadres and staff to do a good job in safe production, the mine carried out a series of education activities themed "stimulate positive energy, build new and new meaning"。This is carried out in the wellhead of the "love is a line to send warmth, strong affection will be safe" is one of the contents。活动...

  • Coking coal sales branch care workers to send health


    "We are very happy to have the physical examination this time. We are also very grateful to the unit for thinking so thoughtful for the workers. Our health is guaranteed, and the momentum to do a good job will be greater。"November 15, in the outpatient building of the central hospital of coking coal, coking coal sales branch staff have expressed their feelings。 In recent years, the company takes the maintenance of physical and mental health of employees as an important work to focus on, improve the health security system of employees, the establishment of employees' personal health records, organize all employees to carry out a sustainable comprehensive health examination every year。At the same time, the company also purchased fitness equipment, to provide a good fitness environment for employees, often organize a variety of recreational activities...

  • Crane coal nine mine care about workers do practical work


    "It was thoughtful of the mine to install six air conditioners in case it was cold for us to change clothes. Now the changing area of the bathhouse is warm。"This is November 10, the author in crane coal nine mine workers' bathhouse to hear a worker's feeling。 Since this year, the mine actively for the workers to do practical things, do good things, want to think of the workers, urgent workers urgent, effectively improve the happiness of the workers。In order to ensure the comfortable bath, the logistics service center arranges specials to prepare two pools of water for each small shift every day and measure the temperature with a thermometer to ensure that there is a shower 24 hours a day, so that the staff can take a comfortable hot bath。Install air conditioning in the changing area to solve the problem of staff changing clothes in summer...

  • Crane coal mine three "three need to know" to solve the needs of workers


    On November 5, the author learned that the crane coal three mine trade union actively carry out "three need to know" activities, requiring trade unions at all levels to care about, care for workers as their duty, establish a response mechanism, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of workers, promote safety production。 The safety situation of workers needs to be known。The mine trade union through the irregularly convened safety analysis meeting, actively carry out a variety of safety activities and collect safety reasonable suggestions, etc., timely grasp the underground site safety production situation, understand the safety of the workers' opinions and suggestions, the violation of regulations, injured workers timely organization visit and help。The mine three three team worker single Huaran said: "Mine trade union by...

  • Aluminum Company of China and the United States held a publicity day for the Special Provisions on Labor Protection of Female Employees


    Our report is to practice socialist core values,Safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of female employees,Reduce and solve the special difficulties caused by the physiological characteristics of female workers in their work,11月8日,Midamerican Aluminum organized staff to carry out the publicity Day of "Special Provisions on Labor Protection of Female Employees" at the gate of the factory,By hanging banners, placing billboards, leaflets and other forms,Guide the majority of female workers to learn law, understand law, know law, usage。 (Cui Yabo)

  • Zhaogu - a mine union four - pronged together to stimulate the vitality of group supervision


    October 29, the author learned from Zhaogu first mine, since entering the fourth quarter, the mine trade union in accordance with the "perfect organization, clear responsibility, perfect system, strict assessment" standard, continue to grasp the group supervision work。 Sound organization。Designate special persons to be responsible for the daily management, inspection and assessment of group supervision work, and timely adjust and enrich the group supervision team and group supervisors of production area teams and ground units。 Clear responsibility。Group supervisors carefully supervise the implementation of safety production laws and regulations and safety production management system on the work site, and timely stop all kinds of "three violations" on the work site。 Improve the system。Establish group safety work report system...

  • Anshun coal mine to do everything "temperature"


    "As the weather has cooled recently, the logistics staff has to make sure the workers have access to hot meals and baths whenever they come up。"November 7, in the sprint four quarters, ensure the critical moment of production safety, Guizhou company Anshun coal Mine Party branch heart workers, starting from the details, pay attention to workers clothing, food, housing, travel problems。 Work on eating and drinking。“哎呀,今天食堂做烩面,暖胃又暖心!”职工们高兴地排着队,选择自己爱吃的食物。In order to allow the majority of workers to eat fresh, nutritious meals, the mine to use a full range of food market research, arrange special personnel to supervise the quantity and quality of food materials...

  • Yima Gasification plant gasification branch factory labor union awarded "National model worker family"


    11月7日,The author learned from the All-China Federation of Trade Unions issued "On the recognition of the National Model Family of Workers, the National Model Family of Workers, the National Outstanding Trade Union Workers Decision",Yima gasification plant gasification plant branch labor union won the "national model worker family" title,This is the only unit of the Group to receive this award this year。 In recent years, the trade union of the branch plant of Yima Gasification Plant has always adhered to the enterprise belief of "loyalty to the Party, devotion to the country, dedication to Henan", insisted on opening the door to run the trade union, and actively acted as the "first insider, first liaison and first helper" of the workers. It has visited the sick workers and their families 32 times, using spare time...

  • The aunt Li who found nothing but gold


    "Aunt Li, thank you so much。I'll show my appreciation by taking you out for lunch today。"No, no, anyone would have done the same。"At noon on October 19, Qi Junqiang, the bus manager of the logistics service center of the nine coal mine, found the cleaner Li Sumin to express his gratitude, but was politely declined。 Li Sumin, 60, was a temporary cleaner at the mine's logistics service center。At 13:00 on October 18th, she came to the conference room of her work early to wait for roll call. Suddenly, she found a black Fanny pack under the stool in the corner. She picked it up and opened it...

  • Zotye coal Coke to pay for health of workers


    October 12, in Zhongtai Coal Coking multi-function hall, workers are waiting in line for physical examination, the staff handed out physical examination list, patiently guide physical examination items, procedures and matters requiring attention。 In order to strengthen and improve the work of staff health examination, the company through interviews, questionnaires and other forms, to understand the needs of staff health examination。According to the survey results, reasonable adjustments should be made to physical examination items to ensure that practical things are done well and good things are done realistically。The company has also set up a health profile for employees, and the results can be accessed 36 hours after the physical exam is completed。 (Wang Hongjie Cheng Leiluo)

  • Changcun coal mine theme activity warm Double ninth


    "It was a good show last night. I really enjoyed it。"Yes, there is another one to-night。We'll check the blood pressure later。"October 17, Yili coal Changcun coal mine two retired workers walking while talking, excited。 In order to vigorously promote the traditional virtues of respecting, respecting and helping the elderly of the Chinese nation, the mine actively carries out the theme activities of the Double Ninth Festival。From October 16 to 17, the Double Ninth Festival opera Party was held for two consecutive nights in the mining workers' Club. Traditional classic plays were performed so that the old comrades could enjoy the joy of traditional opera。The hospital also organized medical workers to take to the streets to carry out free medical care and health knowledge lectures to strengthen...

  • The coking coal company exposed its shortcomings and showed its stubborn problems


    October 10, the coking coal company in the morning dispatch meeting to inform the leaders of the disciplinary style of the situation, asking cadres at all levels to take a warning。 In October, the company focused on the problem of ineffective change in the style of Party members and cadres, exposing the shortcomings and shortcomings of the style of "sword"。 The Party Committee of the company improved the "Measures for the Implementation of the Responsibility System of the Party Style and clean Government Construction of Coking Coal Company" and "Measures for the Investigation of the Responsibility of the supervision of Coking Coal Company (Trial)",Field management as the entry point,Implementation of the "work focus on the site,Solve problems on the spot",Party members and cadres are urged to take the lead in going deep into the production line to solve difficult problems,Resolve adverse factors restricting production,做...

  • Yongning coal warning education to promote reform


    "In view of these 4 cases in the side of the analysis, is to warn every party cadre, learn a lesson, really hold the bottom line, really put the mind in planning business, really achieve the purpose of promoting reform with the case。"A few days ago, Yongning coal Party branch secretary, chairman Su Xinhui in the company to promote reform warning education special meeting so emphasized。 "This morning after attending the special session on warning education for promoting reform through cases, as Party Branch secretary, I am deeply inspired and feel a great responsibility. Next, I will take the lead in effectively promoting reform through cases based on specific cases。"The company's second Party branch secretary, deputy chief engineer Guo...

  • Crane coal company investigation and rectification of "help circle culture"


    On September 17, more than 240 Party cadres at or above the deputy section level of the Hexi Coal Mine signed a letter of commitment to resist the "Banchuan culture" and filled out a self-inspection form for the rectification of "Banchuan culture"。They expressed the need to enhance the awareness of discipline, rules and responsibility, consciously resist all kinds of temptation, and create a good political environment with clean atmosphere and positive atmosphere。 In order to strictly enforce political discipline and rules, and create a clean and positive political environment, He Coal Company has taken a number of measures in recent days to eliminate the spiritual haze of "Bang-circle culture"。 He Coal Company takes "liquor bureau circle" as the starting point and strictly implements the "Regulations on the Complete prohibition of Alcohol Consumption in official Activities of Henan Province"....

  • Unique theoretical study


    “今天的学习内容充实、丰富!”“形式特别灵活!”9月14日17时许,新桥煤矿综采准备队党Branch secretary李立丰走出调度会议室,还意犹未尽地和其他与会人员交流。From 15:30 to 17:00, the one-and-a-half hour publicity conference of "The Party's Innovative Theory into the Grassroots" and the learning and expansion Conference of the Party Committee's Theory Central Group in September are full of highlights in content and form。 Party secretary to preach “同志们,请翻到《伟德体育》的第一页。今天伟德体育学习第一讲:习近平新时...

  • Guizhou company a number of activities to advocate integrity and reject corruption


    On September 18, the author learned that Guizhou company to anti-corruption promotion and education month activities as the starting point, to create a good political ecology, clean Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day。 Organize a study project。该公司以党委中心组集中学习的形式,组织党员干部学习习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和党的十九大精神、新修订的《伟德体育》等内容,增强“四个意识”。Conduct a case study。Sort out and select typical cases of violations of discipline and law for analysis, study the law of the case, dig deep into the root of the problem, promote reform by case, promote prevention by case, construct...

  • Anyang Park to build a strong anti-rot "firewall"


    On September 18, the author learned from Anyang Park that the park strengthens the construction of Party conduct and clean government and anti-corruption work, enriche the education carrier, and builds a solid "firewall" against corruption.。 Party lessons on clean government sound alarm bells。"Party members and officials at all levels, especially leading officials, must firmly establish a sense of discipline, start with themselves and trivial matters, observe discipline, observe rules and set an example。"On September 17, the park, under the title of" Keep discipline, speak rules, and strive to create a new situation in work ", gave Party members and cadres lessons on clean government and rang the alarm bell。 The conversation is guided by the heart。The park combined with the recently carried out "analysis of typical cases, promote the institutionalization of reform with case" work...

  • Hexi Coal six mine "three in place" to get a good "inoculation"


    "Honesty as an example, Party members remember。身正养正气,清廉庆佳节……”9月18日,鹤煤六矿全矿党员干部一大早就收到了矿纪检监察科发送的节前廉政短信。 "Double section" is coming, the mine adhere to the concept of "prevention first", "three in place" to play a good holiday clean government "inoculation"。 Learning and education in place。Organize Party members and cadres to study documents, systems and regulations related to the construction of Party conduct and clean government, watch warning videos of clean government education, guide Party members and cadres to correctly understand the importance of strengthening the construction of Party conduct and clean government, and keep a clear mind at all times。 Put the responsibility into place。Around the recent weight...

  • Qiuci mining steps to go "down" to style "up" to


    "Through the implementation of Party members advanced performance appraisal management,We have detailed the management responsibilities of nine grassroots Party branch secretaries,现在大家做事更务实了!”9月12日,In the party room at Kucha Mining,The mine development team, machine repair, Tong defense team joint Party branch deputy secretary Jia Xuefeng said the grassroots party building work changes。 Since September, the mine focused on Party members and cadres style construction and rectification work hard, through the innovation of the implementation of party members advanced performance assessment management mechanism, innovative establishment of party members and cadres piecework appointment mechanism and grass-roots party construction work evaluation system, the production line as a test of the ability and quality of Party members...

  • Kaixiang Fine chemical industry clean education atmosphere


    “朋友圈廉洁宣誓的方式既新颖又接地气,能获得朋友们的点赞和监督,你看我朋友圈点赞都超过20个了……”9月14日,开祥精细化工醇醚部两名党员正在围绕该公司开展的朋友圈廉洁宣誓活动进行交流。It is reported that this is the company to carry out the anti-corruption promotion and education month activities in miniature。 Kaixiang Fine Chemical has organically combined the anti-corruption promotion and education Month activity with the inspection and rectification, and deployed the central group of the Party Committee to study, the clean government Party class, visit the clean government propaganda and education base, watch the clean government propaganda and education film, the knowledge contest of "Two Laws and one Regulation" and the clean circle of friends...

  • Strong "fulcrum" of supervision and control in Dazhong Coal Mine


    On September 17, the author learned that the public coal mine advanced prevention, more power, strengthen the construction of clean government, build a strong line of defense。 Strengthen the publicity camp atmosphere。Make full use of various propaganda positions to create an atmosphere of honesty and self-discipline。Conduct clean government scan before and after holidays, regularly train party members and staff in key positions, and build a strong defense line against corruption and change。 Standardize behavior to change style。We organized all Party members to study and sign the Letter of Commitment on the Code of Conduct for Party Members and Cadres Online, calling on Party members and cadres to strictly observe political discipline and rules, firmly establish the "four consciousness", strictly abide by Party discipline and state laws, set an example and be strict with themselves, spread positive energy and carry forward the main theme...

  • Densely-woven double-section "Protective Net" in Yanmazhuang Mine


    "With the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day approaching, Party members and officials should raise their political stance, enhance their awareness of honesty and self-discipline, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of violations and discipline violations。"September 16, in Yanmazhuang Mine Party style clean government education special meeting, the mine leadership to party cadres put forward requirements。 For days,The mine goes through a variety of channels,We will vigorously carry out education on clean government before the holidays,Organize Party members and cadres to attend honesty classes,Strictly enforce the regulations on clean politics,自觉接受职工群众监督;及时下发《伟德体育》,Party members and cadres should have sounded the alarm,Party members and cadres are forbidden to use public funds...

  • Warning for Yongcoal Thermal Power Plant before holiday


    On September 17, the author learned that the thermal power plant based on early grasp small, focus on the "three strong" to carry out honesty warning education, to ensure clean and peaceful "double festival"。 Clean "wind" strong thought。In combination with production meetings and political study, I communicated and studied the Regulations on Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China and documents on the Party style and clean government system of the Group Company, often instilled the new spirit of clean and honest, made my thoughts educated frequently, and further enhanced the awareness of clean and self-disciplined。 Clean "bell" strong rules。Combined with the group's "four winds" special itinerant inspection briefing to report typical cases to say discipline, strict discipline rules, strict inspection of Party members and cadres on duty, often knock clean alarm bell,...

  • Coking coal company a number of activities to promote anti-corruption


    On September 12, the reporter learned from the relevant departments and offices of the coking coal company that in order to carry out the anti-corruption promotion and education month activities in depth, the company further enriched the content of the activities on the basis of summarizing the experience of previous activities, to ensure that the activities achieved obvious results。 The company is to arrange a collective study of new regulations, in the form of Party Committee central group study or centralized learning, organization to study the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Measures of the Communist Party of China", to promote the learning and education of the regular institutionalization。二是举行一次党纪法规知识测试,提高学习习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想、新修订的纪律处分条例等内容的效果。...

  • Crane coal company to create a good clean cultural atmosphere


    Enter September,He Coal company to anti-corruption promotion and education month activities as the carrier,It is guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,We will work to implement the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress,We will guide cadres and staff to uphold rules, observe discipline, be in awe, and be wary of fear,For the fourth quarter of production safety and the realization of the annual goal,Create a clean cultural atmosphere and development environment featuring "three stricts and three honests", loyalty, cleanliness and responsibility。 The Party Committee of Hei Coal Company has normalized and institutionalized the monthly publicity activities and the learning education of "two studies and one action", as well as coordinated promotion of clean education at the important nodes of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, and established the joint management of the Party and government and the discipline Commission group...

  • Jiulishan Mine to strengthen the construction of a clean government during festivals


    The Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day is coming, Jiulishan Mine to take a number of measures to strengthen the construction of the Party style and clean government, strictly prevent the occurrence of illegal and disciplinary phenomena, to ensure that the cadres and workers through clean, civilized, thrifty holiday。 Strengthen clean government education。To organize Party members and cadres to conscientiously study the CPC Code of Honesty and Self-discipline and other intra-party regulations and discipline requirements,Strengthen the awareness of honesty and self-discipline of Party members and cadres,Always keep discipline in front of you,Play an exemplary role everywhere,Strengthen discipline and restraint,Adhere to clean practice,Regulate one's words and deeds,Do not lose honesty, do not forget to save,Consciously establish a good image of Party members and cadres。 Strictly abide by the rules。该...

  • Zhongma Village Mine plays the "Three Cards" of Party Building Work well


    How to fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress?On September 12, the author learned that the Party Committee of Zhongma Village Mine focused on gathering strength, playing a role, and solving doubts to win the initiative and active actions to create a "gathering energy ring", a good "booster", a good "pressure reducing valve", and effectively played the role of the party building work in coping with the crisis。 Build "energy gathering ring"。Facing the current situation of the mine, the mine Party committee regards the cohesion of people as a key project, and carries out the theme education of "improving confidence, learning experience, adjusting structure, promoting transformation" and the activities of "learning the spirit of the 19th National Congress", so that the cadres can write the experience, the workers can talk about understanding, and guide the job...

  • Puyang Park anti-corruption promotion and education month activities


    September 4, Puyang Park held "inspection problems rectification" and "to promote reform" thematic democratic life。In as long as six hours, the nine members of the leading group one by one for control inspection, deep reflection analysis, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, together experienced a profound education of the Party spirit。This is a miniature of Puyang Park in the anti-corruption promotion and education month to carry out the "seven One" activities。 During the Anti-corruption Promotion and Education Month in September, Puyang Park arranged a collective study and organized a thematic democratic life in line with the guiding ideology of deepening the treatment of both symptoms and root causes, promoting reform through cases and strengthening warning education...

  • Anyang Park multi-pronged to keep clean


    Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are coming. In order to further strengthen the construction of Party conduct and clean government, strictly enforce discipline and rules, and resolutely put an end to extravagant and wasteful behavior during the festival, Anyang Park takes early action, early arrangement, and firmly carry out clean festival activities。 Hold a special meeting。组织党员干部学习习近平总书记有关党风廉政建设重要讲话精神,深入传达《伟德体育》等文件精神,要求全体人员切实增强反腐倡廉的自觉性。 Carry out honesty education。To all cadres, staff and workers to issue a clean government initiative, grass-roots Party branches as a unit to promote Party spirit and conduct Party members...

  • Yima gasification plant anti-corruption propaganda and education month ground gas


    “质检中心的廉政板报内容新颖!”“电仪分厂板报插图有动感!”……9月9日,义马气化厂展出的廉政板报吸引了干部职工驻足观看,并不时发出好评声。It is understood that this is the factory anti-corruption promotion and education month "seven one" activities one of the content。 The factory in order to promote the majority of cadres and staff clean work, to anti-corruption promotion and education month activities as the carrier, innovative activities, rich activity content, detailed activity measures, to take a variety of close to the actual work, the staff is happy to see the form, will be carried out to listen to a clean party class, do a clean painting and calligraphy photography...

  • Yongjin Energy launched the "Seven One" anti-corruption promotion and education month activity


    On September 5, Yongjin Energy issued the Notice on the Practical implementation of 2018 anti-Corruption Publicity and Education Month Activities, officially launching the anti-Corruption publicity and Education Month activities with "Seven One" as the main content。 "Seven one" is required that all units around the theme of anti-corruption must carry out seven "prescribed actions", namely: arrange a collective study, carry out a case analysis, hold a knowledge test, carry out a warning education, carry out a special inspection, improve a set of risk prevention and control mechanism, organize a subject research。On the basis of carrying out the above seven activities, each unit is required to combine its own reality and selectively...

  • The coking coal supply department plays the strongest voice of the grassroots party building work


    在“管理提升年”In action积极作为,在个税清欠中以身作则,在服务基层中率先垂范……9月4日,记者走进焦煤供应处,“红色基因”处处可见,一面面鲜艳的党旗高高飘扬,为高质量发展的道路指明方向。 Since this year, the office in accordance with the group company "123456" party construction work overall strategy, through the demonstration radiation drive, set the list, the project, the brand, the formation of the party construction work pattern with the characteristics of the supply department, played the strongest voice of the party construction work。 "If the foundation is not strong, the earth will shake。We should solve the problems existing in Party building work...

  • Xintian Coal mine Party member demonstration lead by example


    "Party members are the leading geese. They must rush forward at critical moments。"September 6, Xintian Coal Mine outstanding Party member Zhang Hesong to participate in the voluntary labor, said。 In order to create a clean ground environment, the implementation of environmental protection work, Xintian coal Mine in the whole mine to carry out voluntary labor activities of Party members。"After cleaning the warehouse before and after the main road, on both sides of no weeds, no dust accumulation on the ground, mining environment takes on a new look。"Coal preparation plant director and district team two Party branch secretary Chen Changzhou said。 The voluntary labor, the mine party members rushed in front, run first, give full play to the exemplary role of the lead, in the successful completion of the cleaning work at the same time, close the relationship between the party and the masses, condensed attack...

  • Zhao Gu two mine party members brave when the vanguard


    On September 1, the reporter learned from Zhaogu 2 mine that the mine deeply implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, with the "demonstration post of Party members" as the carrier, to inspire Party cadres based on their posts, brave to be in the vanguard in production safety。 "People around you are looking at you, how do you say, how do you act。Why?Because you are a member of the Communist Party。"The mine fully mechanized mining team production deputy leader Ren Xiaoyong said。11072 working face is the first bottom stratification mining face of the mine. In the face of difficulties such as lack of technology and poor production conditions, Ren Xiaoyong took the lead and gave up rest time actively for three consecutive months, almost every day to focus on the working face, after lifting the well and technology...

  • Kuazi Mining talk new way to enhance the "cheap" power


    "Chief Liang, as a middle-level management cadre, do you have any good suggestions for the management of personnel in our mine yard?"" For those in key positions,We need to have a lot of clean government talks and we need to get vaccinated.,We should have group talks and individual interviews,Strengthen integrity education,建立廉政长效预警机制……”9月2日,Mid - level cadres clean - government talk meeting in Guichai mining organization,The mine discipline inspection department staff and business management Section chief Liang Zhaobo are discussing the problem of coal site management。 The mine Party committee regards "clean government talk" as an important content to strengthen the construction of clean government, and constantly innovates clean government talk...

  • Preach to the front line workers when the main lecture coking coal company Party's theory was praised


    “要真正把十九大精神落实到实际工作中,为中原出彩,为Group company夺取二次创业新胜利作贡献,首先要保证安全生产……”8月27日,Coking coal company九里山矿青年党员郝英剑结合工作实际在班前会上宣讲党的十九大精神。 In order to further promote the spirit of the 19th Party, the sixth plenary session of the tenth session of the Provincial Party Committee and the spirit of the Provincial Party Committee work conference into the grassroots, to the first line, the coking coal company Party Committee carefully planned, specially organized the "Party theory into the grassroots, escort safety and development" series of tour propaganda activities。 "In the past, lectures were all about theoretical knowledge...

  • He Coal Company to promote reform by case work


    "The problems exposed in these four typical cases are shocking,Lesson learned very hard,让人警醒……”这是Crane coal company在推进以案促改制度化、常态化工作中,The person in charge of a grass-roots unit carefully studied Hebi City Commission for Discipline Inspection "on four violations of the central eight provisions of the mental typical problems notice",sigh。 Since this year,按照Group company党委总体部署,Crane coal company党委坚持It is guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,全面贯彻落实党的十九大精神,以党的政治建设为统领,深入推进党风廉政建设和反腐倡廉工作,以...

  • Chen 4th floor coal mine League youth small class to learn knowledge


    “学习了习总书记的讲话,让伟德体育团员青年更加感受到了身上的责任之重大,使命之光荣……”8月15日上午,陈四楼煤矿开拓五队团员青年宋道深在团支部“团青知识小课堂”上体会深刻地说。 据悉,该矿各团支部在每旬一次的“团青知识小课堂”上,组织区队的团员青年集中学习并讨论了“习近平总书记同团中央新一届领导班子成员集体谈话时发表的重要讲话”。该矿团委围绕学习习近平总书记同团中央新一届领导班子成员集体谈话时...

  • Geng Cun coal mine supervision and enforcement pass forward


    “今天看的这个警示片警示伟德体育在工作中一定要做到敬廉勤廉,千万记住‘莫伸手,伸手必被捉’……”8月14日,几名从耿村煤矿党员活动基地走出的党员干部一边走一边议论着。Since the beginning of this year, Gengcun Coal Mine has moved forward the construction of Party style and clean government, strengthened the awareness of clean working of Party members and cadres, comprehensively tempered the ability of Party members and cadres to supervise and enforce discipline, and promoted the good development of the construction of Party style and clean government。 The mine carried out the "wind rectification action" in the main form of open investigation and secret visit, zero surprise attack, and issued a notice of criticism to the identified problems, which played a deterrent role。...

  • He coal three mine Party Committee "visit" workers by praise


    "Some time ago my wife lumbar disc herniation, my team Party branch secretary organization party members to visit home, also brought gifts, I must work hard in the future, not to let down the leadership。"August 2, He coal three mine coal team staff member Qijun praised the mining Party Committee to carry out the deep grassroots visit activities。 In order to truly transfer the care of the Party organization to each worker,Solve the difficulties and problems encountered by employees in their work and life,The mine Party Committee organized a broad range of Party members and cadres to carry out in-depth grassroots visits,Party members and cadres are required to carry out the activities of "mutual guarantee for Party members" and "visit Party members",Listen to the voice of the staff deeply at the grassroots level, understand the staff...

  • Yongcheng Park combined with the production of Party lessons


    “启动前,查管线,注意异常和漏点;启动后,看变量,参数范围要适当……”8月9日,在永城园区“结合生产讲党课”活动课堂上,党员朱忠杰讲授的压缩机“故障应对指南”吸引着每名党员干部。 In the group company "management promotion year" activities, the park district Party committee combined with the actual situation of safety production work, around the safety management focus, production optimization difficulties in all Party members and cadres to carry out theme Party class propaganda activities。 Zhu Zhongjie is a compressor operator of acetic acid factory. Because of his outstanding personal technology, he won the skills competition held by the group company...

  • Zhao Gu two mine to enhance the quality of league members ring "green" word brand


    On August 5, the author learned that the Youth League Committee of Zhaogu Second Mine actively promoted the overall business quality level of the youth League members, truly integrated the Communist Youth League organization into the center, served the overall situation, demonstrated its achievements in promoting the scientific development of the mine, and hailed the "green" brand。 In order to give full play to the role of "safety sentry" of the Qingan sentry, the mine has continuously improved the management regulations, set up an information system such as ledger of the Qingan sentry, and assigned special personnel to be responsible for the statistics and reporting of the status of the Qingan sentry, and timely report and summarize the assessment results at the regular meeting of the Youth League Committee。 In the construction of active positions, the mine makes full use of the special issue of the Communist Youth League, "The Communist Youth League...

  • Yima gasification plant pair help strong supervision Ming remind often correct


    On August 2, the author learned that in order to actively practice the spirit of the first Party Congress of the group company, Yima gasification Plant launched the majority of Party members and cadres to actively carry out the activity of pairing with the staff around。Pairs of workers between the implementation of "one to one" help, mutual supervision, timely reminder, timely correction, together to create a clean working atmosphere of clean air, sunshine and transparency。 该厂明确提出,要求党员和结对子互保对象之间,必须做到发现与结对子互保对象有业务往来的关联人出现贿赂行为时,要及时提醒结对子互保对象;发现结对子互保对象存在违反制度流程,将...

  • Zotye coal coking "star" brand new bright spot


    8月2日,The writer has learned,Zhongtai coal coking Party Committee since the in-depth promotion of the "branch star on the step, party members competing for stars when the vanguard" activities,Grassroots Party branches continue to innovate activity carriers and expand activity channels,We will actively build distinctive Party building brands and demonstration sites,The formation of a "multi-star shining, shining stars" work situation。 "Star" brand one: "Party member performance assessment" will be Party members in the ideological and political, work performance, daily norms of behavior, service workers ability, learning ability and democratic evaluation of the content of detailed comprehensive evaluation, so that each member of the monthly work situation all true, and in...

  • Yanmazhuang mine "three efforts" strong Party building


    "Party organizations at all levels should thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, push for the deep integration of Party building work with other work, and boost the harmonious, stable and healthy development of mines。"August 2, in Yanmazhuang Mine Party building work meeting, the mine Party secretary Yu Rongqiang on the party building work requirements。 该矿党委坚持把思想政治建设放在首位,把学党章党规和习近平总书记系列讲话贯穿学习教育始终,引导党员在学以致用上下功夫,把理论学习成果转化为谋划工作的思路、促进工作的措施、干好工作的本领。Through the development of special educational activities, the organization of party members...

  • Yongcoal Yudong Power generation thermal power plant to promote the development of "three forces"


    Yongcoal Yudong Power generation thermal power plant around the center, grasp the "three forces", continue to improve the efficiency of Party building work, promote the safe and harmonious development of enterprises。 Enhance learning。Party members' workshops and other Party building positions are used to carry out the central group of the Party Committee and the study of "three meetings and one lesson", taking the forms of concentration, self-study and discussion, so as to further improve the ability of Party members and cadres to solve key and difficult problems。 Exert influence。We will focus on the deep integration of Party building and work safety, strengthen the construction of "one branch, one brand", deepen efforts to develop "Party members in the vanguard" and "good Party members and good officials", and further leverage the exemplary influence of work safety pioneers。 ...

  • Zhaogu No. 1 mine early to "inoculated" build "clean government Dike"


    "Now the gaokao results are released,祝贺你们的孩子‘金榜题名’!但是要提醒大家,Please abide by relevant regulations,Do not hold a college entrance banquet, do not violate the rules to attend the college entrance banquet,As a party member and cadre,更是要带头践行……”7月25日,Zhao Guyi Mine Party Secretary Zheng Baochuan stressed in the mine scheduling meeting。 Since the beginning of this year, the mine discipline inspection commission is not relaxed, pay close attention to the discipline style, pay close attention to the supervision and enforcement of discipline is not slack, will strictly prevent the Party cadres from violating the conduct of college banquet as the focus of the recent party conduct and clean government construction work, early prevention, early reminder, early education, actively create a good atmosphere of civilization and frugality。 Mine site...

  • Crane coal company four measures to implement the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the tenth session of the provincial Party Committee


    On July 26, the Party committee of Crane Coal Company issued the Notice on studying, propagating and implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the tenth Session of the Provincial Party Committee and the working Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, taking "four measures" to learn, publicize and implement the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the tenth session of the Provincial Party Committee and the working conference of the Provincial Party Committee。 Carefully organized, quickly communicated learning。Party organizations at all levels of the company organized various forms of learning activities according to their actual conditions to convey the spirit of the meeting to each cadre and staff。The central group of the Party Committee included the sixth plenary session of the tenth session of the Provincial Party Committee and the spirit of the Provincial Party Committee work conference into the thematic learning content, formulated learning plans, detailed learning measures, clear learning time, methods and requirements, to ensure learning...

  • Zotye coal coking play "cheap song" open "cheap flower"


    On July 25, the author learned that, in order to create a good atmosphere of clean air, Zhongtai coal coking organization carried out a variety of clean government education activities, the form of new, solid content, good effect, played a song after a "clean song", opened a "clean flowers"。 Use cases to promote integrity。"In the future work and life, I will take the case as a warning, always be a sober person of discipline and rules, consciously build ideological and moral and Party discipline and regulations defense line, so as to make the alarm bells ringing。"The company organized Party cadres to study" Mirror Mirror ", in-depth analysis of the case, combined with their own reality, to investigate the problem。And according to their analysis of the situation, listed clear...

  • Zhongma Village Mine to strengthen honesty risk prevention and control


    On July 26, the author learned that in order to reduce the probability of corruption and avoid the emergence and tendency of the problem to become corrupt behavior, the Party Committee of Zhongma Cun Mine firmly did a good job in the construction of clean risk prevention and control and normative power operation mechanism。 Early prevention。The mine Party committee in line with the principle of education first, prevention first,Make full use of the Party Committee central group study, party members "three meetings and one lesson" and staff political learning and other forms,Party members and cadres will be organized to participate in the warning and education activities of "taking the case as a mirror and not forgetting the original intention",认真学习《伟德体育》相关资料,Party members and cadres should be organized to conduct anti-corruption education...

  • Yanma Zhuang mine firm and soft economy solid promotion of clean culture


    "Eat someone's mouth is soft, take someone's hand is short。"" Don't have a guilty conscience in the day。"July 22, a walk into the Yanmazhuang mining team office building, the wall of the propaganda board of a concise language, profound meaning of the motto of clean government came into view。This is the mine to create a strong clean culture construction atmosphere of an epitome。 Since the beginning of this year, the mine has continued to strengthen the construction of Party conduct and clean government, starting from the ideological root and system implementation, strengthen the flexible education, adhere to the rigid system, so that the punishment of corruption, the "visible hand" and the "invisible hand" of clean culture at the same time, both rigid and flexible, effectively strengthen the party...

  • Zhongtai Mining Company strives to build a "Refreshing Zhongtai"


    From the three aspects of strengthening education, management and accountability, Zhongtai Mining Co., LTD., with a good working style and strict discipline as the top priority, tries its best to build a "refreshing Zhongtai".。 Strict education。The mine seriously organized the majority of Party members and cadres for collective clean talk, clean Party lessons, watch clean party video, actively carry out clean government articles month reading, clean government warning education, anti-corruption painting exhibition, Party constitution, Party rules and discipline knowledge competition and other activities。At the same time, the mine uses "Party building window", "Discipline Inspection and Supervision Briefing" and the party building wechat group and other platforms to convey and learn the new ideas, new spirit, new deployment of the construction of a clean government of the superior Party style, do a good job of warning education, create...

  • The Party flag guides the direction of endeavor


    "The Party has a call, and the league has actions。Under the guidance of the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company, more than a dozen members of our group had a firm attitude and firm confidence in the second battle of entrepreneurship. They were not afraid of hardship and fatigue. They loaded and unloaded 4 inches of nitrogen injection pipe to -240 lane, a total of 5 cars of nearly 400 meters。On July 16, Zhang Yuanbo, a member of the China-Thailand mining preparation team, could not hide his excitement when he mentioned the previous days of underground voluntary labor。 Equally excited is Wang Guangyang of the second mining team。As a front-line worker in production, due to the high labor intensity, rubber boots are easy to break and leak in the work。In this regard, Wang Guangyang, who is busy with "gathering light" every day, can empathize: "One...

  • Sino-thai Mining to "four strong" to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Party


    "The grassroots community is the foundation of the Party's governance and the source of its strength。全矿各基层党支部要以深入贯彻落实Group company第一次党代会精神为契机,继续开展好争创‘四强’党组织活动,全面提升党的战斗力……”7月12日,鹤煤中泰矿业党委书记于青海向参加政治学习的各基层党Branch secretary再次强调。 The mine Party committee highlights the political function, in order to improve the organizational force as the focus, innovation carried out the "four strong" Party organization activities of striving for strong political guidance, strong development, strong reform and innovation, and strong cohesion support, to ensure that the grassroots Party organization construction into a propaganda party...

  • Help society


    “一个团队要想取得好成绩,靠的是一把手坚定的信念、骨干舍我其谁的担当和团队不折不扣的执行……”7月8日上午,顺和煤矿机关会议室里,整个会场除了矿长王伟的讲话声,静得几乎能够听到一根针掉在地上的声音。 Originally, in order to help the first-line district team to solve the problem of personnel thinking, construction organization, safety management and other aspects, the mine organization carried out the "find the gap, complement the weak board, strong management" special promotion action, focus on improving the management level of the grass-roots district team。 "We will give full play to the team excellence of the Mechanical and electrical Technology Support Group...

  • Qianye Cement Party Committee "three efforts" to do a good job of Party building


    "Xiao Zhang and Xiao Wang, the answer to your question has been posted in the Public Business Bulletin. Please go and have a look at it。"July 11, after the class meeting, Qianye cement cement branch Party branch deputy secretary, deputy factory director Hou Yuesong said to two workers。 In recent days, the Qianye Cement Party Committee to study and implement the spirit of the first Party Congress of the group company as the current political task, combined with the actual safety production, through improving learning ability, expand influence, enhance cohesion, grasp the party building work, promote the safe and stable development of enterprises。 The company's Party committee to use the work position of party construction, to take centralized learning, discussion, with training, amateur self-study and other forms...

  • The Yongcoal Company uses a disciplinary ruler to measure the behavior of its cadres


    “广大党员干部要深入贯彻落实Group company第一次党代会精神,真正做到用纪律尺子衡量自身行为,把纪律挺到前面……”7月6日,在Yongcoal company早调会上,该公司对干部作风建设提出更高要求。 It is understood that,Since the beginning of this year,The company earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress,We will carry out the special action of "treating playing style, changing style of work and cultivating healthy qi",Closely contact the group company's first Party Congress work arrangement,Centering task,Give full play to the guiding service function,We will strengthen oversight, discipline and accountability,Use a disciplinary ruler to measure cadre behavior,Ensure dry...

  • The "Three Studies" promoted the spirit of the Party Congress to take root


    On July 9, the author learned from Hetuo Coal Mine that in order to set off the upsurge of learning and implementing the spirit of the first Party Congress of the group company, the mine carefully formulated the plan of learning and implementing the spirit of the Party Congress, doing in learning, learning in doing, promoting the spirit of the Party Congress deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and taking root。 The secretary of the Party Committee leads the study。The mine through the central group of the Party Committee learning meeting, the Party branch secretary regular meeting, led by the Party secretary of the Party cadres original earth science, profound understanding of the spirit of the Party Congress, on the basis of "learning the original text, understanding the principle", adhere to the combination of learning to do, the unity of knowledge and practice, guide the majority of Party cadres based on the position, down-to-earth dedication。 Branch secretary...

  • Red July Party flag fluttering -- Yongcoal Company Party cadres charge the first line


    Red July, the party flag fluttering。The party members of Yongcoal Company earnestly implemented the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company, invigorated the spirit and energy, set off the activity of "bright identity, compared contribution, tree image", and showed the vanguard image of the party members with practical actions。 July 3 morning shift, suburban coal mine Party members, director of production engineer Hua Wenlei again came to fully mechanized mining team three construction 2410 working face site guidance working face installation support, he two days in a row in the field technical guidance。 "Because the support is installed at the same time of mining, it is easy to fall out when installing the support, so professional technicians in obstetrics and gynecology are on site...

  • The ancient Han Mountain mine to be the vanguard of enterprises


    "The first Party Congress of the Group company has defined the goals for the next four years and pointed out the direction for our work. We should resolutely follow the spirit of the congress and carry out all the work effectively and solidly。"On July 6, Guhanshan Mine used the early meeting to systematically learn the spirit of the first Party Congress of the group company again。 Through in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company, the mine constantly gathers the centripetal force of cadres and staff, and promotes the steady development of various works。The mine requires the grass-roots units to study and implement the spirit of the General Assembly as an important political task to grasp, requires the party branch secretary to take the lead in learning, read through the full text of the report, learn deep learning...

  • Qiuci mining wind strength blowing "clean" flowers


    "When studying the work report of the discipline Commission of the first Party Congress of the Group company, we should investigate the deficiencies, grasp the key points, strictly enforce discipline and effectively improve our work style。"July 6, in the first Party Congress of Qiuci Mining Learning Group Company discipline Commission work report, the mine leadership on the next step of discipline inspection work carried out a thorough deployment。 By focusing on the construction of the style of Party members and cadres, the mine organized a series of activities such as watching warning educational films, holding a special democratic life, and creating a refreshing wechat group, so as to give full play to the warning education function of typical cases and further strengthen the pragmatic style of leading cadres。Meanwhile, the mine...

  • Party members serve on the front line


    伟德体育是机关党员服务突击队,伟德体育的口号是‘会服务、能服务、常服务、服务好,我是党员,有困难请找我!’” "The first Party Congress of the Group company called on our party members to unite and lead the cadres and staff, stay true to the original intention, forge ahead vigorously, and comprehensively win the new success of the second business venture. We should ensure that there are party members in important posts, important backbones are party members, and meet party members at key moments。” On the morning of July 4, in the suburban coal mine 2506 working face, a line of 6 people are in front of the Party flag oath, heroic oath sound echoed in the underground passion。 It is understood that for in-depth study...

  • Sino-thai mining learning atmosphere strong enthusiasm for work


    "To implement the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company, not only needs leaders to take the lead and learn, and employees to follow, but also needs to be implemented in the specific safety production, reflected in the concrete action of the second business, must be to complete the mine issued to us all business indicators。” At 7 o 'clock in the morning on July 2, the Party branch secretary Cheng Shaomin was giving workers a pep talk at the pre-meeting of the second mining team of China and Thailand.。On the table in front of him, several copies of Henan Energy Daily were neatly placed. The dense handwriting or circles or dots in different colors made the joyous "color newspaper" all of a sudden more vivid and rich...

  • Yanma Zhuang mining party members take the lead in promoting promotion


    "Tomorrow at 8 o 'clock, we want to use the maintenance time of one class, the conveyor scraper conveyor to extend 21 grooves。Time is tight, the task is heavy, to participate in the task of all Party members and cadres to top up at a critical time, difficult time in front。"July 5, in Yanmazhuang coal mining team, the team captain Wei Jianwei is doing pre-war mobilization。This is a microcosm of the mine Party cadres to overcome difficulties and brave forward。 Since the beginning of this year, the mine to "management promotion year" activity as an opportunity, in all Party cadres actively carry out "take the lead in learning to improve, take the lead in solid work, take the lead in production safety, take the lead in reducing expenditure and consumption" activities, especially...

  • Puyang Park Zhongyuan Dahua triamine Division Party cadres take the lead in the production site voluntary labor


    July 2, Puyang Park Zhongyuan Dahua triamine Division of the Party cadres take the lead in the production site voluntary labor。Group company第一次党代会召开后,濮阳园区积极号召党员干部职工以党代会精神为指引,发挥党员模范带头作用,为Group company夺取二次创业新胜利而努力!吕标伦 摄

  • Gathering Heart and Strength to the Future -- Hei Coal Company In-depth Study of the Spirit of the First Party Congress of the Company on June 25,


    After the morning dispatch meeting, the company's Party secretary and chairman Li Shumin told reporters that the group's first Party Congress was held successfully, opening a new chapter in the development history of the group。Party organizations at all levels of Hexi Coal Company should take learning the spirit of the Party Congress as an important political task at present and in the future, to ensure that the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company is rooted in the staff and workers。 The successful holding of the first Party Congress of the group company triggered a strong response in Hebi mining area。Crane Coal Company acted quickly, combined with the reality, carefully made plans, concentrated time, to convey the spirit of the Party Congress to all workers...

  • The construction company learns the spirit of the Party Congress in various ways


    After the first Party Congress of the Group was successfully held, the construction company took quick action to learn the spirit of the Party Congress through various forms and carriers。 "The group proposes to build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness. This goal is our common dream。"Just after the first Party Congress of the Group, the construction company reprinted the latest spirit of the Party Congress using the enterprise's wechat public account, and everyone watched the mobile phone and discussed excitedly。 Each unit of the construction company shall, through a variety of carriers, put up newspapers to publicize the Party Congress of the group company in the Party study area, bulletin board and conference room...

  • The branch of electric metallurgy "three around" set off the upsurge of learning the spirit of the Party Congress


    After the first Party Congress of the Group was held, the branch of Dianyang paid great attention to it and acted quickly to organize Party members, cadres and staff to study and implement the spirit of the meeting seriously, which set off a learning boom in the whole company。 Center publicity。The company first held a meeting of the central group of the Party Committee to carefully convey the spirit of the Party congress of the Group company. At the same time, centering on the work of the enterprise, the company formulated a specific implementation plan to study and implement the spirit of the Party Congress of the Group company。And organized a special meeting, to convey the spirit of the implementation of the meeting arrangements, for the smooth implementation of the study of the work to create a strong atmosphere。 Target deployment。Call for party support...

  • Coking coal companies pushed the party Congress spirit to take root


    After the closing of the first Party Congress of the Group, the coking Coal Company quickly publicized and implemented the spirit of the Party Congress in various forms, carefully detailed and decomposed task indicators, formulated powerful working measures, and promoted the spirit of the Party Congress to take root。 6月21日,Coking coal companies quickly held a meeting,Carefully organize cadres and staff to study and understand the spirit of the Party Congress,And widely used newspaper, television, internal office network, wechat platform and other propaganda carrier,We will publicize the spirit of the Party Congress in an all-round and multi-channel manner,We will work hard to bring the Party Congress spirit into work groups and workshops,In the coking coal company up and down to form a strong atmosphere to learn and publicize the spirit of the Party Congress。 ...

  • Yima Park set off a wave of learning and implementation


    In recent days, in front of the large electronic display screens of the organs in Yima Park and the televisions in the restaurants of all units, many cadres and workers have stopped to watch the relevant propaganda content of the first Party Congress of the Group company。This is an epitome of the park learning and implementing the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company through various forms。 After the successful closing of the first Party Congress of the Group company, Yima Park immediately took action and quickly set off a study and implementation boom through various forms, such as holding special meetings, internal media reports, video loop playback and organizing staff to study。 On June 25th, Yima Park specially held video conference and set up 4 meeting rooms and groups in the whole park...

  • Yili Coal Company quickly conveyed the spirit of the Party Congress


    On June 27, the reporter learned that after the closing of the first Party Congress of the Group company, Ymay Coal Company quickly held an emergency meeting, according to the new ideas, new goals and new requirements proposed by Ma Fuguo's report, detailed and decomposed the goals and tasks, and implemented the spirit of the Party Congress with practical actions。 Combining with the actual situation, Yili Coal Company gives full play to the role of the main front and main channel of publicity, implements the spirit of the meeting into various works, highlights the tasks of safety production and management improvement, and combines with the overall development of the enterprise, so as to make contributions to the company's battle of turning losses into profits。 For the recent key work arrangements as well as serious security...

  • Condensing core joint energy - coking coal company all cadres and workers set off to learn the spirit of the first Party Congress of the group company side note


    "We must grasp the general tone, adhere to new development, and focus on the 'three main and two auxiliary' positions..." June 23, in the coking coal company Guhanshan mining team conference room, the mine "information group" will be the Party Congress spiritual content into three and a half sentences to the frontline cadres and workers to preach。 "At the first Party Congress of the Group, what are the main goals for the development of the next four years?” “我知道:着力打造高效能源、创新能源、绿色能源、开放能源、和谐能源……”这是6月24日下午,赵固一矿综采二队会议室内,党群部门“每天一问”活动组走进区队开展的党代会...

  • Hexi coal six mine multi - point combination study deep and thorough


    On June 25, in the second coal team of Hexi Coal Mine, Shen Haifa, the branch secretary of the team, distributed the propaganda brochure of the Party Congress of the group company made by himself to every employee, and took the field to learn。At the same time, the armband made with the words "vanguard and model team of Party members" was issued to every Party member, asking them to study the spirit of the Party Congress seriously, strive to take the lead in their work, and become a role model for workers。 The successful holding of the first Party Congress of the group company triggered a strong response in the mine。The mine acted quickly, combined with the actual, carefully made plans, concentrated time, the spirit of the Party Congress to convey to all workers。The district teams are also active in taking action...

  • "Micro Chat" focuses on the grand event


    "The first Party Congress of the Group Company is the first party congress since the reorganization of the Group company. It is a 'grand meeting' with great weight!" "The 'One two three four five' overall Party building strategy, 'three + two development strategy' and 'Three reform measures' emphasized at the meeting are not only in line with the current development situation, but also combined with the actual situation of the group, very distinctive。” "There is also the 'stronger leadership and strategic guidance for Party building' called for in the meeting, which makes us grassroots Party workers stiffer and have a stronger sense of responsibility。” This is June 23, Chen Silou coal Mine Party Committee to create the "Party building work...

  • Xintian Coal mine to promote the spirit of the Party Congress


    "Party members should take the lead in learning and staff should follow suit. Party members must play a leading and exemplary role in implementing the spirit of the Party Congress。"June 24, Xintian coal mine District team a branch secretary Zhu Biao said in the propaganda implementation of the spirit of the Party Congress。 In order to organize cadres and staff to learn the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company, gather management and enhance the development of joint force, the mine to take "three talk" measures, effectively play the vanguard role of party cadres。 The secretary concentrates on talking。The Party branch secretary of the mine organization uses various meetings to convey the spirit of the Party Congress, share learning experiences, promote the all-round implementation of the spirit of the conference, and effectively convey the spirit of the Party Congress...

  • Changcun Coal Mine to promote the network answer competition


    "The Group's first Party Congress spirit 'online answer competition' has officially started, each party branch should seize the time to organize answer activities。"On June 25, Changcun Coal Mine Party affairs wechat group again issued a notice, calling on all mine Party members to actively participate in the" Party building knowledge network answer contest ", which is the mine to learn and implement the spiritual activities of the group company's first Party Congress。 In recent days, the mine works around the mine center, and actively uses the mine radio, wechat public account, electronic display, internal OA office network and other publicity positions to widely publicize, layer upon layer of communication。The mine also called for the spirit of the Party Congress, especially the group...

  • Zotye coal coking in many forms set off a learning boom


    In recent days, Zotye coal coking in the whole company set off a wave of learning the spirit of the first Party Congress of the group company。The majority of cadres and workers have said that the thought and action should be unified to the spirit of the Party Congress, internalized in the heart, externalized in the form, the study of the spirit of the Party Congress into working power, and strive to push the work to a new level。 Intra-party group fragmentation。"At present, Henan energy development has entered a new stage of second entrepreneurship, we also need to combine the actual work, investigate and solve problems, adapt to the new situation。"In the conference room before the class, the coking workshop is in the form of party group to carry out the study of the spirit of the Party Congress...

  • Coking coal sales branch continues to strengthen the construction of Party style and clean government


    “我郑重承诺:严格遵守廉洁自律规定,坚决杜绝‘吃、拿、卡、要’等不正之风……”6月22日,在焦煤销售分公司党风廉政建设专题会议上,该公司领导班子成员集体作出廉政承诺。Since the beginning of this year, the company has focused on preventing and treating corruption at its source and continuously improving the ability of Party cadres to resist corruption and prevent change。 Build a clean "protective net"。The company and deputy level above cadres, key posts signed the "clean marketing, honest service commitment", to remind party cadres, sales personnel to establish correct values, with good rights, independent rejection of corruption prevention...

  • Party delegates are talking about the Party congress


    Party Chairman Choi Buk-buk As the party representative of the grass-roots mine units,Participated in the first Party congress of the Group company,Be very excited,Today, by listening to Comrade Martin Phuquoc,I deeply feel that the report realistically summarizes the main achievements of the group in the past five years,Six valuable lessons are summarized,At the same time, the blueprint for the development of the group in the next four years is described,Clear the train of thought,Set a path,The report stands tall,Clarity of purpose,inspiring,inspiring,It is the programmatic document of the group company,It has a strong guiding significance。After returning, I will take the spirit of the first Party Congress of the group company back and pass it on...

  • Geng village coal mine more measures to enliven the theme Party Day


    “我志愿加入中国共产党,拥护党的纲领,遵守党的章程……”6月14日,在耿村煤矿“学习十九大、展示新风采”主题党日In action,该矿后勤中心党支部负责人正带领党员干部、入党积极分子,重温入党誓词。 Since the beginning of this year, the mine in accordance with the "grasp innovation, tree brand, do real party building work" idea, constantly innovate the theme of the party day activity form, actively guide the party branch "regulation action" not out of shape, "optional action" do wonderful, stimulate the enthusiasm of party members to participate in, enhance the theme of the Party day education appeal and appeal。 该...

  • The Group company held the final of "China Dream · Labor Movement Beauty" speech contest for employees


    6月8日,Group company举办“中国梦·劳动美——学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和党的十九大精神”职工演讲比赛总决赛。Thirty teams of players from the second level units took part in the final. Shi Binfang from coking Coal Company won the special prize。 At the competition site, the participants expressed the truest feelings with simple language and vivid examples, reflecting the new atmosphere of each unit and department under the new situation, and showing the enterprising and positive spirit of the employees of the Group。 The masses of workers have expressed, through the speech contest, more determined...

  • The Party Flag fluttering in the first line -- a side note on the activities of "Management Promotion Year" carried out by the Party Committee of Longyu Coal Chemical Industry


    Since the beginning of this year, the Party Committee of Longyu Coal Chemical Industry has closely focused on the overall deployment of the Group's "Year of Management Improvement" activities, guided by Party building, driven by brand and driven by development, focusing on the three key battles and making contributions to the victory of the second venture。 Guided, the Party building work "sound and colorful" A branch a feature, a branch factory a brand。The Party committee of the company to promote the "than ultra joint" party building activities, and strive to create characteristics of the party branch, around the education of party members, service front line, technical research and other aspects actively carry out their own characteristics of the activities, and constantly form the party branch rich in their own personality characteristics of the brand。 Party committee of the company...

  • Zotye coal coking new carrier to stimulate the vitality of Party building


    “戴党徽,党员身份亮出来!”6月6日,众泰煤焦化全体党员在微信群里收到了这样一条信息。 "The Internet makes abstract party affairs more down-to-earth。Zhao Jinlong, a new party member, said the feeling was "powerful"。In recent years, Zotye Coal Coking has enriched the carrier of party building with the "Internet +" thinking. It implements the party building project on the "cloud" through various terminals such as mobile phones and computers, and adopts various forms such as text, sound, image and video. By establishing the network party branch, it has realized the non-delay, zero-distance and multi-dimensional interaction between the top and the bottom。 "The workshop works in shifts and party members are concentrated...

  • Luoyang Park Party members "one to one" guarantee cohesion


    "With the help of 'one-to-one' guarantees from Party members, my mind has changed a lot. I quickly adapted to this place and became more comfortable with my work。"June 6, Luoyang Park new employee Wang Ruofei to the author talked about personal experience。 In order to better play the service function of party members, the park establishes a party member guarantee system, carries out party member guarantee activities among all party members, and lists party members with difficulties (the masses) and workers with fluctuating thoughts as the guarantee objects。The 150 Party members in the park organize party members to exchange and study on an irregular basis every month through one-to-one guarantee, demarcation of guarantee area and establishment of guarantee object ledger。To find the problem,...

  • Qiuci Mining Party Building Activity "lit up"


    "What kind of bright spot activities should we carry out to promote the deep integration of Party building work and safety production, and finally achieve the effect of bright spots?”“抓党建、强党建,就是为了促进矿井安全生产……”6月7日,In the party room at Kucha Mining,该矿9名基层党Branch secretary为更好地开展安全生产在讨论着。 The mine will strive for excellence and safety production combined, in breaking technical difficulties, complete the task of safety production to create advanced, strive for excellence, for the grass-roots Party branch party construction work to carry out a "main line"。In order to make the monthly theme activities have highlights, features, let the grassroots Party groups...

  • Xin 'an coal mine discipline "red line" brake crooked wind


    "Leaders of all units should read the 'magic spell' to their party members and cadres, and then strike the 'warning bell' to resolutely eliminate all undesirable practices。"June 3, Xin 'an Coal Mine discipline Inspection Committee secretary Wei Genyan in the monthly Party style clean government education meeting repeatedly requirements。 In order to comprehensively promote the fundamental transformation of the ideological style of Party members and cadres,Discipline 'red line' drawn at mine,It requires the Party conduct and clean government supervision group to conduct irregular investigation, hold regular special meeting, set up a report box, report telephone and other ways,We will strengthen prevention, supervision and inspection of violations,We should effectively correct unhealthy practices that harm the interests of workers and workers。Serious investigation and punishment of violations of rules and discipline, a check...

  • Zotye coal coking Party building brand more brilliant


    5月31日,The author learned from Zotye coal coking,Since this year,The company to change style, improve quality, strong team as the entry point,A total of seven Party branch brands, 14 Party group brands and 28 vanguard model party members were launched,Step by step,We will comprehensively improve the management and service level of primary-level Party organizations,Promote the party building work outstanding。 该公司机关党支部立足“窗口服务”,叫响“点滴见情,服务至诚”的服务口号;电修车间党支部组成“党员服务队”,开展义务维修活动;选煤厂党支部开办“技能培训班”,营造学技术、钻业务、强素质...

  • Chen 4th Floor coal mine "micro class" set up a stage for league members


    “检查瓦斯的时候,对煤帮裂缝、拐角、背风的地方一定要听听有没有风声或者是‘嘶嘶’的声音……”6月1日,陈四楼煤矿通风队技术人员徐明顺在团员青年“每周微课堂”上,讲解瓦斯检查技巧。 The "weekly micro-class" activity carried out by the mine aims to cultivate the training and improvement of the skills of the members on the basis of consolidating the theoretical foundation and strengthening the ideological construction of the members, helping the young members to practice their "internal skills", constantly improving the comprehensive quality of the young members and giving full play to their role as a fresh force。 Since the beginning of this year, the mine adhere to the "party to build belt...

  • To the front line to carry the burden


    "Stand up in the face of difficulties and rise to the top at the critical moment。"May 25, in the Cheji Coal mine early meeting, the mine Party secretary Niu Jianchun to the construction of cadres style of work again stressed that party cadres must devote themselves to the grassroots, rooted in the front line, overcome difficulties。 Since this year, the mine requires the majority of Party members and cadres to go into the first line, in-depth site, a model to take the lead in changing the style of work, really pou down the body, for the grassroots district team to share the difficulties。 May 23 shift, the mine party members, control room director Song Qingde in 2906 fully mechanized mining face site attendant found that the working face fault blasting, support protection baffle heavy, inconvenient to use, unfavorable...

  • Jiulishan mine breeze blowing "clean flower" incense


    "Corruption is shameful, honesty is glorious。"" Diligent administration starts with every word and action, and clean government is rejected from one point to another。"If you cannot resist the temptation of today, you will lose the happiness of tomorrow。"May 25, the reporter in the Jiulishan mining team office building on the wall of the propaganda board, saw such a concise language, profound meaning of the motto of clean government, feel the refreshing breeze。 Since the beginning of this year, the mine has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, constantly strengthened the construction of clean culture, carried out the "six progress" activities of clean culture with the main content of "entering the government, mining area, district team, post, community and family", so that the party members and cadres are clean...

  • Qiuci Mining Party members strive to be the "leading goose"


    "A party member is a flag,I will do my job with a more refined attitude,Take aim at new targets,Lead the workers in the class to do business,在推动发展上见实效……”5月24日,A party branch in the Qiuci mining industry,Liu Xinpei, a party member, wrote her pledge,A red "letter of commitment" reflects the mine each party branch "pioneer" responsibility, "compete for excellence" passion,It is stirring the heartstrings of Party members and cadres。 It is understood that in the implementation of the group company "playing wind, change style, tree Zhengqi" special action, the mine to take decisive measures, take the lead in the party cadres to carry out style construction contention...

  • Yongjin Energy layer by layer to eliminate the blind area


    In order to earnestly implement the responsibility system of Party conduct and clean government construction, consolidate the responsibility of Party conduct and clean government construction, and steadily promote the annual work of Party conduct and clean government construction and anti-corruption, Yongjin Energy recently organized and signed the 2018 Responsibility Book of Party Conduct and clean government construction, which carried out innovation from both content and form。 Innovate the content of the statement of responsibility and consolidate the target responsibility。In the content design of the Party style clean government construction responsibility letter, Yongjin Energy changed the past, the same content model, combined with each leading group members in charge of the business, the functional division of each department, each unit of the party style clean government construction status, carefully review the content of the responsibility letter...

  • Anyang Park "Party member +" to activate enterprise development power


    "There are always Party members in front of the task。With their leadership, we have the confidence and determination to make the greatest efforts to win the new victory of the second venture。"On May 25, Liu Cunzhou, an employee of a fertilizer company in Anyang Park, expressed his admiration for the exemplary role of party cadres。 Anyang Park adheres to the principle of "focusing on Party building and promoting development by focusing on Party building", extends "Party building +" to "Party member +", gives full play to the exemplary role of Party members as pioneers, and constantly provides internal driving force for enterprise development。 "Party Member + Management"。The park integrates themed activities such as Party member responsibility area, Party member vanguard, Party member activity day and Party member bright identity into the enterprise...

  • "Friday Reception Day" keep the original heart


    伟德体育搞好安全生产的初心是什么,就是为了打好主动仗,Let workers群众过上收入有保障的好日子……”5月24日,中泰矿业董事长马永庆语重心长地告诫参加该矿党建推进会的90多名党员干部。 Since the beginning of this year,The mine aims at the difficulties encountered in the process of resolutely winning the initiative battle of safety production, such as regional succession tension, "one pass and three prevention" and gas control pressure,Educate everyone to do well in production safety at the same time,Strictly implement the team leader, branch secretary "Friday reception day" system,Listen to the people face to face,To solve the plight of the people,Boost confidence,Give play to one's advantages...

  • Sino-thai Mining Industry reads the "Three-character Classic" well and writes the "Breeze Song"


    "Through these eight cases of violation of discipline and law, every Party member and cadre should know to be in awe, be wary of fear, keep the bottom line, strictly control the 'master switch' of thought, make the alarm bell ringing, and promote reform with the case。"On May 20, Yu Qinghai, Party secretary of Zhongtai Mining, asked the party cadres of the whole mine to lecture on clean government。This is the mine read good "early", "fast" and "tight" three-character classics, to build a "cool breeze in the Thai" an epitome。 “早”。In order to standardize Party cadres and nuclear office staff, material staff, inspectors and planners, purchasers, custodians and other key positions of personnel clean practice, the mine early deployment, early arrangement, early implementation, the use of "three...

  • He Coal company based on the actual solid party building work


    5月17日,The first group to participate in the Crane coal company "to learn the spirit of the 19th Party Congress of the leadership cadre rotation class" students told reporters,By learning,A deep understanding of the spirit of the 19th National Congress,Determined to work in the future,Integrate learning outcomes with the Year of Management Improvement,Translate into specific work ideas,We will promote high-quality development of enterprises。 Since the beginning of this year, the Party Committee of Crane Coal Company to the spirit of the 19th National Congress as a guide, to "management improvement Year" activities as an opportunity, to further strengthen the Party building, improve the management level in an all-round way, for the enterprise reform and development to provide a strong political guarantee。 Accurately check the level of orientation。The Party committee of the company is in the Party Committee...

  • Chen Si floor coal mine party building leading to promote development


    “这个宣传形式非常好!问答并举,声像并茂,让伟德体育能够非常清晰地领会Yongcoal company第一次党代会精神……”5月13日,陈四楼煤矿开拓五队党员班长高广杰早早地来到该矿副井口,一边享用着“党建大餐”,一边等候入井。 Originally, in order to guide the majority of cadres and workers to learn the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Yongcoal company good, good implementation, the mine will be issued by the company's propaganda department "the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Yongcoal Company 80 questions" made into video courseware with audio interpretation function, not only as the party branch "three will a lesson" designated learning content...

  • Party Member activities in Xinxiang Park "Characteristic and down-to-earth"


    “各党支部的活动有特色,与‘管理提升年’活动相契合,我为他们点赞!”5月17日,新乡园区Sino-singapore Chemical党委负责人在党建微信交流群里为基层各党支部开展的活动竖起了大拇指。 It is reported that the company's Party committee through the regular organization of 7 party branches each month to carry out "strong characteristics, down-to-earth gas" activities, focus on creating "Party members theme activity day" brand, won the general praise of workers。 Electrical equipment branch factory Party branch carried out the "party members offer suggestions" rationalization proposal solicitation activities, a total of solicitation on production safety, staff help, training and other aspects of the union...

  • High mountain coal mine exposure bright ugly promote implementation


    On May 14, several issues of the Notice on the Implementation of the Management Work List posted on the publicity board of Gaoshan Coal Mine attracted everyone's attention。Regularly letting managers expose their ugly faces on the publicity board is one of several measures taken by Gaoshan Coal Mine to strengthen execution and promote changes in cadres' style。 Since this year,The mine takes the "Management Promotion Year" activity of the group company as an opportunity,Adhere to the principle of "managing people with institutions,Run things by process.",A accountability system has been introduced,Compile and issue supervision work briefs, discipline inspection work briefs, etc,Increase visibility and accountability,And through regular or irregular inspection of each unit weekly summary, downhole and duty quality...

  • Luanchuan molybdenum Industrial Park sustained profit situation


    On May 10, the author learned from Luanchuan Molybdenum Industrial Park that the production of molybdenum ore, molybdenum fine powder, tungsten and molybdenum products in April completed 116 of the plan.68%、117.53%、122.04%, realized revenue 1.7.3 billion yuan, 218 of the planned amount.41%,利润614.50,000 yuan, continued the profit trend of the first quarter, for the realization of the time task double half laid a solid foundation。 Solid foundation for safe production。In April, the park held two key safety work and emergency special events on production safety while focusing on the "double base" assessment of daily safety and the standardization of production safety quality...

  • Jiaozishan Coal Mine "two-way" assessment to promote Party building


    "Secretary Zheng, did your party branch volunteer in May?"Captain Cheng, your district team's 'May open' grade announcement in May is not timely need to rectify。"This is May 10, Jiaozishan coal mine" two-way "inspection personnel in the inspection work implementation。 Jiaozishan Coal Mine in the "management promotion Year" activity, the implementation of the "two-way" assessment of Party cadres。该矿在“双向”考核内容制订上要求,一是考核党员干部制度执行及落实情况,提升工作制度执行力;二是考核党员干部工作任务落实及完成情况,提升工作落实力...

  • Coking coal company party building activities focus on the main line


    "What should the grassroots Party branches know about party members, and what are the responsibilities of the party secretary?” “要掌握党员的自然情况、思想状况、工作情况、学习等情况……”5月3日,九里山矿党委书记温世平正利用“焦煤发布”微党务为基层党Branch secretary上党课的情景。 Coking coal company adhere to the "focus on the development of the Party building, the Party building to promote development", around the current focus of work, seize the "four talk and four raise" situation education this main line, promote the brand image, leading the party building, poverty alleviation to send warmth, quality improvement "four projects", actively guide the staff to understand the reform, support the reform...

  • Guizhou Company organizes staff to go abroad to "learn lessons"


    To speed up the transformation of the style of cadres and workers,Achieve a significant improvement in the level of enterprise management,Encourage enterprises to get out of trouble as soon as possible,From April 25 to 28,Guizhou company specially organized more than 10 comrades who were responsible for party building, discipline inspection, publicity and corporate culture in grassroots units to rush to Yili Coal Company and Yongcoal Company,Learn from the advanced work experience of sibling units。 In the face of many problems in party construction and enterprise management, the Party committee of Guizhou company has clarified its thinking, grasped the key and highlighted the key points, and decided to start from doing good party construction work, hang fast block and fuel the door, so as to promote the great development of the work of party construction。 Study on a visit...

  • Bloom the beauty of labor in the new era


    The people create history and work creates the future。Beautiful dream, only through labor can be realized! Looking at the first quarter of the Yongcoal Company "economic report" : operating revenue increased by 4.5.3 billion yuan, an increase of 0. 0 percent over the planned profit.0.9 billion yuan, a number of indicators hit a five-year high。In the journey of the second venture, it fully reflects the broad masses of workers are the backbone of wealth creation。 "Labor glory" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people Happiness is a struggle。Since this year, the company has been leading the masses of workers to strive for the new era。 The company organized to carry out the "enterprise dream, labor beauty, learning propaganda and implementation of the 19th National Congress...

  • He coal Zhongtai mining supervision and implementation


    "One point of deployment, nine points of implementation。We have firmly carried out the special management activities of don't want to do, can't do, dare not to do, inaction among the Party members and cadres of the whole mine, and made every effort to ensure that the decisions and deployments have been implemented and everything has results。"April 20, talking about how to use the" toolbox "of supervision and inspection, Zhongtai Mining discipline inspection and supervision Department Zhang Wanqing said。 The mine set up a special inspection team, every day to the party cadres and on duty time, the implementation of the leave request system for dynamic surprise inspection, does not regularly inspect the style of cadres labor discipline, focus on inspection of late and early leave, secretary "no state", work "desertion", attendance"...

  • Play Ma Zhuang mine "three strengthen" promote the Party style of clean government landing


    "Party organizations at all levels should aim at building clean mines, take practical and effective measures to enhance the awareness of honesty, responsibility and compliance and discipline among Party members and cadres, create a clean and upright atmosphere for officers and entrepreneurs, and promote the safe and steady development of enterprises。"April 19, in Yanmazhuang Mine Party style clean government construction special meeting, the mine Party secretary, mine director Yu Rongqiang to the mine party cadres put forward requirements。 Strengthen clean government education。The mine uses the Party Committee central group study, regular meeting of political work and Party branch secretary training period, organize party cadres to learn clean and honest laws and regulations, education party cadres always keep a clear mind, consciously resist all kinds of decadent ideas...

  • Happy family


    "Crane coal company Party Committee to create 'Crane Coal ♥ Youth community' brand mobilization meeting at the end of the mine strong attack, quick action。In just three days, more than 230 people joined our mine。"On April 6, although it was still the Qingming Holiday, Cao Wei, a staff member of Sino-Thai Mining, was busy counting the information of those who had entered the group。 "Hei ♥ Heart Youth Community" is composed of 6 hobby groups, such as dance Miracle, rain watch and listen to frost, Yue move basket Road, happy station, technical ox coffee and evergreen volunteers。"The community is rich in content and diverse in forms, attracting the majority of cadres and workers to actively join the group and participate in the interaction。”曹伟...

  • Zotye coal coking characteristics of the Party building brand attracted visitors


    "The cultural corridor of Party construction is really well built, and the brand silhouette highlights the vanguard image of Party members on the production site。"April 11, come to Zhongtai coal coking" learn "Fengfeng coal coking company Party construction responsible for Li Tao praised the way。Originally, in the Baicheng County Park organized to observe and learn the characteristics of the party building activities, the members of the delegation in the field visited the company's party building culture corridor, clean government education base and other party building positions, have a thumbs-up。 Since the beginning of this year, the company adheres to the guiding ideology of "centering on Party building, grasping Party building and promoting development", and combines "two learning and one doing" to teach daily education and special topics...

  • With action to fulfill the promise - Crane coal eight mine to create a "Party member demonstration post" to promote management


    "By strengthening management, everyone becomes more responsible。And I as a party member, more to maintain the image of the party member in every word and action, do their own work, in the dribs and DRBS of party members reflect the advanced nature。"Crane coal eight mine old party member, fitter group leader Meng Aimin when talking about the" party member demonstration post "activities said。 Since the "Management Promotion Year" activity of the group company was carried out, the mine has continued to optimize and innovate the construction of "Party member demonstration post", so that the majority of party members are more clear about their responsibilities and missions, and guide the party members to take the initiative to show their identity, walk in the forefront, and work to the truth。 Increased responsibility reveals identity 围...

  • Coking coal power metallurgy branch "red line" consciousness cell all rely on party members


    "There are 28 'red lines' that should not be touched in the production safety category, including 10 for mechanical and electrical equipment management, 10 for production technology management, four for ground fire management and four for safety management。机电设备管理类不能触碰的‘红线’有:高压电气操作未办理‘两票’……”3月26日,焦煤电冶分公司对“党员帮带”学“红线”活动的开展情况进行现场检查验收,燃料分场党Branch secretary卢晓峰流利地回答。 A total of more than 60 employees, including 5 management personnel, qualified rate of 100%, excellent rate reached more than 60%。 To ensure that"...

  • Suburban coal mine identity positioning as an example


    "As a Party member, I have to take the lead and set an example for the staff。"March 26, suburban coal mine comprehensive excavation team Party branch to carry out" I am a party member, what should I do?"Theme Party Day activities are wonderful。 In order to improve the quality of party members, we should give full play to their exemplary role as pioneers。The mine according to the job type of public commitment, solid commitment, the grass-roots party branch secretary and each party member signed a public commitment letter of responsibility, the party member public commitment to carry out the situation with the party member evaluation, personal assessment。 The mine organized activities such as striving for excellent party members, demonstration positions and demonstration Windows to motivate and drive party members...

  • Qiuci Mining party emblem to wear responsibility to carry up


    "Party members can always be found when they are in trouble, whether underground or on the surface。Underground they have safety responsibility area, surface they have life service area, praise for party members。"On March 22, Yin Jianping, a new employee of the first team of Qiuci Mining Machinery, praised the performance of party members in the" Year of Management Improvement "activity。 The mine Party committee to high standards to promote the "management promotion year" activities as an opportunity to actively carry out "Party members wear the party emblem, bright identity, when the pioneer, tree image" activities。Since the launch of the activities, the mine party members always bear in mind the identity of party members, actively take the lead in service safety production, change the style of work, contact the masses of workers。 通过...

  • Clean and clean wind escort project construction Tongren Aluminum in-depth Party conduct clean and clean warning education activities


    March 15, Sanmenxia metal materials processing Park Tongren Aluminum Company organized all the Party cadres and workers to watch the "Never slack struggle" feature film, in-depth development of the Party style and clean government warning education thematic activities。 At present, the project construction of the company is in a critical period, and there are many contact construction units and equipment manufacturers。The company through the collective watching of the feature film, with thought-provoking cases to warn the majority of Party members, cadres and staff, so that the awareness of clean government into the mind, build a strong anti-corruption dam, to ensure the smooth progress of project construction。 After watching the feature film, the majority of Party members and cadres have said, to tighten the "clean string", always pay attention to their words and deeds, reject corruption...

  • How about a member of Kucha Mining?Look at the card!


    On March 15, in the "double training" practical operation base for the backbone party members of Qiuci Mining Company, Liu Changhong, a veteran party member of Qiuci Mining Company, was explaining the operation skills of the mechanical and electrical equipment of water silo and the maintenance methods of equipment failure to several young workers. His vivid lesson won the applause of everyone。After class, everyone came to the party branch office of the district team and put a big red star on Liu Changhong's "model credit card"。 In order to effectively enhance the enthusiasm of Party members, the mine establishes a "model credit card" for every Party member in the whole mine, which records the party members' work performance, public opinions, major deeds, outstanding contributions and other contents in detail....

  • Keep the "safety gate" and guard the "lifeline" The labor union of coking coal company takes multiple measures to help safety production


    "The responsibility of safety is more important than Taishan, because the responsibility is to preserve the lives of every miner, carry the happiness of every family, and create the prosperity of enterprises。"In recent days, the Zhongma Village mine trade Union has organized several safety propaganda teams into the district team to carry out safety education。 This is a microcosm of the coking coal company labor union to protect the safety of workers。 The trade union of coking coal company adheres to the service of production safety as the first priority to grasp, take a variety of measures, innovative working methods, constantly improve the level of mass safety work, hold the "safety gate", guard the "lifeline", to ensure the safety and stability during the national two sessions。 Focus on the safety of the masses...

  • Crane coal nine mine party members take the lead in grasping safety


    “我宣誓:在2018年安全生产中,带头牢记安全理念,遵守各项安全制度,狠抓‘三违’,切实发挥党员作用……”1月11日7时,在鹤煤九矿抽放队党Branch secretary申国院的领誓下,该队党员在班前会上郑重宣誓。 It is reported that the mine Party Committee in order to give full play to the exemplary leading role of Party members in safety production, actively carry out the "Party members take the lead in taking the oath to seize safety" activities, further mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of party members to take the lead in safety production in 2018, a good start, a good step。 Party members of the mine are taking the lead in doing their own safety work...

  • Thousand industry cement party member service zero distance


    On December 20, I saw Wang Erxiang, secretary of the production Party branch of Qianye Cement workers' restaurant, and two other party members were installing cotton insulation windshields for the restaurant。 "I didn't expect my suggestion to be implemented so quickly. The Party volunteer service team is really helpful。"Worker Qin Xinming said happily。 "If there is difficulty in finding party members, we can handle any matter large or small。"This is the company's party member volunteer service team slogan, but also the company's more than 170 Party cadres to the majority of workers to make the commitment。Recently, the temperature dropped, Qin Xinming suggested installing a windshield curtain in the staff restaurant。The day after receiving the proposal, the company's party members volunteered to serve...

  • Zhaogu No.1 Mine let the 19th Party Congress resound through the mine


    "Recently, in 11291 underground lane, Zhang Dajiang, secretary of the Party branch of the third Comprehensive Excavation Team, used to interpret the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress to workers and friends。"November 30, the reporter in Zhaogu A mine interview, constantly have workers mentioned their mine voluntary speaker Zhang Dajiang。 After the successful closing of the 19th CPC National Congress, the mine used 0A office website, wechat public account, exhibition boards, QQ groups, electronic screens, Party building platform, publicity bar and other media platforms to create a strong atmosphere in the mine to study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress。The mine studied the full text of the report, carried out discussions and exchanges, and made interviews...

  • Shunhe coal mine to say a word of heart to the party


    "Listen to the Party, follow its lead, fulfill their obligations as party members with a high sense of responsibility, and ensure safety based on their posts。"At 3:20 p.m. on November 21, on a mobile advertising board in the waiting room of the sub-wellhead of Shunhe Coal mine, a small yellow card full of affectionate messages formed a huge Party emblem pattern, which attracted workers to stop and watch。 In order to further study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, the mine organized the activity of "Praise the 19th National Congress and say a word of heart to the Party"。All Party members are asked to share their feelings about the motherland in the past five years, their confidence in the future development of the enterprise, and their hope for a better life....