• With the voice of industrial workers, start again


    Theory of cruising。It has also caused problems such as replacement of old and new workers, talent demand and lack of high-end talents in coal enterprises。You Yi put forward suggestions on cultivating high-quality talents to promote the high-quality development of coal enterprises。As a representative of industrial workers in the coal industry。

  • Warm heart picture scroll in spring -- Yongcoal Company care care staff work profile


    In-depth development of party branch and staff。Every day to supervise and guide the grassroots around the livelihood of workers and enterprises to carry out work。Management to make workers more belonging Party members, model workers, workers representative。Extended service worker。Yongcoal 4820 members of the grid。

  • Identified 21 "miners signature dishes" Yili coal company let workers eat rich eat healthy eat comfortable


    Yishan Coal Company "miners signature dish" selection campaign successfully concluded。Identified a total of 21 dishes from 14 mine units as "miners' signature dishes"。All mine units recognized by Yiwu Coal。Guanyintang coal mutton paste Bo。Dameigou mutton noodles from Dameigou Coal Mine。

  • Yimei Qianqiu Coal Mine Staff Hospital launched family doctor contract service so that employees have their own health care doctor


    Do you know the family doctor。Contracted family doctors do not charge。Then go to our staff hospital for medical treatment, physical examination and so on。Signing up for a family doctor style service allows you to have your own health care provider。Family doctors contract services to the family unit。

  • Adhere to the spirit of craftsman to achieve Brilliant life -- Remember the national coal industry skills master, coking coal Zhaogu No.1 Mine...


    Sun Zhaoxin has been able to operate the bolt machine independently。Sun Zhaoxin said。保证了下一班工作的顺利进行……这就是孙照心。At work。But in life they are workers'。He often gets together with his staff after work。Fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of the staff。

  • I love mine like home


    There are workers said。Zhaogu No.1 Coal Mine of coking coal Company focuses on serving employees and promoting mine development。Zhaogu No. 1 Mine has more than 3000 employees。To better serve the workers。Zhaogu No.1 Mine also strives to build a garden mining area。

  • Good luck for us coal miners


    Shunhe Coal Mine is a small but sophisticated modern mine。Working at our coal mine。Zhang Bao, a security worker at Shunhe Coal Mine, returned to work during his winter break from college。Construction Work Program。Zhang Bao and more than 40 other employees were lucky enough to realize their dream of university。

  • Yongcoal suburban coal mine TCM decoction to send a line


    The traditional Chinese medicine decoction carefully prepared and provided free of charge by Yongcoal Company suburban coal mine。Protect the health of employees。The coal mine outside the city was specially cooked。Traditional Chinese medicine decoction。We boil about 600 liters of herbal decoction every day。Coal mines in the suburbs have been boiled up。

  • This collective birthday party, warm enough!


    Organized by the Yiwu Coal Energy Union, the collective birthday of the workers officially kicked off。The person in charge of each unit of Yihai Energy organized the employees of Xining, Delingha, Dameigou Coal Mine and Dqaidan branch to celebrate the group birthday in their respective units。

  • Listen to "the heart" to solve the "happiness code" -- into the Jiulishan coal mine workers talk ventricle


    Completed Jiulishan mine workers talk ventricle。Workers talk ventricle has received 3,000 workers。Through face-to-face listening to the voice of the staff, heart-to-heart communication with the staff, to effectively solve the demands of the staff。The mine formulated a staff talk ventricle。

  • Unite as one "epidemic" road peer


    Dad (mom) because of work needs。The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility。Stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control in all projects and parks。To strengthen epidemic prevention and control with responsibility and responsibility。Lead the staff to eat and live in the office。Chen Gang is the first line of the national Dragon Green City Yiyuan。

  • Your table, I promise


    A group of volunteers are transferring rice, flour, cooking oil, vegetables and other daily necessities from several trucks。Dagangou coal mine faces the situation of lack of living materials。The epidemic prevention department is required to consult with Delingha epidemic prevention and control card points in time。

  • Take "small things" as "big things" do -- Yili Coal Xin 'an Coal mine to carry out solid care for workers "ten...


    Employee's。The life of our workers is really getting better and better。More than 1600 Chinese meals are distributed to employees every day。Eat the workers out of the well。In order to let workers in the underground can drink hot water。In one fell swoop, the problem that underground workers could not drink hot water was solved。For workers to drink pure water。Let workers。

  • At the foot of Tianshan Mountain, Build a beautiful new home -- See how Xinjiang Qiuci Mining "let miners' life...


    Let employees eat well。The workers of the Xinjiang Qiuci Mining Company are full of joy。Improve the quality of work and life of employees。For the more than 500 employees of Kucha Mining。Qiuci Mining continues to do practical things for its employees。Staff canteen。In the canteen hall of Guizi Mining workers。

  • 570 students received assistance in the autumn


    Golden autumn education。Golden autumn education。More than 570 children of workers in need were helped。Since the launch of the activity。A file has been established for the children of workers with financial difficulties。We will not only help the children of poor workers who are admitted to college。

  • Do a good job of warm thoughts, and happiness will be "upgraded".


    幸福就是升井后洗一个热水澡、在舒适的宿舍里睡一个好觉、在忙完工作后来到公园休闲漫步……今年以来。We will comprehensively upgrade and renovate employee bathhouses。The mine has also upgraded the hardware and software facilities of the workers' dormitories。

  • Guizhou Henan "golden autumn aid" in action


    Our company's list of "golden autumn students" is being publicized。In order to further do a good job in difficult workers regular help work。Help the children of workers in need to study and realize their dreams。Golden autumn education。activity。The company continues to ramp up its campaign。Let workers' children realize their dreams as soon as possible。

  • Yongcoal company "golden autumn aid" for dream voyage


    Yongcoal company in depth。It is an important part of the difficult help work of Yongcoal Company。The activity has truly become a heartwarming project to do practical things and good things for workers with difficulties。Do the activities carefully and firmly。To meet the conditions of difficult workers and families can understand the content of the document。

  • "We love this Family" -- Xinyi Mining Company promotes "Ten Facts" of Caring for Employees...


    Yili Coal company Xinyi mining comprehensive excavation team workers You Yueshan raised the change of the environment of the workers' bathhouse thumbs up。Xue Lu, an employee of Xinyi Mining Development team, always spends her spare time at the company's home。Xinyi Mining established care workers。Parking lot expansion。

  • Golden autumn aid student dream set sail


    Yongcheng Park holds 2022。Golden autumn education。On behalf of the park, the relevant leaders of Yongcheng Park issued a grant of 3000 yuan to the employees and their children。Have the courage to face all the difficulties and challenges on the road of life。It's the harbor of their lives。The staff is the first concern。

  • Let's go see where mom and dad work


    The Puyang Park Trade union organized more than 40 children of workers to visit their parents' working conditions in the coal chemical plant。The students walked into the dispatch center and the main control room。Listen carefully to the narrator。When they hear that the products produced by their parents are sold to many places at home and abroad。

  • Love kettle to send a line


    Get a water bottle。Love warm workers to promote safety love kettle to send a line。To further facilitate the staff。Specially customized 1200 lanyard military kettles and 500 1400 ml extra large capacity kettles。The first time issued to all staff。Photo taken on June 30。

  • Enjoy cool in summer


    师傅。Send coolness and love to front-line workers。Condolences in the heat of the heat hard work, silent dedication of the staff。为职工们送上了草帽、风油精、西瓜、雪糕、矿泉水……并叮嘱大家要注意安全。Cooling station。清凉。

  • True Love and Love warm children's hearts -- The Group's 2022 "Children's Day Special Care" activity documentary


    Female workers of trade unions at all levels of the Group organized and carried out educational activities for a total of 5,764 times。They visited 346 children of workers in need, 290 left-behind children and children in need, 147 children of female workers with single parents and 18 children of female migrant workers in need。

  • Bloom gorgeous youth on the post


    This year's Nurses Day。They are the nursing staff of the nucleic acid testing and sampling team of Hecoal General Hospital (Hebi Second People's Hospital)。Nucleic acid testing and sampling began quickly at 6 o 'clock。Still adhere to the daily uninterrupted nucleic acid detection and sampling work。International Nurses Day。

  • From Changchun to Xuchang, they set out again


    The Group's medical team returned to Henan from the main anti-epidemic battlefield in Changchun。Urgent support for nucleic acid testing in Xuchang。The 17 members of the team regrouped and set off。Quickly put into the Changge City nucleic acid detection battle。The medical team returned to Henan on April 29。

  • Xinjiang Qiuci Mining dance mine bloom passion


    Yesterday's new "Compendium of Materia Medica" aerobics。I do aerobics here every day after work。Qiuci Mining living area in Xinjiang Company。National fitness。The Kucha mining union organized a campaign。Aerobics competition。Meet the fitness needs of all mine workers。The mine union chairman Lv Xuetang said。

  • The night porters stick to warm the heart


    The car squad has already delivered the supplies。Six workers who live in the hotel on the first floor of the World Trade Building immediately responded。All of them are international trade workers who have to stay in hotels temporarily due to lack of supplies at home or work needs。An international trade worker said。

  • My post is on the spot -- the Group Company 2021 annual model worker, He Coal Zhongtai Mining...


    He led the whole class of workers in many adverse situations, such as coal face incline, complex geological structure and heavy production tasks。He is Crane coal mining team leader Yang Zhongjie coal mining class。But Yang Zhongjie looked for the mining team。Safe production has been achieved。

  • The coking coal company visited the families of the medical staff in Kyrgyzstan to eliminate the worries of the frontline personnel


    You're on the front lines fighting the epidemic。The Central Hospital of Coking coal actively responded to the call of Henan Energy。Five medical staff including Yan Rui, Wang Guoguo, Liu Peng, Xu Hechun and Lian Na were urgently dispatched to form the nucleic acid testing team of the Central Hospital。3月22日。

  • Group companies delimit occupational health management "hard bar" twelve hundred percent, one can not be less


    The rate of occupational health examination before, during and after work of workers exposed to occupational disease hazards reaches 100%。The rate of occupational health examination before, during and after work of workers exposed to occupational disease hazards reaches 100%。

  • National People's Congress representative You Yi suggested that underground hardship post allowance exempt from personal income tax


    You Yi, a deputy to the National People's Congress and the monitor of the electrician class of Yongmei Cheji Coal Mine Mechanical and electrical team, put forward suggestions to appropriately raise the amount of individual income tax exemption for underground miners and accelerate the implementation of talent policy。Cruise suggests based on survey results。

  • Smile in the interpretation of the true meaning of happiness -- Yong coal company He Tuo coal mine to improve the employee happiness index profile


    The mine's mission is to improve workers' happiness index。Liu Feng continued to learn and participate in technical competitions。The mine all-round establishment of enterprise development talent construction。Reduce the labor intensity of employees。The mine to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of workers as a key work。

  • Lou Jiahui, a member of the Chinese women's football team, is the son of our miners...


    I am Lou Jiahui, a member of the Chinese women's Football team。Lou Jiahui, a member of the Chinese women's soccer team who just won the Asian Cup。Especially in the semi-finals of the Women's Asian Cup。Spirit deeply into Lou Jiahui blood。She entered the national women's soccer team at 17。Lou Jiahui as a first-line member of Henan Women's Football team。

  • Coking Coal Central Hospital to Lou Jiahui and family health gift package


    First of all, congratulations to your daughter Lou Jiahui for helping the Chinese women's Football team win the Asian Cup。Lou Jiahui was born in the Coking Coal Central Hospital。Our hospital presents a lifetime physical examination card to Lou Jiahui and you。Lifetime physical examination card of Coking Coal Central Hospital。

  • Workers need, is what we have to do - Xinjiang Zhongrun coal service workers two or three things


    Set off a wave of service workers。The remaining one is the continuous distribution of labor protection and welfare for employees。To guide and encourage employees to participate in the identification of vocational skill levels and educational upgrading。It has aroused the enthusiasm of the staff to learn and improve。We will continue to help workers in need。

  • Originality interwoven meaning flying -- Yongcoal Company to provincial coal industry big craftsmen tour technical exchange boost enterprises...


    A scene at the scene of Jinan Craftsmen's touring technology Exchange Activity held by Cheji Coal Mine of Yongcoal Company。And other electronic components to communicate with the big craftsmen on site。

  • Make Party history study and education full of "temperature of people's livelihood"


    Coking coal company cadres and workers have praised the people's livelihood around the facts。Actively do practical things for the staff and solve problems。Members of the leading group of the coking coal company and hundreds of Party cadres take the lead in entering the grass-roots level and entering the workers。I do practical things for the staff。

  • 14 years of "Light and Shadow Stick"


    Over the past 14 years, more than 3,000 public benefit films have been shown for the public。Everyone knows the warm-hearted old brothers on Happy Street。A public welfare film screening team composed of two elderly people appeared in a cultural square in the county。On the one hand, the elder brothers focus on public welfare screening。

  • "Online + Offline" combined efforts to cultivate highly skilled personnel -- Guizhou Yuneng Xintian Coal Mine solid advance...


    Xintian Coal Mine utilizes Guizhou Yuneng Coal distance education network platform。Actively carry out staff learning and training。Like Li Minghai and Zhu Zhengui, there are many workers at Xintian Coal Mine who upgrade their knowledge and skills through the online platform of coal distance education。Improve the practical operation skills of employees。

  • Hu Shaoting, a worker at Xinan Coal mine in Yili Coal, successfully donated hematopoietic stem cells


    Hu Shaoting, an employee of Yili Coal Mine, successfully donated hematopoietic stem cells in Luoyang Central Hospital。With a grateful heart for society。He learned from Red Cross workers that hematopoietic stem cell donations can benefit society。16日8时。There is a feeling called dedication。

  • No struggle not youth -- remember Henan Province technical expert, Yongcoal Chen 4th floor coal mine control room staff Wang Shi...


    Wang Shiying was awarded the title of Technical Expert of Henan Province。Cheers went up in an office in the coal mine control room on the fourth floor of Yongmei Chen。This business continuity planning provides security for the normal operation of the six safety systems and operations of the mine。At work。

  • At that moment, all I could think about was saving people


    A young man slaps a middle-aged man on the shoulder。Ankang see this kind of situation to think。Look carefully at the injuries。When the victim regains consciousness。Ankang asked him briefly about his condition。Ankang was soon able to contact the families of the injured。

  • 18 excellent calligraphy works of the group were exhibited in the national coal mine calligraphy exhibition


    -- The National Exhibition of Coal mine calligraphy works opened in Jalainur Museum, Inner Mongolia。To begin an eight-day exhibition。A total of 18 excellent works of the group were exhibited。The works of Li Zhongchao from the group are specially invited works。Hou Jianwei, Zhang Junfeng, Yi Coal Company。

  • He Coal company to promote external sharing of labor to increase the income of workers to help enterprises improve efficiency


    The seventh batch of 50 transferred cadres and workers in Hexi Coal Mine。This is an epitome of the innovative transfer and placement of workers in Crane Coal Company。In order to do a good job transfer resettlement work。Carefully study and deploy the work plan of staff transfer and resettlement。Ensure the orderly progress of post transfer and resettlement。

  • Yongcoal Xinlong Coal Industry earnestly study the new "Safety Production Law"


    Yongcoal Xinlong Coal industry continues to increase the publicity of the new "Safety production Law"。Further strengthen workers' legal awareness of production safety。Xinlong Coal industry uses the office network, wechat public account, electronic screen and other ways。We will vigorously publicize the new Work Safety Law。

  • Youth blooming under the Party flag - - the provincial management of enterprises outstanding Communist Party members, Yongmei car set coal mine machinery repair factory machine plus...


    Let innovation boost enterprise reform。Yong Coal Company Che coal mine machine repair factory machining class vice monitor Ji Yako set a new oath for himself。Has completed nearly 50 technological innovations。To make Giaco a。Innovation is the fast track to solve production problems。

  • Crane coal railway department to carry out anti-fraud propaganda


    Anti-telecom fraud campaign。To the staff listed the common telecom fraud means and ways。Stay away from telecom fraud。This publicity activity。Through publicity。Make the majority of workers learn to master the new dynamics of telecom fraud crime。Open up anti-fraud propaganda。

  • Xinjiang Qiuci mining service safety production to the front line


    Random inspection of the deputy chief engineer and above management personnel in the grassroots inspection, guidance, service。Random inspection of the performance of leading officials' duties。The implementation of the safety inspection system of leading cadres on duty, down well and in depth。

  • To be a dream-Pursuing Youth in the New Era -- Named "Advanced Worker in Science and Technology Innovation" of the Group Company in 2020...


    The design scheme of continuous gangue transportation system transformation, large mining long working face, coal pillar mining in mining area has been completed successively。Ding Keke received the task of optimizing the stoping design scheme of 2901 long mining face。Ding Keke is a person who dares to innovate。

  • Yi coal Yi Luo coal industry "needle" will protect safety


    Love mending。Activity site。活动。Mended the damaged clothes of the workers who went into the well。Female facilitators took the overalls handed out by the workers。Skilled hands thread, sew and cut a needle。Sew and send the clothes to the workers before they go down the well as quickly as possible。

  • National People's Congress representative cruise into the front line busy preaching


    In Yongmei Cheji coal mine machinery repair factory workshop。Just attended the National People's Congress NPC and CPPCC deputies, the mine owner vice well electrical class monitor You Yi put the spirit of the conference to the grassroots line。It is also the only way for coal enterprises to achieve high-quality development。

  • Never forget the open youth -- remember Yi coal Geng village coal mine logistics company staff, Sanmenxia City learning Lei Feng volunteer uniform...


    Excellent volunteer of Sanmenxia City Learning from Lei Feng。Epidemic prevention and control -- Wei Nianfang is a Party member of the Gengcun Coal mine logistics company in Yili Coal。Contact 20 Party volunteers to participate in epidemic prevention and control in mining area。In the days of epidemic prevention and control。

  • Employment and poverty alleviation light up the Road to Happiness


    Guizhou Yuneng Yonggui machine repair Company support maintenance workshop staff Zhang Xiaodeng。Yonggui machine repair company support maintenance workshop director Ma Shuaifeng mentioned Zhang Xiaodeng full of praise。Yonggui Machinery Repair Company is a very humane enterprise。Zhang Xiaodeng is very emotional。"Said Zhang Xiaodeng。

  • Keep the heart of the craftsman to do dedicated staff -- remember the "Henan Energy great craftsman" winner, Puyang Park methanol...


    More than a dozen technical problems have been solved in the operation of large coal chemical units。Dong Xuehui, a recent graduate of Anyang Chemical Technology School, is one of many young dreamers working for Zhongyuan Dahua, a large state-owned company。Dong Xuehui said。

  • Sing the Song of struggle -- Record the winner of "Henan Energy Great Craftsman", General manager of Production Technology Department of Yongcheng Park...


    The A-level operation of the five-ring furnace has exceeded 288 days。Hou Liutao, general Manager of Production Technology Department, showed the visiting gasifier experts in the province the new process of five-ring furnace transformation。Shell's coal gasification technology is used in the first phase of the plant。The transformation of the first five-ring furnace in Yongcheng Park has been completed。

  • The third "Henan Energy Great Craftsman" was born


    Henan energy major craftsman。Group company awarded Yongcoal Company Wang Xiaotong and other 10 comrades for the third term。集团公司要求各单位和广大员工深入贯彻落实习近平总书记在全国劳动模范和先进工作者表彰大会上的重要讲话精神。

  • Build dreams with craftsman spirit Brilliant life -- the seventh National coal industry skills master, Yongcoal Chen 4th Floor...


    Constantly improve their technical level and work ability。He is in charge of the mechanical and electrical technical management of the mine。I have successively participated in the operation and maintenance technology learning of coal mine electric power monitoring and management system at the company level。In every technological transformation。

  • Go out, create a sky -- Crane Coal Company and Foxconn to carry out labor sharing work record


    Crane coal sharing workers have received spending text messages。He Coal Company temporary direct Party branch is to share staff。Mentioned Crane coal Company in Foxconn temporary Party branch。An employee of the coal company who shared employment。Crane Coal Company external share of workers。

  • Master of skills to scale the peak -- in the Chinese coal industry skills Master Studio, He Coal Zhongtai Mining Xu...


    Xu Chao Skill Master studio was officially established。He coal coal mining Xu Chao skill master studio was rated。Coal industry Skills Master (skilled personnel) studio。Let's go to the master studio of Xu Chao Skills。Xu Chao Skill Master Studio。

  • Not to let any employee lay off -- Xinlong Coal Industry actively "find a way to expand the road" for Longshan Coal Mine employees


    In 2020, the Longshan Coal mine, a subsidiary of Xinlong Coal, was listed as closed and retired by the Henan provincial government。Labor export to other mines is the main method for Xinlong Coal Industry to find a way for the employees of this mine. "Not one employee will be laid off" is also Xinlong Coal Industry's commitment to all employees of this mine。 Regiments are good at fighting "I'm sending out my first staff tomorrow...

  • Hei coal three mine afforestation beautification again


    "These four new gardens are so beautiful!" "Yes, it is a blessing to live and work in such an environment。” On April 9, two employees of Hemei No. 3 Mine walked and chatted in the newly built small garden of the mine。 In recent years, the mine continues to strengthen the green mine construction and ecological restoration and management, so that the ecological environment of the whole mine has changed qualitatively and quantitatively...

  • Qiuci Mining in Xinjiang Province during poverty alleviation


    In recent years, in accordance with the general plan of "One hundred enterprises helping one hundred villages", Qiuci Mining Co., LTD in Xinjiang has actively combined with the local government to help poor families in nearby Kang Village and Shoerkule Aizhike Village。 In July 2019, the company paid a visit to six poor families in Kangcun and sent them sofas,...

  • Everything for Life and health -- The successful establishment of a national Chest Pain Center in Coking Coal Central Hospital


    On October 31, Cokecoal Central Hospital successfully passed the certification of China Chest Pain Center Headquarters, becoming the only hospital in the group and the Jiaozuo area that has obtained the certification of China Chest Pain Center Headquarters。 On November 20, the sixth "Chinese Myocardial Infarction Treatment Day", the reporter came to the Central Hospital of Coking Coal to explore the story behind the successful establishment of a state-level chest pain center in a prefectual-level hospital。 ...

  • Xinxiang Park supported local fire fighting and disaster relief


    At 7:50 am on September 20, Xinxiang Park Fire Brigade received a notice from Jia County fire Department, the county Zhonghe Town paper factory fire。 Upon receiving the notice, the fire brigade in the park acted quickly, with 18 firefighters and 3 fire engines rushed to the scene to put out the fire。The fire site is large, and firefighters at the park are dealing with a harsh environment where ash and debris are flying...

  • The "Operation" of Transformation in Resource-depleted mine -- A sidebar on transformation and development of coking Coal Xinzhuchun Company


    According to the national overcapacity reduction policy, in October 2016, Xinzhuchun Company closed the mine due to resource exhaustion。"Just because the mine is closed doesn't mean the enterprise is' dead '.。"Xinzhuchun Company Party Secretary, chairman, general manager Zhao Guangqing's words, let Xinzhuchun people renewed hope, since 2016, Xinzhuchun company to break the coal-centered management, active...

  • Crane Coal Company attentively with emotion precision education


    "I know that the enterprise is not easy, but I still strongly support the golden autumn education activities, let me feel the love and responsibility of the big family, let me feel the company's encouragement and care for the children of our hard studying difficult employees。"On August 15, at the grant awarding ceremony of 2019 Golden Autumn Student Activity of Hekou Coal Company, the student representative of the recipient -- Hekou Coal Six Mine...

  • Yongcoal Company dream of numerous students


    "Congratulations on your admission to university。希望你继续努力学习,成为社会的栋梁之材,企业永远是你们坚强的后盾!”8月16日上午,Yongcoal company工会负责人到困难员工陈西华、雷贯虎、贺楠家中,为他们今年考上大学的子女送去了助学金和学生行李箱。 Not to allow a difficult employee's child to be born at home...

  • Yi Coal Company golden autumn aid is under way


    On August 16, Ymay held the launch ceremony of the 2019 Golden Autumn Student Aid activity, and distributed grants and gifts to 20 representatives of needy students。 The golden autumn education activity is an important work that Ymay Company insists on for a long time. It aims to solve the problem that the children of employees with difficulties go to school。This year's golden autumn student aid activity is also the company's "Never forget the original purpose, remember the mission" theme...

  • Building a green Mine and breeding Gold and silver Mountains -- Dangjiahe Coal Mine practice ecological civilization thought to create green...


    【伟德体育】党家河煤矿坚持把贯彻落实习近平生态文明思想,紧扣打造绿色生态矿区这一目标不动摇,精心组织实施绿化美化矿区发展规划,从根本上解决煤炭生产中出现的环境问题。In 2019 alone, ginkgo biloba, spruce, poplar, locust, willow, fagolia, ornamental fruit trees and shrubs were planted in the mine...

  • Ubiquitous saving - Yongjin energy staff cost reduction and efficiency two or three things


    Since the group carried out the activity of "enhancing the awareness of danger, setting up the idea of tight life, promoting all staff to reduce costs and increase efficiency", all staff of Yongjin Energy actively responded to the call, and made careful budgeting based on their own positions, strictly applied materials, resolutely eliminated any waste, and made every effort to reduce costs and increase benefits for the enterprise。 The used bricks will still work "Load these bricks up into the well and put them...

  • Targeted poverty alleviation has "Magic weapon" -- Summary of poverty alleviation work of coking coal company


    In 2014, there were a total of 541 people in 142 households in Zhaoyao Village, and 229 people in 63 households registered as poor, accounting for nearly 50% of the village population, making it a deeply poor village in Henan Province。 In September 2015, the poverty alleviation team of the coking coal Company entered the village。After more than three years of precise help like the spring breeze and rain, the once depressed poverty-stricken village in provincial level has been turned upside down...

  • Green in the Gobi Desert -- A Side note on Zotye Coal Coking promoting ecological civilization Construction


    May spring return thick, early summer flower just。 Into Zhongtai coal coking ecological park, luxuriant grass, willow Yiyi, green eyes。Rockery, pavilions scattered, rest lake, enjoy the sun, smell the flowers, suddenly let a person feel relaxed and happy。 But in the old photos, it was a vast desert as far as the eye could see, with rocks piled up and nothing growing。Every time the dust day...

  • Xin 'an Coal mine environmental protection governance again


    On May 11, the author learned that Xin 'an Coal mine combined with the actual mine, meticulous arrangement of environmental protection management work, each unit after receiving the task, on the spot issued a "military writ", to ensure the completion of the work within the time node, effectively improve the effectiveness of environmental protection rectification。 The mine has always put environmental protection and safety work in the same important position, require each unit on the original basis, according to their own reality...

  • Zhongyuan Dahua won the title of "Special Contribution Unit for Charitable Donation" in Puyang City


    Zhongyuan Dahua was awarded the title of "Special Contribution Unit for Charitable Donation" at the "Puyang 2019 One-Day Charity Donation Mobilization Conference" held on April 3。 Over the years, Zhongyuan Dahua has been committed to promoting charity, actively participating in various charity activities held in Puyang City, vigorously carrying out help and rescue work within the enterprise, and encouraging cadres and workers to actively participate in love...

  • Brave to be the first to put out the fire fighters show their true colors


    March 30 at 11:40, is on duty Geng village coal mine Wubao center director Li Le suddenly received Mianchi County Chengguan Town Yugou village village chief Zhang Jianping for help phone, because the villagers Qingming tomb sweeping, ignited mining hillside dry grass, villagers unable to put out the fire, need emergency assistance。 The fire is the command。Li Le quickly put this situation to the mine dispatch command center to report, with...

  • 牢记殷切教导 抓好安全环保 ——Coking coal company学习贯彻习近平安全生产重要...


    Safety is the bottom line, environmental protection is the red line, are untouchable high voltage lines。 党的十八大以来,习近平总书记多次就安全生产和环境保护工作作出重要批示指示,并把安全生产和环境保护作为民生大事,纳入全面建成小康社会的重要内容,成为企业推动高质量发展的指路明灯。 Group corporation...

  • Qianjin coal mining village enterprise pairs to help the poor people benefit


    On March 26, the author learned that Qianjin Coal Mine, in accordance with the poverty alleviation work requirements of Guizhou Province, actively cooperated with Baili Azalea Management Area of Qianxi County, Guizhou Province, vigorously carried out the village and enterprise pair assistance activities, and tried to make local villagers get benefits。The mine helped the surrounding people out of poverty by providing them with jobs to change their identities and teaching them to "fish"。 The mine has the priority of settlement...

  • Make concerted efforts to polish the "Green Name Card" -- A side note of Kaixiang Fine Chemical Industry to strengthen the construction of ecological civilization


    Kaixiang Fine Chemical earnestly implements the green development concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are gold hills and silver mountains", regards green development as the foundation and essential for the governance of enterprises, coordinates the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, and tries to find a win-win road between economic development and green development。 project-driven Build a "circular economy" The company attaches great importance to environmental protection work and actively promotes equipment...

  • Tianxin coal mine environmental protection in progress


    “锅炉房及筛分车间处物料码放杂乱、河沟盖板污雪白色垃圾过多、室外牌板灰尘大、水泥路面扬尘多……”3月28日,在天欣煤矿环保办公室督查巡查情况记录本上,巡查员李永雄列举了一条条“收获”。 It is understood that in order to actively practice the concept of ecological protection, Tianxin coal Mine specially set up the ring...

  • Coking Coal Company Builds health protection Net for Employees


    On March 24, the reporter learned from the coking coal company that the company insists on strengthening the prevention and control of occupational hazards as an important livelihood work. Through improving the mechanism, source control, standardized management and other measures, the company has carefully woven a "protective net" to protect the health of employees, creating a good working environment for employees。 Improve the mechanism。Occupational health leading bodies have been established to define the levels...

  • Green is the most beautiful background color of mine -- A sidebar on Shunhe Coal Mine's Promotion of "Garden Style" Mine Construction


    红花绿草,桃杏迎春,石径小路旁玉兰树已长到4米多高,满树花蕾,含苞待放……3月20日,笔者走在顺和煤矿矿区里,一眼望去,最是一年春好处。 Since the beginning of this year, Shunhe Coal Mine has taken environmental governance as a key project of people's livelihood, and has continued to carry out mining area purification, greening and beautification projects to create gardens...

  • A New Look -- A record of environmental protection work in Hexi Coal Mine


    In the afternoon of March 5, the provincial Department of Ecology and Environment air pollution control undercover inspection team to the six coal mine, found that the mine wood yard, material transport channel, the road near the east gate of the mine dust problems, was severely criticized by the inspection team on the spot。 The problems accumulated over the years were suddenly exposed, the calm of the mining area was broken instantly, and a surprise action of environmental management was immediately launched......

  • Fly the dreams of children in Qianxi Mountain


    On March 11, 238 poverty-stricken students aged 16 and above from more than 40 junior middle schools in Qianxi County gathered at the Qianxi County Secondary Vocational School in Bijie City, Guizhou Province。 From here, they will take four buses rented by Guizhou Yu Neng Company to the Central Plains to learn coal mining technology at Yima Coal Technical School。 This moment...

  • Changcun Coal Mine Youth Volunteer Service "Clean City Action"


    "Mechanized Mining Team one, repair team one。All RSVPS, pre-grouped, arriving at designated locations, moving in。"Early in the morning of September 6, the person in charge of the Civilization Office of Changcun Coal Mine organized staff to actively carry out the" Clean City Action "while carefully arranging work in the wechat working group.。 Recently, the mine to strive for a civilized unit of the group company as the power, based on the current...

  • Crane coal nine mine precise help to improve the employee happiness index


    Since the beginning of this year, Hexi Coal Nine Mine has maintained the legitimate rights and interests of employees by helping them in difficulties, skills and rights and interests, and constantly improved the happiness index of employees。 Difficult help, to build a bridge of happiness for workers。The mine in accordance with the principle of "based on the grassroots, standardized operation, highlighting key points, continuous help", through the grassroots Party branch secretary reported, I apply for a combination of the way,...

  • Big love warm small dream round ivory tower coking coal company in-depth "golden autumn student" activities


    "Master Xu,Congratulations,Children are very spirited,The exam results were very good,This set an example for the children of other workers in our coking coal company,I hope the two children study hard,等以后学成归来为Coking coal company、为伟德体育贡献力量……”8月23日,The person in charge of the coking coal company came to the home of Xu Shumin,For his kid who's going to college...

  • Yihai Energy Golden Autumn aid "three in place"


    In order to give full play to the bridging role of trade unions and promote the normalization and standardization of the work of helping people with difficulties, Yihai Energy Trade Union takes the "golden autumn aid" as an important measure to care for the workers, detailed the work deployment, pay close attention to the "three in place", and earnestly implement the care of the workers。 Arrange in place。On the eve of the college entrance examination, arrange special personnel to the company and two mines have candidates at home...

  • "Golden autumn education" to help the poor


    On August 16, He Coal Company held the 2018 "Golden Autumn Student" grant awarding ceremony。At the ceremony, the leaders of Crane Coal Company handed out grants to 12 student representatives。 This year, the company helped 44 new students, 14 former students and 19 grants.1万元。In order to earnestly implement this good concern about people's livelihood, care about education, close...

  • Yongcheng Park warm the hearts of students


    "Thanks for the company's help to me, so that I can smoothly enter the university study, I will study hard, with excellent results in return for the company's care for me。"On August 15, Pei Dongchen, the child of Meng Qingli, a poor worker in Yongcheng Park, said excitedly when he received the 3,000 yuan grant, which carried warmth and hope。 In order to help workers with difficulties to do practical things, do good things, solve difficulties...

  • Zhongtai coal coking help in place to support home


    On August 16, Zotye Coal Coking held the 2018 "Golden Autumn Student Aid" activity grant ceremony, giving grants to 4 employees' children who were admitted to college。This time, a total of 7,000 yuan was awarded to help employees' children realize their college dreams。 At the event, the company first congratulated the four students who had been admitted to key universities and encouraged them to cherish their visit...

  • Crane coal eight mine "golden autumn student" flying dream


    On August 16, the author learned from Crane coal eight mine, in order to realize the difficult worker family children enrollment dream, crane coal eight mine "golden autumn education" activity, early start, early planning, early arrangement, so that every difficult worker children enjoy the "golden autumn education" treatment to give care。 Clarify the scope of assistance for students in need。The mine labor union will register difficult workers, difficult retired workers and workers...

  • Cloud coal mine aid students to help the poor love holding workers


    In order to ensure that the children of the workers from disaster, illness to poverty and the old and the infirm to go to school get timely assistance, Yunmei No. 1 Mine "golden autumn aid" dream fulfillment heart-warming activities are being steadily and orderly promoted。 In order to ensure the smooth development of the "golden autumn student" activities, the mine standard procedures, strict checks, to apply for the staff check, in line with the rescue standards by the district captain review and sign on the mine...

  • Play Ma Zhuang mine "golden autumn aid" round poor students dream


    "At present, the first phase of our mine 'golden autumn aid' work has been finished, a total of 18 children of poor workers have been identified as the target of funding, our mine will according to the actual situation, grading according to the stipulated standards timely and full grants, to ensure that children of poor workers enrolled on time。"August 7, Yanma Zhuang mining union responsible person said。 Since July, in order to help this year was recorded by the university...

  • After the child was lost


    In the morning of August 1, two villagers holding a side written with "help people happy moral character" 8 characters of the Jinqi to find an Hua Company urea workshop staff Zhang Hailiang face to face to express gratitude。Originally, on the night of July 24, Zhang Hailiang helped the two villagers lost children to find their families, today they are specially to thank them in person。 At about 10 a.m., "Hello, I...

  • Crane Coal Company "golden autumn education" activities are fully launched


    7月26日,The reporter learned from the trade union of Hei Coal Company: Hei Coal company strives to fulfill the group company's mission of "serving the country and benefiting the workers",The "Golden Autumn student Aid" campaign was launched,Make a plan,Find the bottom of an investigation,Carry out "Golden Autumn education" activities deeply and extensively throughout the company,We will work hard to alleviate poverty and help students,Ensure that employees' children do not drop out of school due to poverty,Let every one...

  • Guizhou Company "three in advance" to achieve "golden autumn aid"


    The author learned from Guizhou company on July 22,The Party Committee of Guizhou Company takes "golden autumn education" as an important measure to implement the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company and care for people's livelihood,The "Golden Autumn student Aid" campaign was launched,We should understand, arrange, implement and provide accurate services in advance,We will help the children of poor workers in enterprises realize their college dreams。 Ahead of schedule...

  • Zhaogu mine "golden autumn aid" situation warm difficult workers


    It's another high school season。Since July, Zhaogu No. 1 Mine's "Golden autumn aid" activity has been implemented intensively. The mine has carried out the "Golden autumn aid" activity early, early planning and early arrangement, trying to make every child of the poor worker enjoy the "golden autumn aid" treatment, so that the poor worker deeply feel the warmth of the big family。 In order to ensure that assistance should be given, the mine union will...

  • Build a nest of Love for Migratory Birds


    "Dad, how do you fold this paper airplane?您再教我一遍吧,我还没有学会呢!”“伟德体育先将纸竖向放置,然后把左右顶角向中心线折叠……”7月8日,在龟兹矿业专门设置的一间探亲房里,笔者看到了如此和谐温馨的一幕。 Summer vacation is coming, "Xiao Hou" from Henan, Sichuan, Shanxi and other places...

  • Listen to the voice of the people, solve the people's worries, warm the people, gather the people, Liyong Coal Company, read good help "four-character Sutra"


    7月1日,Reporters learned from the Yongcoal company trade union,The company takes the help work as an important work to implement the spirit of the first Party Congress of the Group company and to serve the workers,To "listen to the voice of the people, solve the people's worries, warm the people, gather people's strength" as the breakthrough,Recite well "listen, understand, warm, gather" and "four-character Sutra",Be a good worker's first insider, the first contact,...

  • Lift up the Rising Sun with love -- A side note on the care of workers' children and left-behind children in Yongcoal Company


    “孩子是祖国的花朵,未来的希望,让孩子平安健康快乐地成长是伟德体育最大的心愿!”In recent years,Yongcoal company采取多种方式关心职工子女、留守儿童,用爱托起初升的太阳…… Let the flowers bloom more brilliant “美丽的小花,美丽的小花,开在祖国金灿灿的阳光下……”在六...

  • New schoolbags came from the mine


    "How old are you, my little friend?” "Auntie, I'm ten years old。” "This is a new school bag given to you by your mother's unit, and extracurricular reading materials, like it?” "Nice bag, thanks auntie。” This is the afternoon of May 29, Hei Coal No. 3 mining union staff to the mine logistics service center of female workers Wang Ziqi to visit the scene of sympathy。 For the children of the mines...

  • Careless lost baby guard sent home


    “我这孙女要是走丢了,伟德体育老两口真没法活了,多亏了咱矿Employee's帮助,找回了孩子,谢谢你们!”5月22日,陈王成远在老家的父母专程来到车集煤矿保卫科向李号道谢,两位老人激动地拉住李号等人的手久久不愿松开。 It all started on April 30th。It was eight in the morning....

  • Marriage and marriage unite and unite


    5月22日,笔者从新疆阿克苏地区工会获悉,经过层层评选,众泰煤焦化党委书记、董事长毛志民获评自治区级民族团结一家亲“最亲对子”先进个人荣誉称号。 The company维族职工艾合买提·卡米力是毛志民的“帮扶对子”。Aimaiti Kamili's mother in August 2015...

  • Gift books to promote learning and care full of


    In June 1 International Children's Day approaching, Longyu International Trade Union carried out the "Give baby a book" activity with the theme of "Parent-child reading · Grow up with you"。The company's union prepared a children's book catalog for children 12 and under in working families, and each child could choose from the catalog the books he or she liked as a holiday gift。At the same time, ask the staff to shoot one...

  • Targeted poverty alleviation was praised by the masses


    "As the weather gets hotter,Households use a lot of electricity,When electrical leakage occurs in household appliances,The leakage protector will automatically shut down,If not, the wire will get hot,Melting insulation,引发火灾……” 5月13日,The first secretary of the coking coal company in the village, the power supply office line work area Party branch secretary Zhang Jianyong in Zhaoyao village villagers explain the knowledge of electricity。 To safeguard poverty...

  • Help the poor and the disabled see the truth


    On May 15, the staff of the Yihai Energy Agency received a "special" gift from three staff members of the care center of the Federation of Disabled Persons in Delingha。A plaque with colorful silk embroidered "Heaven rewards the diligent" 4 characters dazzling。 Originally, this is Delingha Nursing Center to Yihai Energy in the 2017 "National Day for the Disabled" activity enthusiastic fundraising answer...

  • A miner's charity trip


    Life is like a journey, do not care about the destination, the scenery along the way, can also be gorgeous your life。In the coking Coal Company, Liu Maode, minister of the political work Department of Xinhe Mine and deputy secretary general of the Jiaozuo Volunteer Love Alliance, is one of the workers who enjoyed the public welfare trip。 Over the past 13 years, Liu Maode has personally contributed more than 100,000 yuan to help the poor and students in poor areas...

  • Corporate culture helps alleviate poverty


    On April 20, Gangtou Village, Panhe Township, Luthi County, was very busy. The villagers' faces were full of happy expressions. They rushed to tell each other: "Henan Energy has sent a big drama to our village。” Gangtou Village, Panhe Township, Lusi County, has a total of 936 people in 269 households, including 176 people in 53 impoverished households, which is designated as a poverty-stricken village in Henan Province and also the poverty-stricken village assisted by the Group Company。In recent years, in...

  • Cui Haijiang named "Hebi Good Man"


    On April 19, in the first quarter of 2018 "Hebi Good Man" commendation and moral lecture activity held in Hebi City, Cui Haijiang, a retired employee of Hebi Coal company, was awarded as "Hebi Good Man" after he jumped into ice water three times to save three children falling into the water.。 Cui Haijiang, male, born in May 1962, retired employee of Shuangxiang Branch of Hehe Coal Company。At about 2 p.m. on February 1 this year, he left for Tsuru...

  • Wei Nianfang, a "moral model", returns to the "good People" list


    On the morning of April 18th, Wei Nianfang, a worker of Gengcun Coal mine, was awarded the title of the 10th "Moral Model", "Yima Good Man" and "the First Civilized Family" in Yima City and the launch ceremony of voluntary service activities. At the same time, she was also selected into the 2017 "Good Man List" of Sanmenxia City.。 Wei Nianfang, 45, has been an active public servant for years...

  • Zhongma Village mine "Spring breeze action" warm people's hearts


    The spring breeze melts the rain and moistens the heart。In order to further carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era and guide the majority of young workers to make more contributions to the activities of "Management Improvement Year" with practical actions, on March 5, the Committee of the Zhongma Village Mining League carried out the activity of "Learning from Lei Feng" among all youth league members and organized the youth League members to carry out extensive and in-depth service activities to further carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng。 For days, the mine districts...

  • Learn from Lei Feng and See Action -- A brief overview of youth volunteer activities in the Wuhuan Branch of Hexi Coal


    雷锋精神,人人可学;奉献精神,处处可为。 一次次献爱心送温暖,一次次安全宣教活动,一次次义务劳动……鹤煤五环分公司的青年志愿者们不计报酬,无私奉献,为广大职工家属提供无偿服务,以实际行动诠释了什么是新时代的雷锋精神,在平凡的岗位上谱写了一...

  • Jiaozishan Coal mine selected "industrial village head" to tackle poverty alleviation


    Recently, Jiaozishan Coal Mine actively responded to the call of the local government, and selected excellent workers to serve as the "industrial village head" in the poor villages to help the poor people in the local poor villages to overcome poverty。 The mine takes helping the poor people in the local poor villages out of poverty as a political task. In accordance with the requirements of the local government's action plan to help poverty alleviation, it combines the actual situation of the enterprise and the resources and production of the poor villages...

  • The old man fell down by the roadside to help the miner


    “当时大家都很着急,天气那么冷,有的询问他家人电话,有的往他身下垫衣物,好在找到了他的家人,送到了医院……”提及近日路边助人的事情,常村煤矿常盛公司职工韩彩霞仍满怀关切。 At 12:10 a.m. on February 5, Han Caixia got off work and saw an old man lying on the steps by the roadside...

  • Mafuguo visited the poverty-stricken people in poverty alleviation villages designated by the Group company to send New Year wishes


    Ma Fuguo talks with villagers in Gangtou Village, Panhe Township The Spring Festival is coming. How are the poor people getting ready for the Spring Festival?And the difficulties?In the early morning of February 3rd, Ma Fuguo, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, drove to Gangtou Village, Panhe Township, Lushi County, which the group had designated for poverty alleviation, to visit and offer condolences to the people in need and to pay homage to their early years。集...

  • Help the disabled and the orphans


    On January 9, the head of the East non-ferrous metal smelting plant of Hexi Coal Mine and the staff representative of the plant visited the children in the Hebi Social Welfare Institute with well-prepared gifts。 Accompanied by staff from the municipal Social welfare Institute, the staff representatives of Oriental Smelter visited the children's dormitory, activity room, rehabilitation training room, music room and other activity places。During the tour, hospital officials...

  • The son can study for a doctorate, Yihai Energy contributed


    “The son can study for a doctorate, Yihai Energy contributed,没有义海就没有我儿子的今天!”说这话的是Yihaeneng源大煤沟矿食堂的服务员王玉霞。 "No lack of oxygen ambition, dare to compare with the plateau"。During the interview of Yihai Energy, the author was touched, shocked and influenced by some people and things from time to time. I need a husband to go...

  • Adhere to the "three Measures" for student aid


    "This year, there are 23 new college students from poor families enrolled in our mine, and there are 6 college students from poor families. We plan to arrange the Golden Autumn grant.7万元。"August 22, Zhao Guyi mine union chairman Guo Yiqing told the author。 It is reported that the mine in accordance with the leadership of the Party Committee, administrative support, trade union operation, the principle of mutual help of workers, through the student policy publicity in place, family poverty...

  • Love helps students dream


    At noon on August 22, Zhongyuan Dahua Company's labor union staff, despite the scorching sun, personally visited the house to send 1000 yuan "golden autumn grant" to a student in need of hands, which kicked off the company's 2017 annual "golden Autumn send warmth" series of activities。On the same day, with the "golden autumn aid" at the same time, the company's labor union to help workers in need...

  • The coking coal company helps students from poor families to enroll smoothly


    On August 12, the reporter learned that in order to further solve the problem of poor workers' children's schooling, not to let them drop out because of poverty, the coking coal company recently launched the "golden autumn education" activity, so that the children of poor workers smoothly into the university gate。 The company attaches great importance to the "golden autumn education" activities, developed a detailed schedule of activities, the company's main leaders into the household condolences, for...

  • Crane coal three mine to help mine students realize their dreams


    "Everyone come and see, this year we miners union 'golden autumn aid' list published, see whose children have been admitted to the university"。 This is the morning of August 14, in front of the window of the parking lot of Hei Coal Mine, the workers and commuters are talking about the lively scene in front of the "golden autumn student" bulletin board。 This year, the mine union insisted that "not a single worker's child due to family economic poverty...

  • Play Ma Zhuang mine "golden autumn aid" early start


    "At present, the mine 'golden autumn education' individual application work has finished, a total of 24 children of poor workers have submitted the application for funding, our mine will according to the actual situation in time to grant grants, to ensure the children of poor workers enrolled in time。"August 15, Yanma Zhuang mining union responsible person said。 Since August, Yanmazhuang Mine to "golden autumn aid" work early planning, early arrangement...

  • Care for employees "quiet"


    “在炎热天气里,伟德体育在职工宿舍吹着空调,用着领导送来的防暑降温物品,干劲更足了,对企业更多的是感恩!”8月3日,轿子山煤矿职工艾贺民动情地说。This is an epitome of Yongcoal Company's activities of "sending coolness and care to the grassroots in summer"。 "Send cool, to the heart of the workers。...

  • There is love in the world


    On July 20, Wu Xiaoshan, a staff member of the first team of Qiuci Mining Machinery, received donations of love from his fellow workers。In early July this year, Wu Xiaoshan unfortunately suffered from uremia and his condition worsened. He has been transferred to Urumqi People's Hospital for treatment。The sudden disaster, let this originally is not rich family worse。The mining party and government leaders learned of this situation, immediately issued a donation initiative, large...

  • A rainy night warms the heart of the melon farmer


    July 18 morning, Mianchi County a few melon farmers with a young man to thank, will also be a few watermelon to the young man's arms。“要不是你,俺几个晚上还不知道咋过呢!俺也没啥值钱的东西,这几个瓜你一定得收下……”这个小伙子叫陈超,是煤气化公司义马气化厂的一名职工。 Things have to start at 1...

  • Crane Coal Company launched the "golden autumn student" activity


    On July 12, the reporter learned from the trade union of Hehe Coal Company that the company is trying to fulfill the corporate mission of "serving the country and benefiting the employees", and started the "golden autumn education" activity in advance to ensure that the children of employees do not drop out due to poverty, so that every child of employees with difficulties can afford to go to school。 The event will be held from July 12 to August 31。Activity funding model...

  • "Three precise measures" to help solve difficulties


    On July 3, reporters learned that since this year, the Ma village mining union to help the work as a stable team of events to catch, through the implementation of help to help the poor "three precision", harmonized the relationship between cadres and masses, for enterprise reform out of the difficulties to create a good atmosphere。 Precise implementation of responsibilities。“帮扶不帮扶,群众最清楚……”Union of the mine认识到精准帮扶是一项系统工程,必须...

  • Mafuguo visited the designated poverty alleviation villages of the Group company to ensure targeted poverty alleviation and resolutely win poverty alleviation...


    On June 14, Ma Fuguo paid a visit to the poverty alleviation village designated by the Group company. The picture shows a survey of poverty alleviation projects introduced by the Group company With deep concern for poor villages and poor people, Ma Fuguo, Party Secretary and chairman of the Group, went to Gangtou Village, Panhe Township, Lusi County, designated by the Group for poverty alleviation assistance, on June 14 to carry out field research on targeted poverty alleviation work...

  • An oxygen generator has been installed in the dormitory of Yihai Energy


    "With an oxygen generator installed in the dormitory, I am no longer afraid of sleepless nights。"June 8, Yihai Energy Muli mining workers dormitory a worker said。 It is reported that the Muri mining area of Yihai Energy is 4200 meters above sea level, and the natural environment is very harsh all the year round. In the anoxic environment for a long time, it does great harm to the body。Especially at night, insomnia has become a problem for many workers...

  • The book is accompanied by the heart and hand


    On May 27, under the leadership of Haixi State Committee of the Communist Youth League, the general manager of Yihai Energy donated 344 sets of books to Time Hope Primary School on behalf of the company to send a holiday gift to the children of Haixi。 The book donation campaign was initiated by Haixi Prefectural Youth League Committee, aiming to mobilize all sectors of society and enterprises to actively participate in the action of caring for left-behind children with "sincere feelings to warm the heart of children, realize dreams and wish"。Yihaeneng...

  • Love warm "61" full of care


    5月30日,The reporter learned from Crane coal company,On the arrival of "61" International Children's Day,In order to make the crane coal company outside the province workers family children, single parent difficult female workers family children, listed in the difficult workers archives management orphans have a happy and meaningful festival,The company's trade union organized a special "61 special care" activity。 Crane Coal Company union against in Inner Mongolia...

  • Different Dragon Boat Festival situation


    February 25, Yuejin coal mine, workers just up the shaft, waiting aside female workers with a sachet and colorful rope, have come up around。 "Dragon Boat Festival sachet, send you peace。"Xiao Liu, a female worker, said while showing the sachet in her hand。When Xiao Liu said this, people held out their hands。"You can't just take it. It's the real thing。"Staff...

  • Gengcun Coal Mine volunteer to mother the mentally disabled children


    May 19 is the 27th National Day for Helping the Disabled.。That morning, wearing red vest Gengcun coal mine love volunteers came early to Mianchi County special education school to visit the mentally disabled children here。 10 female love volunteers and 10 mentally disabled children were the loving mothers of the children in the one-to-one docking ceremony。The kindness of loving volunteers in Gengcun Coal Mine...

  • To care for the workers on the heart


    "Now not only is there a parking space, there are sun shelters in the parking lot and everyone is happy。"On May 12, after the suburban coal mine extension parking lot was put into use, to park here workers all praise for this。 Originally, with the continuous growth of workers with cars, the mine's original parking lot has been far from meeting the parking needs, vehicle parking problem has become the most concerned workers,...

  • Save up your love


    "The 'Love fund' let the staff deeply feel the warmth of the big family, the staff's heart and the enterprise closely linked together。"May 12, Shunhe coal Mine a Party member cadre to introduce to the author。 Originally, in order to effectively help workers in difficulty, carry forward the traditional virtues of solidarity and mutual aid, poverty alleviation, the mine set up a special "love fund"。 It is understood that each of the funds was used...

  • Geng Village Coal Mine volunteer service to send care selfless kindness won praise


    4月26日,There were more than 40 volunteers from Gengcun Coal Mine, Mianchi Branch of Sanmenxia Charity Home, together with Zhengzhou Ruiman Children's Autism Rehabilitation and Treatment Center, Zhengzhou Xuanru Group, Zhengzhou Morning Glory Community and people from Jiaozuo and other places,Mianchi County rushed to Shaofeng Village Potou Township autistic children home,Give help and guidance,And not for the local village small...

  • Love "red vest" sincere service busy


    In the spring season, the youth members of Crane Coal machinery and equipment manufacturing Company wear red vests printed with the logo of the volunteer service team, into the community, into the residents, leaving the shadow of true service。 “你们真是太热心了,谢谢你们!”4月17日一大早,77岁高龄的独居老人柏应芳紧紧握着前来送米并帮忙打扫卫生的志愿服...

  • The coal mine is eager to help the sick and dying strangers


    "I hear you saved a stranger?"" Oh, that was last week. Why?"Answer is Yi 'an Mining Wubao Section Pei Xiang, the question is the section chief Liu Hao。Liu Hao is to Pei Xiang understand a "hidden" good thing。 Originally, March 14 afternoon, Pei Xiang in the course of duty patrol, found a man of more than 50 years old walking instability, pale face...

  • "Horse strong hold", love surging circle of friends


    “马强挺住,愿你父亲早日康复”、“动起来,帮帮咱的兄弟,转发朋友圈,让更多的爱心人士加入进来”……连日来,新义矿业干部Employee's朋友圈里爱心涌动,大家都在为The company一名工友的父亲进行爱心接力。 On February 1, the mine ventilation team gunner Ma Qiang's father, due to an accident fell...

  • Yangcun coal mine workers eat vegetables


    “这蔬菜真是水灵!”“没想到矿上还记挂着伟德体育,真不错!”2月15日,杨村煤矿俱乐部广场上人头攒动,该矿正在为矿区60岁以上的职工家属免费发放惠民蔬菜。 The free batch of Huimin vegetables, more than 500 kilograms, was the first batch of experimental vegetables in the mine's "pioneer park" fruit and vegetable greenhouses, accounting for the total output...

  • Have to help special trapped special help to maintain stability and promote safety


    On February 8, the author learned from Guhanshan Mine that the trade union of the mine has been expanding the channels for helping the workers, trying to do practical things, good things and solve difficulties, creating a new pattern of helping work and promoting the harmony and stability of the mining area。 Just after the Spring Festival, the mine trade union implemented dynamic management for the families of the poor workers in the mine, and organized special personnel to go deep into the families of the poor workers and visit them for actual research。与此...

  • Warm New Year - Volunteer action to warm centenarians


    On February 1, Changcun Coal Mine organized young volunteers to carry out the activity of "sending warmth to lonely old people"。Several volunteers made dumplings for centenarian Guo Ying 'e and sent her New Year wishes and warm love。 Guo Ying 'e, 103, is the oldest person in the mining community, having left no children after his wife died early。The mine not only provides them with daily necessities and living for free...

  • The cold winter warms the hearts of the villagers


    "Look at this down jacket. It's new. It's warm。” "It's a nice blanket, too. It'll be comfortable on the bed。” "This is all donated to us by Henan energy people, thank you so much, we can have a warm year。” On January 18, the Party Committee staff of Yongcoal Company delivered the donated materials to Pan, Lu Shi County, Sanmenxia City, where the group was helping the company...

  • Heart staff warm current surging


    On the morning of January 18, the leaders of Yanmazhuang Mine went into the families of the workers and the hospital wards respectively to visit the 6 sick workers and send them blessings and money to express the care of the enterprise for them。This is a microcosm of the mine's solid Spring Festival activities to send warmth。 The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure that the families of difficult workers have a happy, peaceful, warm holiday, the mine in the grip...

  • Our hearts are warmer to send love


    On December 25, snowflakes fell in Hei Coal Mine。The weather is cold, but the heart of the poor workers of Hexi Coal Mine is warm。 "It's snowing. Is it warm at home?What are the difficulties in life?"That morning, he coal six mine leading a group of people with condolences to the workers Liu inherited home。 "You came to visit us at home on such a cold day. Give me this...

  • Let the mountain children warm winter


    Poor students in Guoyuan Township, Mianchi County, received gift packages filled with love on December 21, the day of the lunar winter Solstice.。The children here feel the warmth of winter thanks to the free donations from the caring people。 In order to help left-behind children stay warm in the winter, Mianchi County Women's Federation, education and sports Bureau and Mianchi County "Love Home" volunteer association jointly launched care for poverty...

  • Crane coal company to help workers feel warm


    On December 12, the reporter learned that the Crane Coal company in the implementation of the "three battles" work measures at the same time, adhere to the "people-oriented, the interests of the masses no small matter" concept, accurate help, dedicated service, effectively promote the harmonious development of the enterprise。 Strengthen training, skill help。The company closely around the safety of production, management and other key work, solid development of staff...

  • A "caring panda donation box" was set up in the mining area


    On December 8, a cute "Love Panda donation box" appeared at the gate of Gengcun Coal Mine Club。"This is my clean padded coat. Can I just put it in?”……前来捐助或询问的职工及家属们络绎不绝。 It is reported that the "Love Panda donation box" was approved by the labor union of Gengcun Coal Mine through the volunteer association of Love Home in Sanmenxia City...

  • A "caring panda donation box" was set up in the mining area


    On December 8, a cute "Love Panda donation box" appeared at the gate of Gengcun Coal Mine Club。"This is my clean padded coat. Can I just put it in?”……前来捐助或询问的职工及家属们络绎不绝。 It is reported that the "Love Panda donation box" was approved by the labor union of Gengcun Coal Mine through the volunteer association of Love Home in Sanmenxia City...

  • Love, surging here


    "Yigo, we wait for you to come back!" "Child, strong, cheer for you!" …… On November 30, the wechat public platform, an article titled "Let love fuel life -- save a girl suffering from leukemia in the flower season" touched people's hearts。In just three days, the article was forwarded and shared more than 3,800 times and received nearly 7,000 endorsements。...

  • Yongcoal Company solid promotion of the people's project construction work


    "Mutual aid fund" for emergency relief As the saying goes, "a penny is not a hero", in order to avoid which workers are "difficult" by money, Yongcoal company to strengthen the people's livelihood project construction, requires all units, leading cadres at all levels to pay attention to the work and life of workers, to help workers solve practical problems, so that workers in the work without worries。Among them, Xinqiao Coal Mine to the district team as a unit, by the management personnel...

  • Warm prompt to send workers


    “为了家人的嘱托,请按章操作,让安全时刻陪伴你!”“安全相伴你我他,快乐幸福进万家。”“安全来自长期警惕,事故源于瞬间麻痹……”近日,一条条标注有“九里山矿工会温馨提示”的安全提示短信,发送到了该矿Employee's手机里。 In recent days, Jiulishan mine labor union full...

  • The waiting room of Zhaogu Mine is built to the workers' heart


    “这候车室真是建到咱职工心坎儿上了!”11月5日,Zhaogu No. 1 mine几名等车的职工在谈论着新近建成的候车室。 Next to the main road in the mine, the workers' activity center is the waiting room that the workers are talking about。It is understood that in order to strive to create a harmonious mine, improve the employee happiness index, the mine practice of "two learning and one doing" learning results, decided to build...

  • The six miners of great love


    As we all know, the probability of unrelated hematopoietic stem cell anastomosis is very low。However, in Qianqiu Coal Mine, hematopoietic stem cells donated by 6 miners were successfully matched within 6 years, saving the lives of 6 leukemia patients in other places, which is very rare in the whole country and can be called a miracle of life。On October 31, reporters came to the six miners to interview their touching stories。 ...

  • "Three help" warm the heart


    The trade union is the "mother family" of the workers, and it is the bounden responsibility of the trade union organization to think what the workers want and meet their needs。 In the context of coal industry overcapacity reduction, the trade union of Hei Coal Company based on the reality of Hei Coal Mine area, according to the profession, interest, age and physical condition of the workers, the implementation of skills, funds, psychological and other precise help, so that the workers feel the warmth of spring...

  • Swedish man returns to 'hometown' miner's daughter to Help 'dream round'


    A few days ago, Geng village coal mine miners' daughter Ji Hui to help the Swedish old man back to the second hometown - Mianchi story, spread in the wechat circle of friends, by the mining workers' families widely praised。 Ji Hui is Geng village coal mine workers' children, 2007 to Sweden Yefler University study period, a chance, she met the Swedish old Pei Ruyi (Chinese name), and understand the old man...

  • Targeted poverty alleviation department of coking coal Company


    On October 22, the author learned that, in accordance with the relevant requirements of poverty alleviation work, the coke-coal power supply Department on behalf of the coke-coal company went to Zhaoyao Village, Qixian Town, Xiuwu County, on behalf of the coke-coal company to offer condolences, effectively sending the Party's care and warmth from the enterprise and society to the hearts of the needy people。 This time a total of more than 10 families visited the poor people, each to a place, the players and help...

  • The group company visited the corresponding poverty alleviation village


    October 17 marks China's third Poverty Alleviation Day。On the same day, Wang Wenliang, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group Company, Liu Huifa, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, on behalf of the Party Committee of the Group company, went to the poverty-stricken villages to visit some of the poverty-stricken households and visit the staff of the Group company's village assistance team。 Gang Tou Village is located in Panhe Township, Luthi County...

  • Love department "sunset red" care for old workers


    On October 9, the reporter learned that in the golden autumn, Crane coal nine mine more measures to care for the old workers, so that the old workers have something to support, to do, to enjoy。 The mine puts retirement management on the important agenda, and regularly organizes personnel to visit the retired workers, listen to the retired workers on the mine work opinions and suggestions, understand their physical conditions, enthusiasm for him...

  • Create an atmosphere of respect and love for the elderly


    On Oct 9, Zhongyuan Dahua held a fun sports meeting with the theme of "Golden Autumn Music Double Ninth Festival", adding a note of joy to the spare time life of retired workers。 The annual Fun Sports meeting of the Double Ninth Festival is a "traditional program" of Zhongyuan Dahua to care for retired workers and create an atmosphere of respecting and caring for the elderly.。This year's sports meeting features "Lazy Bikes" and "Fun Hoops"....

  • Real action to benefit the people, true feelings and gather the hearts of the people


    Correspondent Lee Lian-Cheong and Son Sang “真情像草原广阔,层层风雨不能阻隔……”新桥煤矿综采队采煤机司机王喜峰本是一个内向的人,可最近常常笑容满面,没事时还喜欢唱两句。 "The coal market is not good, but the miners have been very kind to us。Don't sing two words, hold in the heart more uncomfortable...

  • Yongcoal company "golden autumn aid" for students to realize their dreams


    "Thank you to the business for helping us during our most difficult time,In the future study way,We will redouble our efforts,用更大的成功回报父母、回报企业……”8月25日,In the 2016 "Golden Autumn student" funding ceremony of Yongcoal Company,Assisted student representative - Yudong power generation workers' children Tian Yu excitedly said。 In the face of continuing severe business conditions, Yong...

  • A "late" acceptance letter


    Correspondent Lee Yeon-cheong Baekyoung-ryong On August 25, as Cheji Coal Mine's "golden autumn aid" work came to an end, union worker Wang Qiuli was preparing for the next day's aid ceremony。 At this moment, an employee hurried into the union office。 "Hello comrade, I am Zhao Shigan, a staff member of the transportation team, and I have come to apply for the Golden Autumn education。"Zhao Shigan's side...

  • Yonggui Energy to support the children of poor workers to realize their dreams


    The author learned on August 24, in this year's "Golden autumn aid" activity, Yonggui Energy to help the children of the poor 27 people, 13 grants.50,000 yuan, the highest amount of subsidies and the largest number of recipients in the past year。 In the face of the continued downturn in the coal market situation and the greater pressure of production and management, the company has always been concerned about workers, workers urgent urgent hot...

  • Zhao Gu's twin brother and sister realized their college dream


    "This time, the mine has given 5,000 yuan as a grant, so my two children can go to college without worry。"August 25, Zhaogu mine fully mechanized mining two team workers Shan Hailin told the author。 Originally, Shan Hailin family conditions are very difficult, his wife is ill can not work, his eldest daughter just graduated from university did not find a job, and now there are a pair of twin siblings in this year's college entrance examination all got the admission notice...

  • Zhongyuan Dahua will send the warmth of students to the door


    (Reporter Chen Kai) August 24, Zhongyuan Dahua 8 families of difficult workers received a surprise。On the same day, the company's labor union staff visited the company's first batch of 2016 "golden autumn students" to help people, and sent the money to the workers' children。"Door-to-door service" has become a major feature of the company's "golden autumn education" this year。 Since the launch of "Golden Autumn...

  • Zhao Guyi Mine "golden autumn aid" for students to realize their dreams


    It's school season again。In order to help and support the poor workers in the mining area to solve their children's difficulties in going to school, since August, Zhaogu No. 1 Mine's "Golden autumn aid" activity is being carried out intensively。For the purpose of "precise identification, precise rescue and precise poverty alleviation", the mine trade union organized grassroots workshop trade union cadres to hold a special meeting of "golden autumn aid" and arranged various work in detail。 在今...

  • Take the initiative to do practical things to serve people's livelihood and promote development


    □ Lee Shuejun, correspondent In the current severe coal market situation, in the face of a complex and sharp development problems, the trade union of coking coal companies take the initiative to attack, take active actions, adhere to the single-minded workers, take a variety of measures, strive to safeguard the interests of workers, help the enterprise to solve the problem of transformation。 For the safety of workers We will strengthen public safety work and build mass prevention and governance for safety...

  • Yangcun coal mine set up community health service station


    (Reporter Gao Yong Correspondent Dong Hui) On the morning of August 11th, Yangcun Coal Mine held the opening ceremony and unveiling ceremony of Nuanyuan Community Health Service Station, which marked a solid step taken by the mine to actively deepen reform。 Nuanyuan Community Health Service Station project is this year Yangcun coal mine to pay close attention to a popular project, is to deepen the "two learning and one action", the construction of "safe Yang village...

  • Grateful enterprises for miners free class for mining area


    On August 12, the author walked into the hall of Guanyintang Coal Miners' Club and saw Li Gangzheng, the director of the painting and calligraphy studio of the company, and more than 30 primary and middle school students immersed in painting。The walls are covered with their paintings, such as landscape watercolors, meticulous birds and brightly colored cartoons。From time to time, Li Gang gets up and walks among the children to guide them。This is Li just in the summer...

  • Caring for employees "zero distance"


    (Lee Jin-guk, Correspondent, Jang Jin-moon) On August 3rd, the reporter learned from the trade union of Jiulishan Mine that in order to ensure the stability of the staff under the difficult situation, the mine trade union insisted on caring for the staff "zero distance", mobilizing the enthusiasm of the majority of workers。 Promote safety projects to ensure the personal safety of workers。The mine union continues to increase the mass safety work, through the monthly...

  • Xinlong Coal Industry to Anyang disaster area donated 300,000 yuan


    Anyang was hit by heavy rains in July, which caused severe flooding。Duli Township, Laikou Township and Shanying Town of Anyang County are located in the vicinity of coal mining enterprises affiliated to Xinlong Coal Industry。The homes of more than 200 workers in five pairs of Xinlong coal mines were affected by the disaster, including six relatives of a worker in the main coking mine who died in the flood。 In the face of flooding after the home, Xinlong coal industry...

  • "Golden Autumn education" in action


    (Reporter Kong Xiaohai Correspondent Yang Zhikuang) August 9, the reporter learned from the Yanmazhuang mining union, in order to further solve the problem of difficult workers' children schooling, the mine in accordance with the requirements of the superior, one by one to find out the investigation, strict implementation of procedures, solid implementation of the "golden autumn education" activities, to help the children of difficult workers round the university dream。 In this year's "Golden Autumn Education" activity,...

  • Crane coal railway Department of a worker to help the lost elderly home


    (Reporter Wang Yifeng Correspondent Bo Shaofeng) On the afternoon of July 28, Ms. Sun's 76-year-old mother-in-law went missing from Liyang Mingzhu Community in Qibin District, Hebi City. The elderly woman suffers from Alzheimer's disease, which can make the family anxious。After the family called the police, they searched the streets everywhere and posted the information on wechat moments。Fortunately, on July 30, good Samaritan Gong Qinghua was there...

  • Let "send cool" warm workers' hearts


    □ Ma Zhigang The scorching sun was unbearable。为了保障“高温下的坚守者”身心健康,各单位有的送冰糕冷饮、有的送防暑知识、有的送高温补贴……可以说“送清凉”让大家在炎热的伏天感受到了阵阵凉爽,同时温暖了心窝。The author believes that the enterprise care about workers is not the best, only better, in...

  • Transmission of love


    Correspondent Han Jeong Lee Hong Ju On July 26, when he received donations from his leaders and colleagues, Yang Xiangfeng, an employee of the maintenance project department of Xinxiang, Henan Chemical Industry Co., LTD., was so excited that tears filled his eyes。 From 2 o 'clock on July 18 to 4 o 'clock on July 20, Anyang area suffered the largest rainfall since the beginning of summer this year, with some areas in Anyang County receiving more than 27 hours of rainfall...

  • Yishan Coal Company launched the 2016 "Golden Autumn education" activity


    (Han Shinpo, Reporter) On July 22, Yili Coal Company officially launched the 2016 "Golden Autumn Education" activity, which aims to reduce the economic pressure on the children of employees with difficulties to go to school, ensure that the children of employees do not drop out due to poverty, and promote the harmony and stability of the mining area。 The financial aid is aimed at freshmen who take the national college entrance exam and are admitted to full-time colleges approved by the Ministry of Education...

  • Hebi coal chemical industry in crisis time busy water to highlight the good image of the enterprise


    On July 20, the author learned that the deck of the Sihe Bridge in Shanchengcheng District of Hebi City collapsed due to days of heavy rain, which damaged the main water supply pipeline and caused a large area of water supply in Shanchengcheng District, seriously affecting the normal life of citizens。After understanding this situation, Hebi Coal Chemical Industry immediately organized the water tanker, to the surrounding communities and villages of voluntary water delivery, by the majority of the public praise, shape a good enterprise...

  • Coking coal company "golden autumn aid" dream round


    On July 21, the author learned from the coking coal company, in order to further solve the problem of difficult employees' children's schooling, recently, the company officially launched 2016 "golden autumn education" activities, and more measures to achieve accurate identification, accurate rescue, accurate poverty, to help the children of difficult workers realize their dreams。 Broaden the field of aid。To "one is not a few" as the goal, coking coal company this time...

  • Eliminate summer annoying cool workers heart


    (Reporter Kong Xiaohai Correspondent Zhang Jinwen) “大家快到这边来,吃块西瓜凉快凉快……”7月18日下午,在九里山矿副井口,该矿6名女工协管员热情地招呼着上井下井的矿工。 In order to eliminate the adverse effects of high temperature weather on production safety and ensure the physical and mental health of the workers, the mine labor union earnestly implements heat prevention and cooling...

  • Crane Coal Company "golden autumn student" opened


    (Reporter Liu Jinfeng) July 13, the reporter learned from the crane coal company trade union, this year crane coal company "golden autumn student" activity has been officially launched。All units work actively to alleviate poverty and help students, ensuring that no child of a poor worker will drop out of school due to family financial difficulties。 The company's "Golden Autumn Education" campaign runs from July 10 to August 31。There are two levels of activity...

  • Take multiple measures to strengthen cohesion


    (Lee Jin-guk, Correspondent, Jang Jin-moon) On June 30, the reporter learned from Jiulishan Mine that in the face of the severe coal market situation, the mine trade union closely around the development of the enterprise and the rights and interests of the workers, constantly play the role of the trade union organization, to further promote the harmonious development of the enterprise。 We will continue to carry out supplementary insurance for mutual assistance, special disease insurance for female workers, and help workers in extreme poverty...

  • Crane coal company summer to send cool love warm heart


    (Reporter Liu Jinfeng) 6月16日,Reporters learned from crane coal company,In order to do a good job in summer safety production and heat prevention and cooling work,Protect the health of employees,The company has launched a "Cool Summer" campaign with the theme of "Cool, healthy and safe",It includes carrying out supervision and inspection on labor protection of employees, and organizing employees' representatives to carry out special supervision...

  • Yongcoal company to the people's livelihood work to the heart of the workers


    June 20, the author learned from Yongcoal company, the company to pay close attention to the people's livelihood project construction, to do good things for the staff, do practical work as the focus of work, effectively maintain the interests of the staff, unite and mobilize the staff together, work hard, practical work, for the enterprise to win the crisis to survive the battle to provide strong support。 Secure security and improve people's livelihood。Security is the biggest livelihood...

  • High temperature sends cool care and warms the heart


    “师傅,您辛苦了,快吃块西瓜吧!”6月13日,中马村矿井口,一位女工协管员热情地招呼刚刚出井的职工。This is the mine union is carrying out cooling activities。 Into the hot summer, the mine heat prevention and cooling work as to ensure the health of workers and mine safety to grasp the event, actively implement heat prevention and cooling measures, all...

  • Construction of Occupational Health "Green Barrier" in suburban Coal Mines


    June 16, the author learned from suburban coal mine, since this year, the mine to cherish occupational health extension of safety management, to build occupational health "green barrier", promote occupational health monitoring coverage rate of more than 95%, to ensure the realization of "safe production zero death, zero occupational health injury"。 Full publicity, strengthen awareness。The mine adhere to "prevention first, combined with prevention and control...

  • Dream "micro wish" true love cast great love


    (Reporter Gao Yong Correspondent Li Hongbo) “没想到‘微心愿’这么快就实现了,真是谢谢企业!谢谢领导!”6月7日上午,端午节前夕,义煤常村煤矿的领导带着祝福和慰问金来到社区贫困户家中,帮助他们实现“微心愿”。 According to the civilized unit to create the relevant work deployment, the mine solid...

  • Yongcoal Company takes many measures simultaneously to hold up the occupational health protection umbrella of workers


    (Reporter Shang Mengmeng Correspondent Wei Jinwei) 6月13日,The reporter learned from the Yongcoal company,The company firmly established the "management of safety must be in charge of occupational health" thought,We will promote comprehensive and integrated management of occupational health and production safety,Through perfecting rules and regulations, grasping publicity training, improving the working environment and other measures,Minimize occupational hazards,Effectively guaranteed...

  • Yili Coal Company donated money to poor areas


    (Reporter Yang Sanxiang, Yuan Huanxin) On June 6, there was a long line under the office building of Yili Coal Company。The leaders of the company took the lead in donating money and love to Gangtou Village, Panhe Township, Luthi County, to help them get rid of poverty and get rich as soon as possible。 Luthi County is a national-level poverty-stricken county, and Gangtou Village is one of the poverty-stricken villages in the province. The economy is backward, and the per capita income of the whole village is far lower...

  • The group company has organized donations to help villages lift themselves out of poverty


    (Reporter Song Lixin) In order to actively implement the arrangement of poverty alleviation work in our province, the Group company held a donation ceremony to help poverty alleviation on June 1st。Group company chairman, Party Secretary Chen Xiangen made a mobilization speech at the donation ceremony。Members of the group's leading group and the person in charge of the department attended the ceremony and donated actively。 Chen Xiangen said in a mobilization speech...

  • "Book to send" enterprise care


    “这是我女儿之前用过的教辅和课外读物,希望其他工友的子女能用得上……”5月29日,在陈四楼煤矿工会办公室,综掘四队办事员丁慧敏将一摞书递到工作人员手中。 In order to facilitate the learning of employees' children, the transmission of enterprise care, the mine to "meet the '61' special care action" as an opportunity, in the mine cadres...

  • Happy "61" warm accompany


    (Reporter Liu Jinfeng) 5月26日,The reporter learned from Crane coal company,On the arrival of the International Children's Day,In order to let the crane coal company outside the province workers family children, single parent difficult female workers family children, listed in the difficult workers archives management orphans have a happy holiday,The company's labor union organized a "61" special care activity throughout the company,Let the kids feel it...

  • Rural selection factory to protect the health of workers "without compromise"


    (Reporter Li Lianqing Dong Zhidan) "Ma Kaiqiang, your dust mask filter paper needs to be changed before you go to work。"May 19, the middle shift, in the suburbs of the raw coal plant, monitor Zhang Huanhuan in the routine inspection。 Since this year, the factory has strengthened the supervision of occupational disease prevention, linked occupational health with production safety, organized safety supervision, training and other departments to improve the staff...

  • Write a letter home to pass on the family


    (Reporter Chen Kai) "Mom and dad, childhood you hold my hand through the hurried years, now, let me hold your hand through spring, summer, autumn and winter。” On the arrival of the International Day of Families on May 15, a letter of "home" was clicked and read over and over again on the wechat platform of "Home of Workers of Zhongyuan Dahua"。This is the company's union women workers committee organized "sketch...

  • Write a letter home to pass on the family


    (Reporter Chen Kai) "Mom and dad, childhood you hold my hand through the hurried years, now, let me hold your hand through spring, summer, autumn and winter。” On the arrival of the International Day of Families on May 15, a letter of "home" was clicked and read over and over again on the wechat platform of "Home of Workers of Zhongyuan Dahua"。This is the company's union women workers committee organized "sketch...

  • Hold up the steady happiness of the staff


    □ Correspondent Yang Sa-nama For the people, wind and rain can be degrees。 Every little thing warms the heart “工会帮了我大忙,我谢谢工会!”5月7日,新桥煤矿大学生职工姜超对笔者说。 It turned out that at the end of 2015, Jiang Chao's wife was about to give birth, but he was troubled by the question of where she would sit in confinement。In his dilemma, he thought of the unions。...

  • Communication promotes harmony and helps gather people's hearts


    “At work要多用心,多与其他人沟通,心态要摆正……”4月20日,在车集煤矿机电一队办公室里,队长王高芝正在与该队职工李木森进行谈心交流。 It turned out that there were many problems in the equipment under Lee s control last month, and his personal enthusiasm for work was not high。Wang Gaozhi found Li Musen, after more than an hour...

  • Create a special "home" culture


    “天这么亮,办公室的灯也不关,多浪费啊!要是在家里,你会这样吗?” "Sorry, I forgot to turn it off. Be careful in the future。” This is April 17, the author in Zhaogu first mine to see the electricity saving group inspection scene。 It is reported that in the face of the severe situation of the coal market, the mine firmly establish a people-oriented management concept, by taking...

  • "Crowdfunding" gathers love


    □ The correspondent's name is Zheng Weihua “我坚信命运的路并没有完全断掉,只是在给伟德体育磨难和考验!请伸出您的大爱之手,救救我女儿……” On April 5, in the interview of Shunhe Coal Mine defense team, the team leader Li Chuanguang opened his mobile phone wechat to let me read such a "crowdfunding" information。 Originally, the team staff Xue Jingang...

  • Care for special children with action


    In order to get more social attention for special children and encourage more people to donate their love, Silver Pigeon Industry launched a charity sale and donation activity with the theme of "True love and care · Passing public welfare power" in East Bund Square of Luohe City on March 19。At the activity site, Yinge Life Paper Company donated materials worth 5,000 yuan to Yancheng District Special School in Luohe City。 ...

  • Let the work of trade unions be more concrete and detailed


    The author learned from Kaixiang Chemical Industry on March 15,The company's union is required to create a "four type" union,We will continue to increase our care for employees by promoting their growth and caring about their lives,Constantly meet the needs of employees in personal growth, work and life, security and other aspects,Let trade union work into the "heart" of workers。 Build a platform and care about the growth of employees...

  • Longmen Coal Mine Unimpeded Workers' rights protection "sunshine Channel"


    “感谢你们能为我主持公道!”3月10日,龙门煤矿开一队职工王兵握着矿工会办主任陈洪波的手连连说道。 "You're welcome。You have to thank the rules at the mine. I just follow the rules。Besides, it is our bounden duty to protect the rights and interests of workers and relieve their difficulties。"Chen Hongbo said earnestly。...

  • Yi coal company set off the upsurge of learning from Lei Feng


    (Reporter Gao Yong) On March 5, the reporter learned from the Youth League committee of Yili Coal Company that recently, the company will carry out activities such as "approaching the youth", "sharing stories around", "caring for the poor workers in mining areas" and so on, vigorously creating a voluntary service atmosphere of "practicing the spirit of Lei Feng, striving to be Leifeng character and striving to create the brand of Lei Feng"。 In the "Approach Youth" activity, will pass...

  • Yubei Chemical Industry held female workers health knowledge lecture


    On March 4th, Anhua Industrial Park of Henan Chemical Industry and Anhua Staff Hospital jointly held "Love beauty, love life" women's health knowledge lecture, for the majority of women workers sent a "health gift"。Through detailed explanation and answering questions, the health knowledge of the women workers was enriched, and the women workers said that they benefited a lot。(Kim Jun-ryeon)

  • Zhao Gu No. 1 Mine youth strive to be the pioneer


    March 1 at 11 o 'clock in the morning, Zhao Gu a mine repair factory in the south of an open space, the bright red flag waving in the wind, the mine young workers bathed in the spring sunshine, some in the welding steel pipe, some in the flat land, with three and two, full of strength - a unique youth voluntary labor here opened the curtain。 This is the mine Youth League committee "mine Lei Feng, grab when the construction pioneer...

  • Crane Coal Company volunteer at the right time


    (Reporter Liu Jinfeng) To further promote the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era,To guide the majority of young workers to take practical actions to improve the quality and efficiency of enterprises, to overcome losses and to make contributions,3月3日,The Youth League Committee of Crane Coal Company carried out "learn from Lei Feng" activities among all the youth members,Simultaneous determination,From now on, the second Friday of March will be designated as the "Xueleifeng Dedication Day" of Hehe Coal Company.,Wide and deep...

  • Love has no end


    □ Lee Shuejun, correspondent “丢丢,伟德体育来看你啦,你要健康快乐地长大!”3月1日,焦煤中央医院的几名医护人员来到焦作市儿童福利院看望仅有10个月大的女婴丢丢,并给她送来了衣服、奶粉、玩具。 It was not the first time that the medical staff at Cokecoal Central Hospital had brought warmth and warmth to Dio-Diu...

  • Cheji coal mine sincere help to relieve people's worries


    "This Spring Festival, our family had a very comfortable, the mine not only sent money, but also sent us a lot of daily necessities, I will work hard, return the enterprise for my care。"February 15, Cheji coal mine difficult workers Zhang Yunfeng told the author。 It is understood that in order to let difficult workers have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival, Cheji coal mine actively implement the requirements of the group company, adopt...

  • Zhao Gu second mine Spring Festival to help warm the heart


    "The holiday, I on behalf of the enterprise to visit you, I wish you a happy holiday, good health..." "Thank you for your concern, thank you!" This is February 6, Zhaogu second mine director, Party secretary Zhang Changhe with condolence money, condolence goods to the "one gang one" pair of difficult workers Yang Guanglin visited the scene。 Before the Spring Festival, the mine's labor union actively raised funds,...

  • Yongcoal company to do real people's livelihood big article


    (Reporter Li Chunhong) February 2, the reporter learned from the Yongcoal company, into 2016, the company closely around the spirit of the two sessions of the group, always adhere to the realization of good, maintain the fundamental interests of the majority of workers as the starting point and foothold, do a good job of people's livelihood big article, for the construction of a harmonious enterprise encouragement。 Make business affairs public and protect the interests of employees。The company...

  • Every case benefits employees


    (Reporter Zhang Wei Correspondent Xu Li) On January 22, as soon as the workers of the Trade union of No. 10 Coal Mine posted the inspection results and rectification of the workers' representatives in mid-January on the mine affairs open board, the passing workers gathered around and watched carefully。 It is understood that the mine has been concerned about and improve the working and living environment of workers as a "people's project" to catch, adhere to...

  • Crane Coal Company Spring Festival to send warm activities began


    (Reporter Wang Yifeng) 1月15日,The trade union of Hexi Coal Company issued the Notice on the activities of sending Warmth during the Spring Festival in 2016.,Decided to organize during the 2016 Spring Festival to "visit thousands of homes, into tens of thousands of households,Service workers at the grassroots "as the theme of the warm activity,This marks the official launch of the company's 2016 Spring Festival Send Warmth campaign。 今年,...

  • Hold fast to the bottom line of people's livelihood


    (Reporter Liu Jinfeng Correspondent Feng Baohe) 1月12日,Reporters learned from crane coal nine mine,2015年,In the very difficult situation of business operation,The trade union of Hexi Coal Mine insists on the principle of "putting people first" and "there is no trifles in the interests of the masses",We will continue to improve the long-term mechanism for serving the working people,Do the "warm project" well in multiple channels and aspects to the maximum extent,确...

  • Sincerely help and relieve the people's troubles


    (Lee Jin-guk, Correspondent, Jang Jin-moon) On January 11, the reporter learned from Jiulishan Mine that the mine trade union effectively took on the responsibility of "the first informed person, the first contact person and the first helper" of the workers in difficulty, actively improved the working mechanism of helping the workers in difficulty, and did a good job of helping and helping the workers in difficulty, so that the workers in difficulty actually felt the warmth of the enterprise。 Union of the mine...

  • "Two platforms" for workers to solve problems


    “为了将企业大家庭的关爱真正送到Employee's心坎上,伟德体育要求基层各单位立足‘两个平台’,一级抓一级,不折不扣地跟进落实!”1月10日,陈四楼煤矿纪委书记、工会主席李矿军对笔者说。The "two platforms" he mentioned are the platform for sorting out thoughts and relieving difficulties that the mine has recently carefully built...

  • For grassroots service workers Yongcoal company to finalize the New Year's livelihood focus


    (Reporter Li Chunhong) January 5, the reporter learned from the union of Yongcoal company, in order to further do a good job in the new normal of the people's livelihood work, to ensure that "the more difficult times the more care for workers" thought into the effective integration of the center work, the company finalized the focus of the people's livelihood work in 2016, further oriented to the grassroots, service workers。 We will continue to promote democratic management。We will do a good job in publicizing business operations....

  • Small actions feel great warmth


    □ Correspondent Yang Shi's name is Su Xiaobin How to let workers have a warm winter?Cheji Coal Mine has provided the answer with one small gesture。Employees have praised: the move is small, warm but big。On December 17, the author made a special visit to the mine。 "Now the mine's bathhouse is really good. The heat is on and the floor is clean。”一位...

  • Crane coal company to increase medical insurance fixed point pharmacy workers to buy prescriptions


    (Reporter Wang Changyu) On December 18, Luo Shixiang, a retired worker at the Hexi Coal Mine, went to a nearby pharmacy and paid for a box of cold medicine with his medical insurance card。In the past, he needed to go to Hemei General Hospital or Hemei Jiukuang Hospital for medical treatment。Luo Shixiang told reporters, thanks to the addition of the new designated drugstore, let him buy medicine more convenient。 To meet the basic medical requirements of the insured staff...

  • Care for women workers snow coal crane coal company "special disease mutual fund" for sick women workers


    (Reporter Liu Jinfeng) "The union is too good to us women workers. It protects our legal rights, cares about our health, and helps us in special cases。"December 11, crane coal three mining workers Zhang Lili happily said to reporters。 In July, Zhang joined the "women's mutual assistance and security" campaign organized by the coal company's labor union and paid 10 yuan for mutual assistance and security...

  • Yongcoal Company continues to care for senior cadres


    (Reporter Li Chunhong) More than 70 years old Yongcoal company retired veteran cadres Xu Zhiming how also did not expect, retired, he not only can easily receive wages, but also can always get from the enterprise care and care。In an interview on December 9, Xu confessed that he is now basking in the sunshine of the Party, enjoying the warmth of the enterprise, and enjoying a happy old age。 永煤...

  • China Thai mining a network a card benefit workers


    (Reporter Wang Yifeng Correspondent Wang Hongxia) On December 7th, the reporter learned from the Sino-Thai mining Trade Union that the miners will actively respond to the call of Henan Federation of Trade Unions, and timely open the "one network one card", so that the workers can feel the intimate service of the trade union。 "One network" refers to the Henan Province workers network, "one card" refers to the trade union membership card。Among them, Henan Province workers network is set trade union information...

  • Solving workers' worries and warming workers' heart -- coking coal company to help workers solve problems


    □ Lee Shuejun, correspondent In the coal market situation is extremely severe today, how to timely understand the requirements of workers, needs, further enhance the cohesion of the staff, promote the harmonious and stable development of enterprises, has become an important subject in front of the enterprise。To this end, coking coal company seriously carried out the "three most" questionnaire survey activities, to help workers solve practical problems。 ...

  • "Subtle" service gathers people's hearts


    At 10:00 on the night of November 30, Cheji Coal Mine received a message on its wechat public platform, in which some employees reported that "the heating in the No. 2 building of the staff dormitory is not normal and the temperature is too low".。The service company's maintenance staff rushed to the scene and fixed the problem in just half an hour。 Since the beginning of this year, the mine has been doing its best to improve the people's livelihood, and has formed a sound mechanism to investigate the demands of workers and help them....

  • "Cold winter", "warmth" is still


    Reporter Yoo Jin-bong "Public sentiment is the root of enterprise development. The more difficulties enterprises face, the more important it is to improve people's livelihood projects。Trade unions should give full play to their functions and resolutely not compromise on their assistance to workers in need。"In the face of severe coal market situation, crane coal company leaders repeatedly stressed。 Since the beginning of this year, the labor union of Crane Coal has continued to carry out a campaign to find the union in case of difficulties...

  • Zhao Guyi got married in a mine


    At 9 am on November 25, Chen Haitao, a worker from the Youth League Committee of Zhao Guyi Mine, received a text message on his mobile phone: "At 3:26 am, the baby princess was born。Thank the mining Youth League committee concluded the fate。"Text message from the mine mechanical and electrical team young worker Yan Songwei。 Chen Haitao introduced, Yan Songwei in the text message mentioned "fate", from the end of 2013 ore group...

  • The warmth of "cold winter" is not diminished


    "Recently, we will reimburse the travel expenses of the family leave in the second half of 2015 for the employees. We have issued the reimbursement standard and the list of personnel who need to be reimbursed to all units, please check it carefully。"On November 16, a notice issued by the morning dispatch meeting of the Guizi Mining Company made the workers' hearts warm。 Qiuci Mining insists on doing practical and good things for its employees。In the face of a harsh coal "winter", the mine...

  • A "new home" for new workers


    □ The correspondent's name is Sun Xiang On November 1, 98 new workers in Xinqiao Coal Mine qualified after training, were distributed to the grass-roots district teams。 "Treat new workers must be special care, special love, to let them feel the warmth of home。"The person in charge of the mine emphasized many times at the scheduling meeting。 More than half a month later, how is the life of these new employees?工...

  • Let workers live a "warm winter"


    On November 9, the author walked into the second floor of the administrative section of the nine coal mine, a warm wind blew in the face, is changing under the well workers all face with a smile。Recently, as the temperature drops, the mine in advance, timely heating, to ensure that workers have a "warm winter"。 In October, the mine arranged special personnel to heat the boiler room, locker room, dormitory and other key premises...

  • The old man fell unconscious by the roadside and was rescued by the miners


    In the face of the roadside fainting old man, help or not?Xinyi mining ventilation team workers Malone with their own action to give the answer。In recent days, Malone rescue roadside coma elderly, when the crisis "help a" deeds, in the mining area。 Malone was riding his motorcycle home from work on Oct. 20。Near the Coal Road in Xue Village, Xin 'an County, he heard an old lady shout...

  • Let workers feel the warmth of "home"


    "In the tough coal market situation,Union cadres should take the initiative,Especially for workers in need,We must ensure that the economic situation is clear, the causes of difficulties clear, and the measures of assistance clear,By all means, by all means,把问题解决好……”10月26日,In the Jiulishan mine workshop trade union chairman meeting,Zhao Pengfei, chairman of the mine trade union, stressed again and again。 In recent years,...

  • Carrying forward the culture of "filial piety" condenses positive energy


    “至亲至情不应该只是彼此看着对方的背影,而应该是你养我长大,我陪你变老……”10月18日上午10时,随着《伟德体育》演讲视频播放完毕,Zhaogu No. 1 mine综采二队会议室里再次响起了雷鸣般的掌声。 This is the mine's Youth League committee "moral lecture hall Chunhua rain, filial piety, love pro fashion"...

  • Warm heart action warm retired workers


    (Reporter Wang Yifeng Correspondent Shan Shengsheng) October 18, the reporter learned from the crane coal nine mine, the mine continues to increase the care of retired workers, carefully implemented warm heart action, let retired workers feel the care of the enterprise, effectively promote the harmony of the mining area。 Loving actions warm the heart。In order to solve the practical difficulties for the retired workers, the mine specially carried out a survey work...

  • To do well the people's livelihood affairs warm the heart of workers -- Yongcoal Company continues to do well the people's livelihood work


    □ Correspondent Lee Yeon-cheong People's livelihood is no small matter, a leaf always close the situation。Since the beginning of this year, although the coal market situation is extremely severe, but the majority of workers still feel the heart of the enterprise that the lasting warmth。 舒心 "Lo noodles at noon are smaller than before..." "Ok, we will pass the Staff Canteen Supervision Brief in time."...

  • Zhongrun Coal Industry builds "home" for employees in Gobi Desert


    In order to enable the workers far away from home and in the hinterland of the Gobi to have a rich spare time cultural life, on October 7th, the "Workers' Home" of Zhongrun Coal Industry was successfully built, passing the care and warmth of the enterprise to every worker。 Under severe circumstances, the mine investment 6.20,000 yuan to build a "home for workers"。"Staff home" set staff fitness, entertainment, reading as one, has a job...

  • “圆 梦”


    □ Correspondent Ma Gang Lee Gang “看你乐得嘴都合不拢了……”最近,陈四楼煤矿综采二队职工见了采煤机司机刘四川,都要说上这样几句,“这下,你的心可以放回肚里了吧?” “还不是咱企业的政策好!”一向不爱说笑的刘四川咧开了嘴。It turned out that Chen in late September...

  • Yongcoal company care for workers no small matter


    (Reporter Li Chunhong) "The more difficulties enterprises are facing, the more important it is to give full play to the functions of trade unions so that they can help their employees。"October 8, in the early meeting of the Yongcoal company, the company combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, the livelihood of the work put forward higher requirements。 Since this year, the company's focus has moved down, starting from the details, to help the grass-roots line to find problems, analysis and ask...

  • Give "red envelopes"


    On September 22, Li Shuhua, an employee of Yuejin Coal Mine's anti-rush team, happily received a 45 yuan "red envelope" from Wang Xinchao, chairman of the team's union.。In recent days, the mine more than 2500 cadres and workers have received from the trade union of 37 yuan to 45 yuan each Mid-Autumn Festival "red envelope"。 In order to create a festive atmosphere, encourage the morale of cadres and workers, the mine will pay the first half of the union members...

  • Crane coal nine mine precise help warm the heart of workers


    (Reporter Wang Yifeng Correspondent Shan Shengsheng) On September 18, the reporter learned from the Hexi Coal Nine Mine, the mine's trade union through the implementation of economic assistance, skills and rights to help the poor workers, to improve the happiness index of workers。 Economic help to build a bridge of happiness for workers。Since this year, the mine trade union adhere to "based on the grassroots, standardized operation, highlighting key points, continuous help...

  • Harvest in Golden Autumn -- Looking back at the "Golden Autumn Aid" activity in Gengcun Coal Mine


    □ The correspondent made a note "Dear mine leader, my name is Yao Meng. I am a poor worker's child。In July this year, I finished my four-year undergraduate study。4年来,我时刻怀着一颗感恩的心,由衷地感谢矿上对我的帮助……”这是今年刚刚大学毕业又考上研究生,并连续5年受到耿村煤矿资助的特困大...

  • Play the "four cards" to improve people's livelihood and promote development


    On September 7, the author learned from Cheji Coal Mine that under difficult circumstances, the mine has always implemented measures to benefit the people, played the "four cards" of people's livelihood, and gathered people's support to promote development。 Listen to your heart。The mine smooth channels, the announcement of the manager mailbox, open the people's livelihood hotline, collect public opinion, understand the demands of workers, timely reply to implement, and establish a ledger, time limit supervision。 解难...

  • Focus on the "main business" kind of good "responsibility field" Kaixiang chemical continued to deepen the construction of a clean government and anti-corruption...


    On August 28, the author learned from Kaixiang Chemical industry, the company discipline inspection committee closely around the "function, change the way, change the style of work" requirements, combined with their own practical work, focus on the performance of the party style and discipline supervision responsibilities, more scientific and effective to promote the construction of the Party style and anti-corruption work。 Change the function, find the right position。The company's disciplinary committee carefully combed through its work,...

  • For numerous students to realize their dreams -- Yongcoal Company "golden autumn aid" sidebar


    □ Correspondent Lee Yeon-cheong "When I was worried about the high tuition fees and hovering at the crossroads of life, it was Yongcoal Company that gave me a helping hand and a warm hand, so that I got spiritual encouragement and material support, which removed my many concerns and strengthened my confidence in going to school。” On August 28, at the 2015 "Golden Autumn Student" funding ceremony of Yongcoal Company,...

  • Tianxin Mining provides free physical examination for more than 70 only children


    On August 25, more than 70 children of the only employee of Tianxin Mining received a special gift -- free health examination at Tianxin Hospital on the eve of the new semester。This is one of the practical things Tianxin Mining has done for its employees in order to implement the one-child preferential policy and do a good job in the work of good birth and good birth since the "Three stricts and three earnests" special education。(Wu Jie Lau Hoi-fai)

  • 205 students from Yishan Coal Company were subsidized


    (Reporter Yuan Huan Xinyong) “谢谢,谢谢企业!”8月26日,义煤常村煤矿困难职工子女池佳威从The company董事长、党委书记谢述新手中接过5000元的助学金。This marks the full launch of the company's 2015 "Golden Autumn Student" campaign, which has raised 59 funds for the company's labor union this year.10,000 yuan for academic aid...

  • Chen 4th floor coal mine: strong love to send students


    “我一定会好好学习,将来为社会作贡献……”8月24日,郭鹏飞手拿助学金,动情地对笔者说。 Guo Pengfei is the son of Guo Jianyu, a mechanical and electrical team employee of Chen 4th Floor coal mine. He was admitted to Southwest University of Science and Technology as a postgraduate this year。Because Guo Pengfei's mother is unemployed at home, her grandparents are sick all year round, the family life is very poor, before 4 years of big...

  • Jiulishan Mine: True feelings help warm the heart


    Golden autumn warm Yang according to the mining area, the truth to help warm the heart。On August 24, 31 children of poor workers at Jiulishan Mine received a total of 8.The 10,000 yuan golden Autumn grant allows them to enter the school with a happy mood, and also makes the staff more steadfast in their dedication to their positions。 "Golden autumn aid" activity is the mine trade union long carried out a "warm heart" project, every year...

  • A good worker in a coal gasification company


    "Since the infirmary has been set up in the factory, employees don't have to worry if they have a headache and a fever。"August 25, coal gasification integrated energy company staff Hou Yanyan told me her personal feelings。 As Integrated Energy Company is located in the deep coal chemical industry gathering area of Yima city, far away from the urban area and the surrounding living facilities are not complete, the difficulty of seeing a doctor has always been the most concerned problem of employees...

  • Set Tanabata love full Tianshan


    On August 20, the Chinese lunar Qixi Festival, companies in Xinjiang held the third group wedding activity with the theme of "Be determined to celebrate the Qixi Festival and love Tianshan Mountain"。A total of 24 couples from the Xinjiang company tied the knot at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains。Leaders of trade unions in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and cadres and employees of companies and organs in Xinjiang participated in the activities。 This event is grand and warm, simple and warm, with strong...

  • Intimate care and precise service


    □ Correspondent Zhang Xiaohui Yang Lijun Zhongtai coal coking has always been the spirit of "development depends on workers,Develop for employees,The principle that workers benefit from the fruits of development,Keep the "eyes" down, the center of gravity down, and the resources down,To solve the most concerned, the most sensitive, the most realistic problems as the entry point,Understand the needs, needs and expectations of front-line employees,For employees to customize refined,...

  • We will take care of every matter concerning the people's livelihood


    “通过和董书记交流谈心,我真正认识到了自己思想上的错误,以后我会杜绝消极怠工思想,好好工作,一定在自己的岗位上尽职尽责!”8月15日,车集煤矿机电一队职工闫会营对笔者说。 Originally, not long ago, he was on duty at the bottom of the well people's car field to chat with people, delayed to take over the place of handover...

  • Coking coal companies improved the assistance system for workers in need


    (Thomas Lyns, journalist) To do a good job of helping workers, especially workers in need,The coking coal company established the management committee of the center on August 14,Define your goals and tasks,We will improve the construction of community-level aid and relief stations for workers in need,Require explicit object,Program specification,Openness and transparency,Enable workers in real difficulties to get timely assistance。

  • "Parent-child Wind" blows in Qiuci Mining in summer vacation


    On August 10th, the author learned from Qiuci Mining Company that the mine specially carried out the activity of "Heart to Heart between model workers and their children" in summer vacation, creating a warm "parent-child wind" in the mining area.。 In order to enrich the holiday life of workers' children, the mine specially organizes the children of model workers to reunite with their families during the holiday。Because the mine is located in the remote mountainous area of Xinjiang Province, most of the workers come from Henan and Sichuan...

  • Thank you note


    □ Correspondent Lee Hong-bo “兄弟,帮哥写封Thank you note吧!”8月4日下午,笔者刚刚下班,过去的老邻居刘文国夫妇就带着两张大红纸找到家里,让帮忙写两封Thank you note。 "One letter of thanks to the unit, the other I plan to post to the mine office gate。"Liu Wenguo said excitedly," I want everyone to know,...

  • Zhaogu No. 1 mine


    “今年夏天太热了,幸亏有咱团委的志愿者们天天送来消暑凉茶!”8月4日,在Zhaogu No. 1 mine矸石山工作的一位职工接过志愿者递来的一杯菊花茶,高兴地说。The Youth League committee of the mine insisted on carrying out the summer cooling activities in the hot summer, for the workers who stuck to their posts in the high temperature to send a silk of cooling。 Cold watermelon to the wellhead。...

  • The health of workers is of great concern


    "Secretary Zhang, please take my blood pressure. I feel a little dizzy today。” "Ok, Master Li, sit down。Your low is 85 and your high is 128, which is a little high, but a little more rest should be all right。Take a couple of measurements over the next couple of days, check it out。” “谢谢啊!早上班前会上听说公司工会为职工配发了血压计、体温...

  • Keep an eye on the big things


    Whether the labor protection supplies are distributed to the satisfaction of the workers?Whether the staff dining environment has been improved?Whether to take effective measures to reduce heat?With a series of problems, on August 4, Shihao Coal Mine organized staff representatives to carry out duty inspection activities。 The mine will be the staff representative on duty inspection as an effective channel to understand the front-line staff thinking, thinking, need, adhere to "tell the truth, do practical things...

  • There are remedies for heat


    The author learned on August 4, in order to cope with the hot weather, to protect the physical and mental health of workers, to ensure the safety of mine production, Cheji coal mine actively carried out summer heat prevention and cooling work, out of three prescriptions, the cool to the heart of the workers。 Ground cooling。The mine has placed high-power electric fans in the main working places on the ground, carried out a series of summer cooling activities, and set up ice cream in the water room...

  • Zhongyuan Dahua "Golden autumn aid" and "increase"


    (Reporter Chen Kai Correspondent He Wei) On August 1st, Zhongyuan Dahua's 2015 "Golden Autumn Student Aid" work with the theme of "Love to help students Dream" was fully launched。This is the seventh year in a row that the company's labor union has launched the activity, which makes the majority of workers feel the warmth of the union family in the process of fighting high temperature and high productivity。 It is understood that since 2...

  • Crane coal company special disease rescue warm women workers heart


    (Reporter Liu Jinfeng) "The trade union is so good to us female workers. It not only protects our rights and interests, but also gives us special assistance。"July 29, crane coal three mine female workers Zhang Lili happily said。In October 2014, Zhang Lili participated in the mutual assistance and protection activities of female workers carried out by the trade union of Hexi Coal Company。In July this year, she was found to have a gynecological tumor during a physical examination and was admitted to the hospital...

  • The more difficult the economy of Yongcoal company, the more workers are sheltered from wind and rain


    (Reporter Li Chunhong) "The development results of enterprises should not only be reflected in the scale, but also reflected in the happiness index of workers, to maximize the protection of workers' interests, become a towering tree for workers to shield wind and rain。"August 3, the reporter learned from the Yongcoal company, in the face of severe market situation, the company has been insisting that" the more difficult economic times, the more to the job...

  • Create a "happiness team"


    On July 29, the author learned from MidAmerican Aluminum that in the face of severe situation, the company carried out innovative activities to create "happy team" to improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the staff。 The company formulated the "happy team" competition activity implementation opinions, to promote, to ensure the effectiveness。Make publicity board, form "446" as the main content of the work progress monthly report, selected...

  • "Four to know" love warm workers


    July 28, the author learned from Kaifeng Longyu, in order to let the majority of workers fully feel the warmth of the enterprise family, the company insists on doing the situation of workers "four to know", that is, the safety situation to know, the state of mind to know, the life of the workers to know, the voice of opinion to know。积极组织查隐患活动,为群众安全工作的开展提供有力帮助;建立健全困难职...

  • Love in the continuation of the group company to continue to carry out the "golden Autumn education" activities


    (Reporter Huang Nan) On July 28, the reporter learned that in order to further solve the school problems of the children of poor employees of the group, the group will continue to carry out the "golden autumn education" activity。 The guiding ideology of the 2015 "Golden Autumn Student Aid" activity is to follow the principles of Party committee leadership, administrative support, trade union operation and mutual assistance of employees, so as to ensure people's livelihood, stabilize the overall situation,...